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Wild 1 -- Man 0

12/7/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bear GryllsChalk one up for the wild.

Bear Grylls -- the snake eating bad-ass from Discovery's "Man vs. Wild" -- just busted up his shoulder during an Antarctic expedition.

The seriousness of the injury is still unknown, as the former member of British Special Ops awaits an official medical evaluation.

No word yet as to how soon they can release Bear back into the wild.


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Bear could build a fire with snake guts he removes from an alligator he just bit the head off of... Les... couldn't build a fire with matches! Bear Rules!

2056 days ago


Bear is a poor role model. If you've noticed, not only does he fake half of the stuff that he does, but he's always trying to perform stunts that most people shouldn't try. If you're in the wild, jumping from a cliff to a tree to try to get to the ground 50 feet below is not a good method of survival. It's a great way to show off a black belt though... or a great way to die. I guess it's a bit safer 200 feet from a hotel with a medical crew on hand.

I vote Les Stroud. He's not as much of a showoff, but he's more informational. He gets help and knowledge from the local experts too... but he doesn't bring them with him.

2056 days ago


Thanks for the post #15 D- The truth comes out!

#12 Znus & #13 Xinunus .... Obama won. Let it go, already!

2056 days ago

my 3 cents    

I don't have cable, but I have a real bitcccccchin internet conection, but I still don't think I am going to check out this stupid show, because I really don't care.

2056 days ago


Haha #11, get a clue. People eating animals IS the "normal order of things".

2056 days ago


Les Stroud (Survivorman) would KICK Bear's ass.

Les Stroud is the MAN!

2056 days ago

ready for change    

Both shows suck. Now if they showed a pack of wolves or a grizzly eating these two morons in order to survive.. that I'd watch!

2056 days ago


This guy is a douche. Would Les Stroud have gotten hurt?

2056 days ago

marie in D.C.    

I'm sure he will go stay at the Hilton or Westin or Whatever. He was caught a couple years ago doing that while he was supposedly in the wild

2056 days ago


I Hope he's going to be alright (IF HE IS REALLY HURT))--He's a HOTTIE!!! OMG! Come here baby--lol

2056 days ago


Brandi don't we love ya. I don't need anyone speak for me thank you. The idiot who wrote about Obama, what an ignorant piece of crap you are. Don't put Survivorman in the same sentence as "Bear". Les does his show by himself and not staging things. He has come close to death 3 times doing his show, that is why he doesn't do it anymore. Dawn I am sorry but "Bear" is just like the old Wild Kingdom show, they killed and trapped animals just for the shows production. The Survivorman kills to eat and for nourishment. OK I have vented enough for a Monday. Have a good one folks.

2056 days ago


It truly is too bad that Bear got hurt doing his JOB. People need to lay off. And all you Les Stroud fans can shut up too. Both shows are great - each for their own reasons. Bear shows the extreme so that you know what to do when all else has failed and you need to take a chance or sit there and die. Les shows you the basics for simple survival until or if you're ever found. Both are better than any other Reality show on the market. At least these are both educational shows, yet you have to take each with a grain of salt. I'd like to see any one of you "haters" try and do what either of them do. Survive in the wild for 1 day and then come back and talk to me. YOU are the douches.

2056 days ago


I agree with comment #29 - user name: cshughes77 is right on. I'd like to also add that some of you people that are offended by either of these guys killing one or two animals per show can take their veggie lovin' butts and jump off the tallest cliff they can find. How do you think them eating one snake, or rabbit is going to completely destroy the food chain? Give me a freakin' break. And if you knew anything about either show, you'd know that they both show alternatives when no "meat" is available. Les is big on showing lots of plants you can look for. Go eat a steak, you damn vegans!!!

2056 days ago


he's suck a fake!! the real outdoorsman is the guy from survivorman. i can't remember his name right now. bear grylls is an idiot and i hope he really does not make it out of the wild, but that won't happen because his show is fake!!!

2056 days ago


#7, you took the words right out of my mouth. Les is definately more bad ass :))

2056 days ago
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