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Guy Who Smashed Vinnie's Face Gets Off

12/10/2008 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who smashed Vinnie Jones in the face with a glass beer mug during a bar brawl in South Dakota will not face criminal charges.

Prosecutors have dismissed three counts of aggravated assault against 24-year-old Jesse Bickett, after he turned the actor's face into a mangled mess of blood and glass last week.

Minnehaha County State's attorney Dave Nelson said, "After we had an opportunity to review all the evidence, we thought that the incident with which Mr. Bickett was charged was a result of a mutual combat situation."

Both Bickett and Jones were thrown behind bars for the incident and each man has since blamed the other one for starting the fight. Vinnie was never charged.


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"Mutual Combat Situation??" That's a new one on me. Since when do 2 wrongs make a right?

2144 days ago

Mike - Baltimore    

who cares!!!!

2144 days ago


They are both morons.

2144 days ago


Who the hell is Vinnie Jones??

And does TMZ know they have a actual picture of a leprechaun?!? SOMEONE GIVE THAT MAN A GREEN DERBY!!

2144 days ago


Who cares!!! No more PR for this guy!

2144 days ago


His face looks like something that needs to be smashed. good thing it happend this way as no one will go to jail for doing the right thing.

2144 days ago


I bet everybody has heard this joke before... An Englishman walks into a South Dakota bar and....GETS HIS ASS KICKED!!
Vinnie Jones may be popular in Hollywood and Europe, but in South Dakota, he is just an ordinary bloke who thought he was a big shot. Instead he got lit up! Props to the kid who put the glass to Mr Jones face. Well deserved.

2144 days ago


That will teach him to come to South Dakota and pick a fight with one of us!!!!!!!!!!!

2144 days ago


This proves how backward you inbreds are in South Dakota, when has it ever been clever or good to smash a glass in someones face no matter what they have done!!! It's just cowardly to do. it's obvious the moron cant fight with his fists what a loser shame he got off ,thats when you know the justice system is a joke.......!!!!

2144 days ago


maybe u idiots should remember that vinnie jones is a father before u start saying he deserved to be glassed...know one deserves that...he could of been blinded just because he was in some backward inbred place at the wrong time! if u actually look into the background of the guy that glassed him u will see he has a history of causing trouble in that town and that bar!!! just remember mr jones's family and the time of year it is before u write these thoughtless comments!

2144 days ago


#8 Oh of course he is a little wimp, just look at him! Hell if the dude had a gun he woulda shot vinnie. He's just a pathetic little bitch boy.

I don't think it's considered 'mutual combat' if one of the people uses a weapon, and when glass is broken its considered one. Why didn't the courts look into the fact that the idiot friends stories didn't match up?

2144 days ago

stu pidasso    

Vinnie played professional soccer in England and was notorius for being a hard-nosed defender and always ready to manhandle the opposition if needed. He also had roles in Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I would put him up against any of you wankers and I'd bet it would be your face under the glass next time. So go back to diddling your fat ugly South Dakota heifers and your sheep, mid-west hicks!!

2144 days ago

Dan Prince    

I was born in South Dakota, went to school here, worked here and so on... and even I think that only a *ussy would resort to using a beer mug to hit someone in the face. You have to admit though, in town like Detroit or it's equal, Vinnie would have been shot. No doubt about that.

2144 days ago


Look at the size of that kid and look at professional soccer player Vinnie Jones. If an athlete who stood over 6'4' tall and weighed 240lbs was headbutting me in a bar you can bet your sweet ass I would do the same thing. It is called self defense. Its obvious Mr Jones was asking for trouble and if you don't think that then you are ignorant... Why in the hell was Vinnie Jones in South Dakota anyway? lol

2144 days ago

Vinnies Mate    

What's big and strong and got his ass kicked in Nam? It wasn't Mr Jones.

2143 days ago
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