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Erik Estrada

Rescues Baby ... from Frostbite

12/9/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

EstradaNo baby shall suffer the perils of cold footsies while Erik Estrada is on the case!

We're told while Estrada was on patrol as a reserve officer for Indiana's Muncie Police Department, he risked his own safety for that of a child.

Police say during one of Erik's midnight shifts, "he spotted a man and his girlfriend walking with a baby in the snow in 10 degree weather at 2 AM ... the baby was only dressed in pajamas."

That's when Erik braved the freezing temperature and "got them inside."

A hero never rests.


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Actually, I don't care that he was once a tv star. What he did here was a good thing. I know you guys are trying to make fun of the situation, but without him, there is a good chance the baby could have died. No, he didn't run into a burning building, but what he did was great. Most people, whether they are in a position of public service or not, would have kept going. Good for him. These parents need to be investigated. And need to go to parenting classes ( at least). Great job, Ponch!

2089 days ago


I hope he then called child serveses to get that baby away from idiot parents!!!
10 deg. and you have child out, at 2am, in feety jammies? IDIOTS!

2089 days ago


Indiana is an EVIL state.

Do not go to Indiana. The doctors will hurt you and you will have no rights. The people are rude and cruel.

2089 days ago

Average Housewife    

Good for him. TMZ this wasn't like he saved the baby from a burning building but it WAS an act of kindness and caring. Your idiot staffers would have probably walked right past the poor little infant. My bet is the parents were trying to make a drug run. Who else would take a baby out at 2am with only Jammies on? Dumbass drug addicts. I hope that kid is put into a better situation. Gooooo Estrada!

2089 days ago

northern gypsy    

saw E.E. on some reality show a couple of years ago...erik seemed like the only sane one in that crowd...he just confirmed it...

2089 days ago

Boycott Idol    

Geez TMZ - lay off. A former celebrity who has gone into public service doing a good deed and you belittle him. Stick to the self-absorbed celbrity hounds in your little world. Ever since BS seems to have straightened out, and PH is yersterday's news, you have been really stretching for content.

2089 days ago


Excellent job, Officer Estrada. I remember once our car quit on the side of the Interstate in Memphis. I think it was cold outside then, too. Anyway, my mother, myself, my kid brother and I think my mother was carrying my baby sister as we were walking down the Interstate shoulder when a police officer traveling on an overpass stopped his car, got out and walked to overpass guardrail, and yelled at us to go back and wait in the car, that he would send help. And yes, he did. Thank God for the kindness of others, even when they are on the job.

2089 days ago


This sounds like routine Police work to me, and I'm glad to see he is doing it well. Keep in mind, as a Reserve Officer, there in no pay (in most places). So this is a full on public service. I say right on Erik, anyone that will put himself in harm's way for the public is a hero in any venue, no matter what they used to do.

Right on EE, stay safe.

2089 days ago


He was interviewed last week on an Indianapolis TV station. He related that he wanted to be a police officer before becoming an actor and since he was sworn in during the TV show he did there, he's taken the role seriously. He does department PR and midnight patrols.

Kudos to him. It seems like he's sincere about it and not just looking for a career boost from it.

2089 days ago

Jenny pruski    

That's nice to hear that someone did something instead of just talking about what they sw later,Erik you did a really good thing and it must have tore your heart out to see a little one being mistreated,Merry Christamas Erik.

2089 days ago


WTF, that is such a snarky spin you put on this story TMZ. Bunch of jealous loser nobody wannabes,

2089 days ago


Erik was part of "Armed and Famous" 3 years ago. When he was in Muncie for the taping, he promised he'd come back every year to keep his training up as a cop. He's kept his promise and come back every winter for a week. He'll help with our "Shop with a Cop" program for low income families.
I'd also heard he said he wanted to be buried in his police uniform.
And whoever this guy/girl is, I think they need a psychologic evaluation:

18. Indiana is an EVIL state.
Do not go to Indiana. The doctors will hurt you and you will have no rights. The people are rude and cruel.

Seriously, what kind of crackhead says "the doctors will hurt you in Indiana?!" I wasn't aware I was evil. I'll be careful the next time I go to the doctor. I'll try and make sure my doctor doesn't shank me.

2088 days ago


He has gone way up in my opinion. Good man!!!

2088 days ago


The parents need to be arrested.

2088 days ago


isnt that the ******* that wont shake hands with his fans??

330 days ago
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