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DMX -- They Wanted Him, They Got Him

12/9/2008 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's the least surprising statement you'll hear today -- DMX is back behind bars.

X was apprehended this afternoon by the FBI -- get this -- on an island off Miami Beach. The Feds were tipped off to his location -- a private residence on Palm Island -- by the Maricopa County Sheriff's office. He was arrested without incident.

The arrest comes after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest last Friday, because he missed a court appearance in Arizona.

He's currently locked up in the Miami-Dade County jail.

Wonder who's gettin' the $5,000?

DMX: Click to view!


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From the FBI: Black males age 14 - 35, commit 56.6% of all violent crime in America while they comprise less than 3.5% of the population, and contribute less than 1/10 of 1% to the gross national product.

2122 days ago


Sherriff Joe's got your pinks waitin for ya

2122 days ago


Wow, a rapper is in jail? I'm SHOCKED.

2122 days ago


Good Lord Hallelujah - the creep has left Arizona ... Hopefully they look this no good candy ass has been up for good this time ...We've had it with him .. So true - you can take the boy out of the Hood - but you cannot take the hood out of the boy .. Stupid jerk!

2122 days ago


DMX is 100% Bipolar (yes, he has been diagnosed) and 0% treated. He is a sick individual and needs help!

2122 days ago


to #18 at 7:10, and #19 at 8:14

lol, all of this that you type may have some merit, yet every white woman wants one!! Hell, while your here clicking your fingers on a keyboard, your white woman is out searching for her own personal Lil Wayne anf Tupac LOL

2122 days ago


DMX has to be one of the dumbest ass holes that has walked the planet , besides O J Simpson. Lock this dumb ass up and throw away the key. He keeps doing dumb sh## that uncalled for, He's begging for his freedom to be taken away..He has to be smoking crack, I MEAN COME ON DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

2122 days ago

Loud and talentless    

MS? You don't care HOW fat they are as long as they'll buy your dinner and Air Jordan's, right?
Any woman that would spend more than about 10 seconds with a loser like you doesn't interest us successful guys.

2122 days ago


if your name is three letters it is a good bet you are going to be arrested for something

2122 days ago


DaYum! Butt-Rack's future Christmas Pardon List is getting LONGER! LOL This THUG should be thrown in the same cell with OJ so that they can sing sweet nothings into each others ears! LOL

2122 days ago

Mike Admani    

God should do X a favor and stop his suffering already.

2122 days ago

DMX hater    

Another rapper gone to jail...what else is new?? Appears to me all these violent rappers are are thugs, and want to turn this country into another third world nation!! It is about time the justice system get some balls!!! Or is affirmative action controlling them too!!

2122 days ago


This is pitiful really!! He had it all, fame, money, anything he wanted. What did he want DRUGS! What he proved himself to be was a fool! He just looks drugged up in the pictures, it is shameful that he has done this.

2122 days ago


People lets stop looking at color.... issue is this DMX has had run in's with the law but he has never robbed or killed anyone but he is killing himself. This man has a family like most of you. I don't expect many of you to see past what u think but I do know that wether it be white or black celebrities have a tighter rope to walk in society than avg people do. I never known drugs to take over a certain race. Most people if we are honest have issues and problems may not be the same but we all do. I never read that he was bi-polar but not to say that he isn't or is just hope he gets help and jail isn't where he can get that.

2121 days ago

Bill Kay    

This aint no story. He's a loser thug not a musician. His mu-sick suks. Don't bother us with this a-holes future anymore.

2119 days ago
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