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Joe Plumber - McCain Made Me Feel "Dirty"

12/10/2008 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How John McCain could make anyone feel "dirty" is beyond us, but that's what Joe the Plumber is alleging today.

In an interview, as Politico notes, Joe Wurzelbacher says being on McCain's bus made him angry and some of the discourse "appalled" him. He says he felt "dirty" after "being on the campaign trail and seeing some of the things that take place."

The unlicensed plumber adds, for good measure, he thinks Barack Obama is "dangerous" and Sarah Palin is "the real deal."


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This sorry sack of nothing is an opportunist. As long as McCain was bigging him up he was all over it like a cheap suit but as soon as the IRS called him out for owing them and McCain lost election now he despises McCain obviously never liked Obama and now Palin is on-point. I tell you ...... this guy is looking for fame, fortune and more fame ........ how sad ..... plumb that ....... !!!!

2140 days ago


This guy is an idiot and makes me feel bad he's even from Ohio.
What a moron. I could only hope the rest of the US..the World..hell, even Pluto doesn't think Ohio is made up of hapless morons like that bald headed idiot.
Hey douche, what did you think was going to happen??? Your that big of an idiot your making yourself look stupider by now having issues with your 'candidate' . Just STFU and disappear back into the woodwork... Baldheaded moron...

Did I emphasize 'idiot' enough ??

2140 days ago

Dyna ™    

I totally agree, Onpoint! Isn't his 15 mins. up already? Palin is right on????? What a complete joke.

2140 days ago


He was punked by McCain and Palin and now he's bellyaching like a little bytch. What's really funny is that he thinks Palin is the real deal. Anybody with half a brain knows just how STOOPID that Palin chick is. Imagine the likes of her trying to get our country out of this economic mess. Simply laughable just as Joe the Plumber is!

2140 days ago


boo hoo, "Joe" hoo!!

2140 days ago


And he STILL voted for McCain, so he couldn't have felt that "dirty"! Sarah Palin is an idiot. Make this guy go away.

2140 days ago

thats right    

just saying this guys last name out loud makes me feel dirty

2140 days ago

Tony in Charlotte    

Joe is a JackASS, looser, , just like Sarah the Bimbo Palin!!! thank God they all lost , imagine the mees would have goten worse, we had more than enuff with the Jackass president Bush , another dirt bag !! Obama is kicking butt !!

2140 days ago


Loks like to me your a DIRTY FAME WHORE sucker.

2140 days ago


This guy is the perfect example of a palin supporter - stoopid is as stoopid does. I do hope she runs for office in the next go around, nothing like giving the Dems two in a row......

2140 days ago

Illinois person    

It's funny I bet he didn't feel dirty while enjoying all of that publicity. Someone needs to tell Joe the NOT plumber that, Palin lost and his 15 minutes are over too. Next time think twice about becoming someone's whore (without the sex). Get over it and get back to work. Guess no one told Joe that politics are a dirty business.

2140 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

And here I thought Vic Mackey was gone forever!

2140 days ago

Just Common    

Joe the Plumber had his 15 minutes of fame using politics and now wants to say that politics is "dirty? He just now figured that out? All politicians are dirty, including our President elect! I also find it just incredible that people are saying things like, "Obama is kicking butt"! HE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING YET!!!!! He is not even officially in office!!!! Get a grip! Now the far left liberals are having a problem with him because he is not putting any progressive/far left liberals in his Cabinet! Obama will NOT do anything in his term in the Presidency unless something tragic happens (i.e. 9/11) and the nation rallies around him (as with Bush!) The jury is still out on Obama!

As for Palin....OMG, what a mistake to ever having given this woman any kind of stage to speak from! She is an idiot!

2140 days ago


Joe was thrown into the spotlight because he asked Barack Obama a question, thats it. So the media put it upon themselves and went through this guys background,credit and personal property. It was the media that put Joe in the light, not Joe. Its a sad day when an American can not ask a Presidential candidate a question without all hell breaking loose.As for McCain, it was his advisors that made him look bad. McCain really did have America's best interest in mind. He just had different views then Obama supporters had.I'd feel dirty too being thrown into politics this election year.And I do think Joe is right about Palin, she IS the real deal.I like all of the politicians this year, even Clinton. We had the best selection possible..

2140 days ago

WHO ME?    

The bafoon was not exploited by the media - he was exploited by John McCain. It's too bad for both of them that John McCain's team did not check the background on Weaselbacher before the media got the chance to. Anyone with half a brain knows all too well that when you step into the political spotlight you will be scrutinized. Weaselbacher had plently of opportunities to fade into the background after asking his "QUESTION" but he CHOSE to go on the campaign trail with a presidential candidate. By the way, Obama has shown more signs of a great leader as a "president in waiting" than Mr. Bush has done in the last 4 years at best!

2140 days ago
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