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Vick's Incarceration Day Shopping Spree

12/7/2008 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes the day you report to jail can be the busiest shopping day of all.

Records now show that Falcons former quarterback Michael Vick blew through a staggering $201,840 on the day he reported to jail on felony dog fighting charges, according to AJC.com.

His "To Do List" that day looked something like this:

Buy new Mercedes -- $99,000
Cash Checks laying around house -- $24,900
Give money to mom of my oldest kid -- $28,000
Give "friend" some money -- $16,000
Misc. last minute impulse buys -- $10,940
Bunch of money to PR firm -- $23,000
NOTE: Find out what "PR" stands for.

Guess this sheds a bit more light on how he was able to burn through $18.2 million from 2006 to 2008.

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Hello ABM,

I do want to take a moment a remind you that one of the number one questions asked to you in a Psychiatric evaluation is do you, or have you ever harmed animals. The reason they do this is because so many people that do intentional harm to people started with animals. Personally I do see this a heinous, but if you do not, so be it. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

I live in GA and my family all looked up to Vick before this all came out. There is no way that out of any of my friends or family supports Vick coming back to the NFL. I am not referring to coming back to the Falcons, as that decision was already made some time ago. I do not want my nieces and nephews ever thinking VICK contributed anything to this world. I want to shield them from what he did!

Oh, I was also very active in voicing out against OJ, (heinous crime as well) and have
been giving my support to Clarence Aaron – Locked up for life: The case of Clarence Aaron.


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#91, If your comment was to me, I also give time and money to shelters, as well as many other things. My posting was simply addressing ABM's previous comments:
We are in a financial crisis, neighborhoods are being destroyed by drugs and violence against other human beings...again, i hope all of those who are such animal lovers put forth the same passion and dedication to stand up for causes that affect people everyday.

Right or wrong, these are some things I am currenly standing up for. I just thought I would let ABM know.


Posted at 6:26PM on Dec 8th 2008 by noitall

2089 days ago



You said """"To understand where I am coming from serves no real purpose""""
It serves alot of purpose. It puts things in context. Is your loathing of Mike Vick an isolated response, or does it apply to others?? If so, who else does it apply to? With all due respect, I have answered your questions as honestly as possible. Is there a reason why that can't be reciprocated?

You also said""""What is important, is whether I can convince you, with my choice of words, to think that maybe you are indeed off target somewhat........"""""" Max, that will not happen. You will not convince me that I am off target on this situation. Why would you want to?? What is wrong with a difference of opinion? I would not try to convince any other poster in this thread to agree with me or change their minds about anything....

2088 days ago


73. i support mike vick they are just dumb dogs, if they were in the pound the dogs would be put down anyway nobody wants some ugly big dog like that....................free mike vick

Posted at 7:18AM on Dec 8th 2008 by yvette

The idea behind it Yvette is that dogs don't get to have a say in how they live their life. They are dependent on humans to make that decision for them. They just accept their lot in life whatever it is. And for someone like Vick to make the decision that they have to fight for their life, being horribly injured in the process or be killed, tells me Vick isn't that great of a human. I cannot bring myself to support a man who knowingly made the conscious decision to do what he did to those dogs, who knew nothing but to obey their trainer. If people are that heartless, cruel and mentally ill, they should not have the right to be in society. There was a little boy about 14 where I lived in Newport Beach who went around the neighborhood after dark mutilating kittens. He would cut off their legs and split open their bellies while they were alive, leaving them for their owners to find them in the morning. This little guy is not 14 anymore, he is in his 20's and in jail for doing the same thing to a little girl in another neighborhood, because he enjoyed seeing the fear in his prey and liked to see the kill. Believe it when you are told that someone capable of harming and innocent animal, especially for their enjoyment of watching them die, will enjoy harming a human at one time or another just as easily. When you think about it, how could anyone enjoy watching any living thing be harmed, tortured and killed? That is just a sick mind and a person with that kind of mind should not be allowed to live with other normal humans. . I would rather say it's just a dumb human instead of it's just a dumb dog. Dogs aren't ulgly, people who do crap like this are ugly. You will never find unconditional love from another human, that is something only a dog has for his owner.

2088 days ago


................Lynnette @ 9:12 pm.............Your #1 question............I decided that Vick is the only one that I think of in this particular light..........that will eliminate the further question of do I hate all people.................Your #2 question....I would want to change your thoughts of Vick because Vick does not deserve anyone's support and I thought you might see that..................Lynnette, you HAVE tried to change the opinions of others just by posting your thoughts as have everyone else............otherwise, why are we here?..............................................................." When two opposing sides meet, with great passion served on both sides, the meeting is never at the halfway mark...........for one is always wrong "......................................................................................We will just disagree and that is that...................

2088 days ago



Where did that come from. So we generalize people now? What if someone said Whites kill their children and it must be part of their heritage why else would so many of them do it. Come on, that is absurd. Again, the whole Mike Vick incident/crime seems to evoke strong emotions. Whether you love your pets or not, the man killed/ supported in killing DOGS. and Sandra so what if that is a question on a psychiatric questionnaire...most people does not equate to ALL who hurt an animal they will kill/hurt a person. Looking up to Vick, OMG.... He played football the man was NOT the messiah. That is the problem right there...we should look up to those who actually stand for something and not idolize a person who you see on tv and you barely know. I am a parent and my children understand those on tv are for entertainment purposes only and do not idolize celebrities. Parents need to raise their kids not the TV. If your child gets disappointed with the actions of a athlete and/or celebrity that seems to me to be a great opportunity to have a conversation along with a lil reality check. Stop having unrealistic expectations for these people that way you save yourself a lil disappointment. None of these athletes signed up to be your kid's role model, you as the parent allowed that to happen! There are people in all facets of the work force who probably wouldnt live up to your moral compass its just the ones on tv we seem to take issue with, I guess b/c its in your face. And who are we to have a moral compass for others. The law has spoken the man is doing his time. If he gets out and the NFL picks him back up , SO WHAT!!! and the OJ reference....enough of him already, he was found not guilty for the crime of murder but i'm sure that doesnt matter to some. Its kind of like the Rodney King beating, our good ole system found those cops innocent when there was visible evidence. i can accept both verdicts, it is what it is.
i'm not trying to bash anyone's POV about Vick, I'm merely expressing my thoughts on the severity of discontent there has been in some of the comments. I enjoy reading everyone's POV and glad we have diff POVs that is what makes the world go round. but at some point when our POV evokes such hate and ignorance where we vocalize generalized statements about a group of people and/or we wish a person dead not wanting them to ever work again in their expertise esp if the crime they committed does not prevent them from performing and causes no potential harm to those they would be working with....at that point i felt the urge to respond.

All of us have done things we arent proud of and wish we probably could go back and fix it. Now we probably didnt hurt an animal or a person but in general terms we all have been given a 2nd chance at something. And if any of us are believers and believe in forgiveness we should at least understand people deserve a 2nd chance no matter what the crime. Now maybe Vick shouldnt ever be allowed to own a dog or work at pet smart LOL that type of restriction is very much understood.

so whether you share my sentiments or not, we can all agree to disagree without insulting each other

however #96.... WOW!!! real issues there.....

2088 days ago

DMX hater    

Michael Vick is Satan in disquise!! No mortal could think of and do what he did!! A sick bastard that should be electrocuted or hung just like he did those animals!! God put us in charge of all the fowl of the air, and all animals who walk upon the Earth, I am sure He was not thinking that Vick would purposely slit their bellies and throats just because they did not measure up to his "warrior" standards!!
If it had been me that did those horrific things, they would have given me 2 life sentences for taking so many animals lives!! He did not torture and kill these animals for food?? but for sheer pleasure!! He should never be allowed into the NFL again, and if someone will publish the NFL Commissioner's address, Maybe some letters may influence his decision, after all voting, and free speak are how we change things!!

2088 days ago


..Hello Lame @ 12:18 pm................Post # 60 has the address you seek listed there............thanks..............

2088 days ago

DMX hater    

Thank you max61

2088 days ago


.................Yvette mentioned in #95................Did you read why dogs are put down in shelters and such places?.......Did you find out how many dogs there are in America?......How many dogs are there in homes in America?..............How many strays there are in America?..............Do you know how many shelters there are?.............Do you know what it cost to house these animals in shelters?...........You didn't did you?...............You didn't take the time and energy and resolution to educate yourself of just how large the dog and cat population is in America did you?.........All the information is right in front of you.......All you did was get up enough nerve to post two sentences, so you could say I support Mike Vick...............Judging by your own words, and that is all I have to go on at present............You stupid little twit..........Bravado only show ignorance......................

2088 days ago

HE's a TURD    

Pyschopaths like vick start at animals, then move up to humans. Predators like him need to be locked up forever. If someone thinks it's fun to torture animals, where will they stop? Just look how he went around spreading an std, that he KNEW he had. What idiot would let him back in the nfl? It would cost them and their sponsors BILLIONS. If he was a baseball player, he would have been given a lifetime ban for gambling. Go Ask pete rose.
The nfl has already washed their hands of his brother, who's another sorry piece of crap. Just google marcus vick.

2086 days ago


.......Stcjanell @ 9:57 pm ............Go to the top of the page and type in Michael Vick and click search.........That will take you to the TMZ Michael Vick list page..........look at the top of that page and click on Michael Vick UPDATES by Atalanta newspaper............that will take you to The Atalanta newspaper page...........look at the top left and you will see todays news of Vick............Notice the page has 40/50 stories on the Vick story....................READ then READ some more..............If you think two years of coverage is made up..........then some one help America..........We are coverd up with stupid little twits......................

2086 days ago


Lynnette, you're a complete insensitive moron. Just because someone doesn't "own" an animal doesn't make their torture right or legitimate. Ownership doesnt have anything to do wtih it (you sound like a typical mindless American consumer--money makes everything right, huh?). God I can't stand people like you--try to justify and rationalize away the fact that it takes a dark-souled and disturbed person to do what Vick did to anything, but if you think beyond your stupid shallow reactions and backwards logic, if that's possible, you maybe, just maybe might be able to emphasize with an animal that is as severely abused as Vick's were. How would you feel having your teeth pulled out, or being bludgeoned to death? Not good, right Lynnette? Just because animals don't talk doesn't mean they don't feel or have social relationships with other animals or people. But you sound too stupid to figure that out. Ugh just go shopping, it sounds like that's all you're good for...

Oh, and Palin is also a sick cookie (hunting wolves from planes is about as cowardly and just plain mean-spirited as you can get), but at least those animals had a quick death and a life beforehand that was not structured around torture.

Vick can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. I hope something dreadful happens to him. Abusing animals is no different than taking advantage of and abusing children--it's just that the penalties are lighter.

2086 days ago


It seems as though most of the pro-Vick posts here are grammatically incorrect and riddled with misspellings. I think it's obvious that something divides those that understand that a life, even a dog's, is a precious thing and those that don't...education. Those that walk around ignorant and uneducated generally don't develop the necessary sensitivity and maturity to develop a real love and understanding for dogs. Let's face it, these dumb rubes think that the way to care for a dog is to slap a logging chain on it and throw it outside with an occasional change of water and/or food. There's no understanding that a dog has feelings, suffers pain and loves it's human no matter what kind of a D*****bag he is. So, when I hear "just a dog" or "it's like hunting", I know right away we're talking about some backwoods-dwelling, mullet-wearing high school dropout who probably doesn't even have the sense to feed his own kids, much less his unfortunate dogs.

2084 days ago
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