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Vick's Incarceration Day Shopping Spree

12/7/2008 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes the day you report to jail can be the busiest shopping day of all.

Records now show that Falcons former quarterback Michael Vick blew through a staggering $201,840 on the day he reported to jail on felony dog fighting charges, according to AJC.com.

His "To Do List" that day looked something like this:

Buy new Mercedes -- $99,000
Cash Checks laying around house -- $24,900
Give money to mom of my oldest kid -- $28,000
Give "friend" some money -- $16,000
Misc. last minute impulse buys -- $10,940
Bunch of money to PR firm -- $23,000
NOTE: Find out what "PR" stands for.

Guess this sheds a bit more light on how he was able to burn through $18.2 million from 2006 to 2008.

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i support mike vick they are just dumb dogs, if they were in the pound the dogs would be put down anyway nobody wants some ugly big dog like that....................free mike vick

2108 days ago



2108 days ago


.....Morning Lynnette..........To understand where I am coming from serves no real purpose.........What is important, is whether I can convince you, with my choice of words, to think that maybe you are indeed off target somewhat..........Where you are at present, in your life, is what colors your choices and beliefs and thoughts..........So, lets figure out why you have empathy, and compassion for a situation like Vick.............You have put up a lot of arguments for Vick.......Ok, do you truly feel that way or is this just an exercise in something to do?.....................Of course this is wordy to you..........but I talk this way..................Possibily your religous background is the explanation of your empathy..............Look broader.......Vick is what he is and that will not change...........So, society and people like me will punish Vick, n various ways, forever............Now what do you think?

2108 days ago


I'm amazed by all of the hate towards Vick. We are talking about dogs NOT people. Is it that serious? i do not own any pets but I do understand and respect those who do and treat their pets as part of the family. But honestly, do you really think this man is a monster for do killing, cruel treatment etc.... There are people who kill other people, hurt innocent children etc... To me, i could understand the passion behind the hate if this were the case for Vick. Last time I checked, Christ died for man NOT dogs, cats, fish, birds etc........ Now that statement is not to belittle the other living creatures of the world/earth but it does say something about how we should value the life of a person. I really believe some of our priorities are screwed up when we spout such hatred for a person who abuses a dog vs joining forces against so many of the issues we face today. I can think of many crimes, problems we have today that affect our daily lives and pursuit of happiness. I guess in a nut shell we all have to look deep inside and ask ourselves what do we stand for when it comes to the lives of people. Are we this passionate when it comes to the injustices of world.....We have kids killing kids, we have many people losing their jobs. children going hungry, homes being lost, neighborhoods being ruined by drugs and gangs........ Vick action plays no part in any of those items listed above so what gives? There is nothing wrong with loving your pet but when your compassion for an animal or right of an animal out weighs your compassion for a human/a person seems some re-evaluation needs to be done. I hope those who despise what Vick has done show the same compassion for all of the other crimes committed in this country when it involves an actual person. I personally do not value an animal the same as i do for a person... what he did is a crime okay yea he should suffer the consequences.....however, I dont necessarily think he should have served time (my opinion) The space he is occupying in jail can go to someone who really needs to be removed from society. but again, I guess how we view Vick really depends on our perspective of the crime he committed against dogs. But wanting this man dead seems to be a little extreme.

2108 days ago


You know the NFL gets what they get. I'm tired of the NFL throwing you under the bus once you have done something wrong. They go and get these guys that come from bad homes and areas and make tons of money off them and then dispose of them like trash. Shame on those Muther****ers who didn't give a damn what their STAR QB was doing on his off time so long as they are getting paid. They should have protected their investment!!! Really this one person (Vick) is not going to change S#*t in your life so stop worrying about the guy!!! You think the people that participate in The Dog Fighting Arena have stopped because of this case, NO!!! Nothing will change so good luck trying. LOL

2108 days ago

Tired of the idiots....    

I'm right with you Anonymous Dog Lover..............As for CUTIE T......Our military in the US is a VOLUNTEER military...........made up of individuals who CHOSE to join, defend their country, and reap the benefits of military service. (GI Bill for college, medical care, etc.) Michael Vicks dogs did NOT Voluneer to become fighting dogs in his service.............
I would understand protesting the the Iraq situation, and others, IF we had the draft in this country, but we do not...........not any longer. Our brave and wonderful service people volunteer............and I think most are insulted that people like you be-little their decision by saying some politician forced them into it.. It's an honor and a priviledge to live, and defend this great country.

2108 days ago


It amazes me that the Vick supporters act like he was the best football player in the world. I watched him with the Falcons and he was maybe a decent player when he wasn't injured, worthless when he was. The first couple of seasons he showed promise, then he got hurt and set out the season. Then the Falcons fire Dan Reeves when the loses of the Falcons were not Reeves fault, but instead Vick for his risky playing and resulting injury. Enter Jim Mora. Mora can't control Vick. Vick gets himself hurt in an early season game and becomes completely useless for half the year. The Falcons go down, exit Mora. Mora complains that VIck is a coach killer. Next Bobby Petrell (?) comes in to mold the promising Vick. Vick gets busted for dog fighting, and down go the Falcons. The Falcons have a good quarterback and team now. Not flashy, but talented and dependable. The owner of an NFL team that hires Vick is asking for a loser. Of course the dog-fighting is horrible and Vick served some time for this. He should be allowed to play if he can find someone stupid enough to hire him. Defenders of the "great" Vick either have the lowest self-esteem in the world or they don't know NFL football.

2108 days ago


Dear #81
I don't think Vick should be killed for this, but he is really a freaky weirdo. Vick enjoyed cronic acts of deliberate cruelty on helpless creatures. I value my pets lives more than I would yours, but I would condemn deliberate cruelty carried out on you also. I love my pets and I don't even know you. Whether man or beast is more valuable to God is up to God. I value more what I love. Do you even know VIck? Why do you feel such a great devotion to the man? I think you are sad because you have so little self esteem.

2108 days ago



On this one, I really believe that the NFL will listen to the masses crying inhumane VICK no more, not the $$$. THose $$$ will not be there for long if they don't........

2108 days ago


# 79 Thank you for articulating the Cutie T posting regarding our Military........I could not figure out why she/he was putting that out for discussion...... your response well well stated.

2108 days ago


13. Sandra Brooks - I don't care what you think of me. This is the damn internet...
You are probably one of those dirty women who practice beastiality! You talk as if you want to lay down with a damn pit bull!! LOL

Posted at 1:46PM on Dec 7th 2008 by Lynnette

Oh, Lynette, Lynette, Lynette! How typical! Stop before you disgrace yourself any further.

2108 days ago


.................ABM @ 3:17 pm.........No posters have ever stated, " I love dogs more than humans".................Your listing of all the other troubles of the world have no bearing on the Vick case...........The Vick case has to do with his activities..........and people' disgust for those activities...............Each poster has stated what they think of Vick in various ways..........Therefore, you get................(I hate Vick)....(I hope he dies).....(I hope he gets bitten)....(I hope he gets so on and so on)..........People hate Vick because he did those activities.............Expressing those hatred passions come in all sorts of statements.........not everyone has the words to express themselves in a civilized manner........So, just read the words and realize the force behind it..................We want Vick to go away, stay away, and hurt for as long as possible.........hurt meaning never having anything ever again...................

2108 days ago



let me first say I am not a fan of Vick and I do not watch football. I could careless if the NFL takes him back or not. What he did does not evoke such strong emotions. I do not loathe the man b/c he killed dogs. I just do not share the sentiments of most of the comments who think Vick is a monster, weirdo, freak etc... I am simply saying there seems to be such hatred towards the mans thats all. Hey if you value your pet more than a person then so be it, thats your right.

I still say something is unbalanced when we put an animal rights well above a human and spout off so much hatred b/c someone killed a dog/dogs. We have people out here who are hurting/dying and there are some who will write the NFL protest b/c someone killed dogs. Just seems the efforts and energy could go towards something that will be most helpful to mankind. We are in a financial crisis, neighborhoods are being destroyed by drugs and violence against other human beings...again, i hope all of those who are such animal lovers put forth the same passion and dedication to stand up for causes that affect people everyday.

Again, I'm not taking up for the man, according to the law he committed a crime so he has to pay the cost. based on a lot of the commentary here, one would think that he killed the Hudsons, that he kidnapped Caylee ANthony......you cannot honestly compare his acts towards a dog to the heinous crimes we've seen plastered on some of our national news stations against people.

although i'm currently not a pet owner, but had one of my pets bit anyone in my family... the dog would have to go
There is a clear distinction for me b/w a life of an animal and a life of a person

2108 days ago



All i will say is WOW. You have expressed your thoughts and I have of mine. I merely pointed out real issues b/c of the discontent in some of the comments as if this man killed a person. And I say to all of that, Is it that serious where we get to the point of wanting someone killed b/c they killed an animal. Regardless of the force behind the words/passion.... I commented on it. The same as you have.

Enough Said.

2108 days ago


Thank you # 71 and worth repeating:

71. No one with a heart or half a working brain would "train" dogs to fight to the death for their enjoyment in watching them suffer and die. No one with a heart or half a brain, would put domesticated pets into a fighting ring with their "trained" to kill dogs. Not only are these people doing it for the "enjoyment" of the fight and kill, they actually think it is funny to watch the dogs maul each other to death. For someone to shackle a female dog to a rape table shows just how heartless that person is. Can you imagine the fear in those dogs who were wetted down and electrocuted? Or the dogs who were hung? How about the ones who were slammed over and over on the ground until they died? Dogs have feelings, they feel pain, they feel fear, Anyone who does this to an animal, who has no voice or say in it;s life, needs to be put away from society for the rest of their life. If you have ever seen what is done to them (the training) to make them fight to the death, it would make you sick and change your mind real fast from saying, "it's just a dog". It takes a very very cruel person to train a dog to be a killer and then enjoy watching the kill. A living breathng creature who if raised with the right people could have brought a lot of joy into someone's life. PEOPLE LIKE VICK SHOULD NOT BE CALLED HUMAN. He and others like him are the animals. He doesn't deserve another chance, he didn't even give those dogs a first chance.

Posted at 3:48AM on Dec 8th 2008 by me

In my opinion, people with a drug problem that seek help and get it deserve another chance. Personally I think plenty of NFL people deserve 2nd chances - NOT VICK!!!

Again, worth repeating:

64. Two words: Reggie Bush. Here is a very talented athlete that gave back - he built a $90,000 athletic field for a highschool....he sunk money into the restoration of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina..... Reggie is a guy that is a total package - an amazing athlete and an amazing person.

Michael Vick is an embarassment to the human race. There are people out there that think black people are really just ignorant people with athletic talent.....Vick supports that. Bush shows it isn't true. An animal abuser is an animal abuser, I don't care what your "culture" is.

Posted at 12:01AM on Dec 8th 2008 by Lauren

2108 days ago
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