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A.P.B. on D.O.G.

12/10/2008 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD is on the dog hunt, combing John Schneider's stolen SUV for puppy clues.

We're told the cops are now looking for surveillance video from the mall where Schnieder's SUV was taken, with two, 10-week old pooches inside.

One cop told us -- "We're getting these puppies back." And we're here to help. Send tips to TMZ.


No Avatar


Poor babies...I love puppies!!!

2145 days ago

my 3 cents    

Micheal Vick has the puppies and says that they are in "Good Hands". hahahaahaa
Merry Holiday's

2145 days ago


Haha...Good Job cops..Find them puppies!!

I bet those lil guys are all traumatized..They were prob in a pet shop, taken away from their mother waaay to early, and now are being hidden from cops by a low life who has no idea how to take care of baby animals.

2145 days ago


Give me a break. The cops have time to invest in this? I love animals more than most; however, I live in Los Angeles and I think they should devote their 'puppy' time to fighting crime on the streets and finding out who started our last fires that destroyed lives, people's pets and properties.

2145 days ago


Why the hell were 2 little puppies left alone in the car anyway?!? I hope these puppies get homes with more responsible owners!

2145 days ago


Meanwhile, the LAPD has something like 7,000 unprocessed rape kits?

"We're getting these puppies back! ...right after we rescue that kitten from that tree."

2145 days ago


Leaving puppies in a car at a mall during the Holiday Season! Unbelievable!

2145 days ago

Mad World    

Sad case but I would say cops have better things to do in LA- AKA Hell City

2145 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

He doesn't deserve them! How stupid to leave two puppies in a vehicle while he goes shopping! The vehicle was probably stolen by Peta!

2145 days ago


I certainly hope that the taxpayers of LA aren't picking up the tab on this one. John Schneider is an idiot for leaving the puppies in the car. There have been so many stories of kidnapped dogs, especially smaller ones, taken from cars. The puppies are probably already sold. I highly doubt the thief did anything cruel to them since they were probably worth at least a thousand dollars a piece.

2145 days ago


The LAPD has murders, rapes, and drunken Linsday Lohan driving SUV's, and they're chasing down 2 lost mutts? I wish my police dept. was so devoted to finding lost pets, maybe I'd have my cat back. Besides, dudes gotta be loaded, just buy 2 new dogs and take them home and pass them off as the 2 missing ones, the kids won't know the difference.... unless of course they read TMZ!

2145 days ago


yikes! who are you people who write this poison? Judgemental twits.
Finding these puppies will not cause anarchy on the streets!

2145 days ago


Why the heck were the puppies left alone in a vehicle? His stupid ass should get a ticket for that. Now he's going to cry about it? go spend another 2 grand at a pet store and keep them in business you moron. Hope you never see them again and give the people who took them a medal. idiot.

2144 days ago


It was Winona Rider......

2144 days ago


I hope if these puppies are found, they are given to responsible people and not this idiot who left them alone in a car!

2144 days ago
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