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Bo's Car Found -- Precious Accessories Still M.I.A.

12/10/2008 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Schneider's stolen car finally was recovered last night, but without its most valuable contents -- the two innocent adorable puppies he was supposed to give to his kids as a X-Mas gift.
John Schneider
The Cadillac Escalade was found stripped of its expensive seats and its instrument panel after it was stolen from a shopping mall in the Valley.

The two doggies -- 10-week old Marley and Paisley are still missing.


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Aja-what should people say? Should we take off of work and mourn this loss?

2114 days ago


I'm curious how a one time, long time ago tv star can afford a cadiallac escalade? Where do these long ago stars get their money from?

2114 days ago


#16 - No, of course not. Just have some compassion for crying out loud!

2114 days ago


Why were the puppies left in the suv @ the mall? Would he have left his kids in the suv while he went shopping??? I sure hope not...

2114 days ago


Aja...Compassion? People are giving him GREAT advice...don't leave expensive puppies (Christmas presents) in cars unattended. What kind of compassion can one give to this guy? Sorry, I'm just not feeling tears here.

2114 days ago


Regardless of how irresponsible he was - and I agree, those dogs never should have been left in the car - I'm suprised at how unconcerned people are for the innocent puppies that were taken. God knows what's going to happen to the poor things. Advice and criticsm are not doing any good right now, are they?

2114 days ago


P.S. I'm not talking about compassion for him - he's a jerk. I'm talking about compassion for the PUPPIES people!!

2114 days ago


This is a damn shame. Heartless bastards. I am happy the car was recovered and I hope the puppies are as well. I tell you ..... the thief may have actually shipped them out of state ......... he/she knows that everybody is looking for them .....

2114 days ago


I would look for Joran van der Sloot. My guess is he kidnapped these puppies and sold them into a prostitution ring like he did Natalie Holloway. That or #5 is right and they are now the lunch special at The Golden Rice Bowl.

2114 days ago


HEY TMZ!!!! On the Mike and Juliet show this morning Patty Labelle was on with her NEW puppy that she just got YESTERDAY and it looked exactly like one of the puppies that was stolen. Check it out.

2114 days ago


Santa knows all...

He knows who the puppy thief is and they are going to get an unpleasant visit from the guy in the red suit.

Everyone wants to get tasered for Christmas!

2114 days ago


This is exactly why you don't leave animals (or children) alone in a vehicle. They can be gone in an instant...hopefully this is a good lesson for what's his name. Next time, don't leave your defenseless loved ones in the car unattended.

2113 days ago


I don't even know what to say about all the hateful comments!
What comes around goes around and I sure hope you all get treated with the same respect (or lack there of) that you have treated Mr. Schneider with!

I just hope he gets the puppies back!
They could not have a better home.

2113 days ago


If you look to TMZ for your big news stories then it is little wonder you have such a sad view of the world, John did not call a press conference, TMZ thinks this is a news story, John wants his children to get their puppies back like any great Dad would do, That's the story! He is a wonderful, talented person . By the way, John was not the person driving the car!

2113 days ago


Dottie - there sure was a news conference. And to 'LISA' who says what comes around goes around - you are one to quickly pass a judgment. This is a forum for people to post their opinions. Just because many of us don't feel as if this is an actual NEWS story that should be dominating our news, doesn't mean we don't care about what actually happened. I, personally, do a lot of work with animal rescue here in Los Angeles AND with the less fortunate. There is a handicap young girl who depends on her service dog. Unfortunately, her home was robbed and the robbers took off with the service dog. This got very little news coverage as does most other important stories that effect people's lives and their ability to survive. Would I like to see John S get his expensive boutique puppies back? Sure. Do I want to continue to turn on my news and see that every single news channel is doing this story as one of their top stories? NO. I would like to take this opportunity to tell people if you are going to 'buy' a Christmas dog, make sure you are 'buying' it for the right reasons. Even many expensive boutique puppies will end up homeless because the 'fad' will quickly dissolve. If you are looking for a new four legged friend ADOPT AND GO TO THE SHELTER. DON'T SUPPORT THESE PUPPY MILLS AND PUPPY MILL SHOPS. MILLIONS OF ANIMALS DIE IN OUR SHELTERS EVERY YEAR. Oh, and make sure you don't leave animals or children unattended ANYWHERE.

2113 days ago
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