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Hough: Yeah, I Went Toe-to-Toe with Sapp

12/8/2008 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Derek Hough admitted he and Warren Sapp had a tussle on the set of "DWTS" -- but Derek explained to us how he was able to pull off being a little guy and the bigger man at the same time.
Derek Hough: Click to view!


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Ha Ha Bitches !!! FIRST

2108 days ago

Vick Fan    

He was able to pull it off by agreeing to perform man-love on Sapp later in the dressing room.

Why is this pretty little man getting press? He needs to go and hang out with Lance and become his cabana boy.

2108 days ago


I want to kick his @ss just looking at that lame emo haircut.

2108 days ago


He's getting press because he's a star. The most popular dancer on DWTS and just signed a record deal. Get used to him, you'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. It's nice to see TMZ finally putting a positive tag line on an article about Derek. You normally bash him unmercifully for no reason. He's a nice guy. You need to give him a break.

2108 days ago


Derek is a lot more popular than Lance Bass. Lance wishes he had Derek's career and as much going for him! Lance probably wishes he were with Derek too, but Derek is with Shannon Elizabeth.

2108 days ago


Derek needs to shave that blonde fuzz off his face. It looks like dirt in the picture. He's much hotter clean shaven. His haircut looks much better though. It was way too long before and was looking awful at the end of DWTS when he had the sides feathered back and was even having to put it in pony tails. Thank God he cut it.

2108 days ago


Derek is the better man for taking the high road. I know he wants to tell the truth and say what an enormous a&&hole Warren is. The "insider" stories being told to people in Hollywood are crazy about how awful Warren was to everyone. The show forbade anyone to talk about it because they didn't want a bad reputation for having such a violent person on the show. Trust me, they will not have someone like Warren on the show again. They thought they were getting another nice guy like Emmit Smith, and ended up with an egotistical jerk with the biggest ego ever that exploded on people-pros, other stars, and producers - every week. Derek doesn't want to be associated with trash like Warren so he is giving the "company line" and the "politically correct" response. The worst thing is so many ignorant people fell for Warren's "fake persona" and voted for the jerk. The women voters did not follow football and didn't know Warren's reputation or they would not have been so quick to vote for one of the rudest, meanest guys to ever play for the NFL. It is a well known fact that Warren only did DWTS so he could be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. His reputation was too bad from his football days, so doing the show to try to overhaul his image was his only shot at making it in the Hall of Fame. He could not keep up the charade behind the scenes though. His true personality came out then.

2108 days ago


I heard the same thing about Warren Sapp and I have to admit that if what I'm hearing is true, than I fell for the act too! I voted for him right up until the last night when I heard from football fans (and others) what a jerk he really is. I wish we'd hear the truth about some of the contestants instead of the happy-family bs that we were drowning in this season.

I can't believe it was all an act! I'm so pissed!

2108 days ago


Warren almost prematurely ended Chad Clifton's career with the Green Bay Packers with a vicious hit that caused the guy to be out for a long time. He was a very mean player, and I can't believe that he was any different on this show. He and Brett Favre used to get into each other's faces when he was with Tampa Bay and Favre was with Green Bay. It is probably a good thing that he didn't win....

2108 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Interesting haircut for a man. Looks horrible and gay.

2108 days ago


Any body with that much weight and ugly face could not be graceful!

2108 days ago


I think Derek and Mark Ballast make a good couple.

2107 days ago

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