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Vick's Incarceration Day Shopping Spree

12/7/2008 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes the day you report to jail can be the busiest shopping day of all.

Records now show that Falcons former quarterback Michael Vick blew through a staggering $201,840 on the day he reported to jail on felony dog fighting charges, according to AJC.com.

His "To Do List" that day looked something like this:

Buy new Mercedes -- $99,000
Cash Checks laying around house -- $24,900
Give money to mom of my oldest kid -- $28,000
Give "friend" some money -- $16,000
Misc. last minute impulse buys -- $10,940
Bunch of money to PR firm -- $23,000
NOTE: Find out what "PR" stands for.

Guess this sheds a bit more light on how he was able to burn through $18.2 million from 2006 to 2008.

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Mr. Obvious    

Lynette you ignorant bitch.. none of those outstanding citizens killed anything. How dare you mention that filth's name with those people you crack head.

2054 days ago

shorty t    

Some of you guys must worship satan, you want Micheal Vick to die because of a dog, Just like i said innocent men and women are dying everyday in Iraq, and all yall can think of is a dog get a life, if they let him back in the NFL, then he deserves to play, nobody ask yall for your dam opinion, he is doing his time, and spending his money he made, not your money so get a life, if you got a dog and love him so much then direct that anger at lovin your dog and stop worrying about what somebody else has done.

2054 days ago



Michael Vick's Crime Against Humanity
Celebrity Status Brings with it Responsibility Michael Vick was Unable to Accept

Until recently, America has had two separate codes of justice - one for the average citizen and a more lenient one for celebrities, politicians and professional athletes. The sentencing of Michael Vick to 23 months in prison for dog fighting is just another indication that the tide is quickly turning.

Judges are finally sending out the message that celebrities and professional athletes are ordinary citizens and not above the law. Illegal activities they freely chose to engage in - whether it involve drugs, gambling, assault or dog fighting - and are convicted of, will receive the same sentence as any ordinary American would.

It's about time. The celebrity status of professional athletes doesn't entitle them to any special rights, privileges or treatment under the law. In fact, if anything, the courts should automatically give all celebrities the maximum sentence for any misdemeanor or felony they commit.

Professional athletes and celebrities have an ethical and moral responsibility as role models for children in our society. They get paid millions of dollars to perform, and very often millions more to endorse products ranging from clothing and cosmetics to food and energy drinks. Many of the products they endorse are targeted mainly to children. By repeatedly getting arrested on DWI and drug charges or engaging in other illegal activities such as dog fighting, they are endorsing their illegal activities and behavior patterns too.

His greatest crime, however, is one he's committed against the youth of America. As a role model and celebrity endorser, his recent behavior has condoned, endorsed and approved dog fighting. He has essentially made this cruel crime acceptable as sport and entertainment in the minds of children and adolescents. For this, he deserves an even longer sentence, followed by a lengthy probation with extensive community service.

Major League Baseball banned Pete Rose from the sport for life. The NFL needs to get its act together and sternly sanctioning players, coaches or officials who are convicted of criminal activities. Otherwise, the NFL also sends out the wrong message to impressionable young fans.

2054 days ago


Credit for Michael Vick's Crime Against Humanity
Celebrity Status Brings with it Responsibility Michael Vick was Unable to Accept
By Michael Crozier, published Dec 10, 2007


2054 days ago

just my input    

to # 3...learn how to speak proper English you un-educated moron.....If one would notice...all these "successful" African Americans are goin in front of the judge, left and right, yet......it is all the "white mans" fault and jealousy......if all the thugs out there want to be "respected" and "treated equally"...then.......LEAN HOW TO OBEY THE F#$@ING LAW ....LIKE THE REST OF US!!!!!!!!! dumb a$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2054 days ago


I Do not believe all of this. Some of this stuff was probably taken care of before he went to jail. Furthermore the man did make ALOT of money in the NFL. So what! What is the big deal? He took care of some loose ends and I dont believe the crap about the car. I am sure you guys just worded it whatever way you wanted to so that it would seem SO terrible and SO unreasonable. Get off of his tip already TMZ! I still got love for Mike Vick and I look forward to the day that he is released from jail. He will be O.K. It is time for you all to MOVE ON!

2054 days ago


I agree that Vick should never been allowed to return to the NFL, but something more disturbing is happening on this board........I mean the person who posted this:

Bocott the homes and families of any Teams General Manager that would contemplate trying to make money off of Vicks return.

Go to the schools of the children of these GM's, the Churches where they worship, their wives beauty salons, their Country Clubs and make it known, by the GMs name that animal cruelty and those whom endorse it, promote it and prosper from it (Vick) will not be welcome as an employee (nfl player) in that community.>>

Anyone who would endorse stalking children scares the hell out of me. Those children are as innocent as the dogs Vick had. People, and those who endorse stalking children, are one step away from becoming child molesters.

2054 days ago



"LEAN HOW TO OBEY THE F#$@ING LAW ....LIKE THE REST OF US!!!!!!!!! dumb a$$ !!!"

When you 'learn' how to spell, you can give others advice on learning how to obey the law...LOL!!

2054 days ago

Sue Wong    

Teach your damn kids not to hero worship anyone. We're all flawed human beings. The media stories are alot of propoganda. You can't believe everything you hear. Don't care for Vick but he did his time. Personally don't think he should've got prison time. I agree with Lynette that Bush is sending innocent young men to be slaughtered in Iraq. You have more to worry about than a few dogs. Pitbulls kill and maim people quite often. They're not ideal house pets. They attract sadistic type people like Vick. Why're you suprised? Worry about more important things and get a life!!!

2053 days ago



Please refer to post 23. I have been called all types of names in here today, it doesn't bother me :-)

Michael Vick will probably play 1 year in the Canadian Football League or the USFL, maybe even Arena football. But trust me, he will be back in the NFL. MONEY TALKS! LOL He may be a dog-killer but he is also a seat -filler!! He is a flawed person, but sensational player!! I don't care how many Animal Lovers, PETA members, Beastiality participants you gather...they cannot stop the money Vick draws to the NFL. :-)

2053 days ago

Sue Wong    

to#34 This isn't about what color Vick is. White men are before the judge alot too. Also, corporate crime is very high and it's mostly done by white males but under reported. Media propoganda!!!
Having said that it would be good when people like Vick who get a chance in life, make the most of it and do positive rather than negative things BUT we're all helpless sinners .

2053 days ago


There is a place for ignorant people like Vick, and it's not the NFL

2053 days ago


LYNETTE (or whatever, LaTonga, DaShawn, Cleotus),

Mike Vick will never play pro football in the US. Deal with it.

2053 days ago


#40 - BELLA

Please refer to post 23, LOL!

Yes, he will play in the NFL again. There are convicted felons and ex-offenders in EVERY professional sports league in America.

2053 days ago


If I hear one more person refer to MV's crimes as 'mistakes' I'm gonna blow a gasket!!! A mistake implies something unintentional. What this man did was NO mistake. He deserves to be in prison for what he did. He's serving his sentence. Can't believe he still HAS 200k to blow in one day...whatever....when he gets out he will have paid his debt to society and I hope he finds something productive to do when he gets out of prison....and by that I mean anything but play in the NFL. Honestly, any coach or owner would need to seriously think about the repercussions of having this man on their team. I'd be worried he wouldn't live through his first game...

2053 days ago
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