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Seinfeld: What's the Deal with Depositions?

12/7/2008 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld can tell jokes to a stadium full of people with no problem, but when it comes to talking to a couple of lawyers -- that's where he draws the line.

Missy Chase Lapine is suing Seinfeld's wife for allegedly stealing her idea for a cookbook -- and Jerry's refusing to be deposed by the lady's lawyers because he thinks its a ploy to make him look stupid, according to the NY Daily News.

Lapine also claims Jerry defamed her with a joke on "Letterman" -- after he said "assassins" usually have three names.

Jerry -- always shooting from the hip...


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2154 days ago


He and Larry David knew Kramer was a raving racist while they both became gazillionaires...yet both dummied up and distanced themselves from him when he got caught doing his N word act.

Jerry' and Larry are basic NY East Coast Jews----money first, family and career 2nd and 3rd. Its Ok, Jews have survived for thousands of years because of that Creed and will survive thousands more putting money and brains above family and others.

Makes me glad I'm not Jewish, but god bless them and all Muslims who want to kill them all for their own reasons....darn those jews along the way of history sure have and continue to upset a lot of people.

Can one of you explain it please? why the hatred lasting thousands of years for one group of people unseen in any other? You all must be doing something to stoke it along...ever thought about changing or maybe you all like being hated, makes you feel attended to.

Please, would a Jewish reader please enlighten us non believers in an understanding kind of way without resorting to the Iron Fist response Israel has taught you all to give when anyone dares ask a question.

Jerry seems like the comedic step n fetch it-- your race has heaped upon us all---as if, get the jew to make the gentile laugh and all will be better. only difference now is step n fetch it is a gazzillionaire. Guess he has reached heaven on earth with that. He still seems miserable off camera though. Kind of like Tears of a Clown.

Peace Out or Knock Out-----your choice

2154 days ago


Seinfeld, remember when he was like 40 going out with the then 14 year old huge boobs ShoShona? memba that? Weird wasnt it?...Then he has kids at like what, 50? He'll be the Larry King to his own kids in a few years. Old and out of it...thought according to him bacheloring it was the only way to go. Selfish, self centered,nose in the air hater of all that is different than himself.

2154 days ago


I don't care if he is filthy rich - I never found him funny or watched his show. He isn't above the law either, I hope they find his wife guilty of copying the other woman's book, and they have to cough up millions.

2154 days ago


I Don't Like Jerry, I never thought he was funny or watched his show either. His best friend is murderer, Matthew Broderick. That says a lot about his character too.

2154 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

"Stealing her idea for a cookbook." Cook things, there you go... No ones ever thought of that before. What the heck. Can't you see this chick is trying to take his hard earned money for some BS reason. She is not the first person to think wow let me put some recipes together and make! Get over it. Do you have any idea how many cookbooks are out there? How many are on nutrition, eating healthy, dieting? Big deal, through some raisins in your cookies and blue berries in cereal, these are not guarded secrets. So a publisher went for her book instead of yours, her name is more known, more bankable. If you are such a gifted food guru, think up some new recipes and ideas and try again. Don't just sue people. P.S. this gentile can tell you if you read the Old Testament you will see why the Jewish people have had so many problems. There are good and bad in every culture. Seinfeld was funny, maybe not to everyone, but to many of us.

2153 days ago


I guess trashy people don't like a clean sit com show that he made a bunch of money off of.I think he had the best sit com of the 90's.... if not the best in sit com in the history of tv.

2153 days ago
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