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Kid to PETA -- Let the Fur Fly!

12/9/2008 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's willing to take on judges, so what's a little animal-rights org for Kid Rock?

The rock-vocateur says he's ready to go to war with PETA: "I'm just willing the animal rights protestors to chuck some red paint on me," he tells the Mail. "They do it to little Hollywood actresses who can't defend themselves." Kid adds he's "got every kind of animal in my wardrobe."

Ironic, given Kid's marriage to PETA poster child Pam Anderson. PETA, your serve.


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Still pissed at Pammy, is he?

2144 days ago


Kick some PETArd ass Kid.

2144 days ago


Personally I hope the do through red paint or anything at you ROCKLESS.

2144 days ago


Has anyone ever checked to see if there are any animal by-products in paint?

2144 days ago

m dennings    

Fur is renewable, durable, long-lasting, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, energy and resource efficient. Reputable furriers use absolutely No endangered species. The Fur Trade accounts for approximately one-quarter of one percent of animals that humans use for food, clothing and other purposes. Millions of unwanted pets are put down in shelters each year and then there are millions more killed on the roads. Fur is a Natural Product. Farmed animals are fed fish and meat leftovers (proteins) unfit for human consumption therefore greatly recycling millions of pounds of food-waste annually. Fur farms use very little electricity, fossil fuels or water (unlike synthetic furs) and animal byproducts become a slew of other products. Nothing is Wasted. Synthetics are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, which does Not support sustainable use of the environment. If wearing fur brings you joy then enjoy. Let people be, folks. Wearing fur is not the issue, it is how animals are treated. If you care, then change that.

2144 days ago


you people have no clue as to what farm animals are treated like, you only listen to the stupid anti's propaganda,and don't or won't find out the truth for yourself. Furs are a renewable green resource that is better for the environment than all the synthetic crap that is made from petroleum, harvesting wild animals is a quicker more humane death than mother nature gives them,quick and painless vs. mother natures slow and painful way. Quit believing peta and hsus made up BS and find the truth out for yourselfs,if the wild animal population is not kept in check then diseases and sickness spread rampantly through the wild killing off huge amounts of wildlife that take years to recover if they do at all. Kid Rock go ahead and wear fur and do it proudly,and don't worry about all these people making up BS like comment poster #1 did. There are a lot of sane people who are proud to wear fur,but alot of not so sane ones that refuse to see the truth as that would not suit their own adgenda of duping people into sending them millions of dollars a year,some of which goes back into advertising for more suckers that they can get to part with their money.

2144 days ago

aprophet aka david    

P.E.T.A. People eating tasty animals theres not just one P.E.T.A. any more theres the real one where people are,nt B vitamin deprived from not eating red meat first symptom of being B vitamin deprived is acting stooopid like the brain dead fur opposer's do P.E.T.A. fur opposer's SUX Rock on Kid just went out and bought 3 of your CDS 1 for me and my two nephews a trapper from newport news va

2144 days ago

Person Eating Tasty Animals    

I'm not a big Kid Rock fan, but I'm happy to see any celebrity push back at the AR whacko's. You dont see anyone else telling people what they should or shouldnt wear. Hey I know, lets start a Save The Cotton Plants group and throw compost on the PETA geeks.

Just wondering...why dont they ever go after bikers who wear leather? Miserable little cowards.


2144 days ago

William James O'Reilly, Jr.    

PETA care for animals more than they care for humans. And they don't pay taxes.
The only thing good about PETA is their naked campaigns.

2144 days ago


I'm a member of P.E.T.A. (People for the eating of tasty animals.)

2144 days ago


I'm a kid rock fan, but this comment he has made and ones in the past are starting to make me think about who i listen to. for some reason I really wont to sick him in a cage that is too small for him with a chicken wire floor for about a year or so, and when it's him time, shove a electric probe up his ass and shock him till he's stunned and start skinning him alive. kid, you really need to think about your actions! you just made me not want to buy your new cd. ya kinda make me sick!

2144 days ago


Long Live PETA (People for Eating Tasty Animals). Yummy!

2143 days ago


Peta needs to get a life they r as crazy as all the rest of the groups. I dont wear animal fur but if I wanted to I would it has nothing to do with what I think is right or wrong. Kid Rock Rocks & I think he is a Hottie Keep rockin it out Roll ON!!!!!

2143 days ago


Kid Rock is trying to make headlines and appeal to his new country gun extremists. PETA, shouldn't do anything to Rock, they should target the paparazzi that photograph him: That would hit him where it really hurts.

2143 days ago


White trash, get down on your knees...

Talentless, tacky trailer-trash. That is all.

2143 days ago
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