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Where's the Red Paint When You Need It?

12/10/2008 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ivana & Star: Click to watch


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my 3 cents    

I have seen that same coat on Ivana before, you would think that she has other coats.

2106 days ago


They are both grown adult women and if they want to wear fur, so be it! Ivana could buy and sell PETA!

2106 days ago


That is so attractive...Dead animals drapped over thier bodies...Fur is not an "in" thing to do anymore old ladies.

2106 days ago


Fur is fine. Now leather, that is where I draw the line. Don't me started on those poor defenseless cotton plants.

2106 days ago

m dennings    

TMZ is now on the Fur Soap Box and you're all being played.
Fur is renewable, durable, long-lasting, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, energy and resource efficient. Reputable furriers use absolutely No endangered species. The Fur Trade accounts for approximately one-quarter of one percent of animals that humans use for food, clothing and other purposes. Millions of unwanted pets are put down in shelters each year and then there are millions more killed on the roads. Fur is a Natural Product. Farmed animals are fed fish and meat leftovers (proteins) unfit for human consumption therefore greatly recycling millions of pounds of food-waste annually. Fur farms use very little electricity, fossil fuels or water (unlike synthetic furs) and animal byproducts become a slew of other products. Nothing is Wasted! Synthetics are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, which does Not support sustainable use of the environment. If wearing fur brings you joy then enjoy. LET PEOPLE BE, folks. Wearing fur is not the issue, it is how animals are treated. If you care, then change that.

Let's not get your knickers in a twist over one fur coat hanging in the closet for 20-30 years and wore once in a while which is almost always the case.

2106 days ago


If you have any natural beauty, you don't need to kill animals and sling them over your back. Of course, these two old bats are ugly. Maybe they think a dead animal will distract from their sagging faces and bodies.

2106 days ago


What a couple of skanks! Never mind the fur, that's bad enough, but these two women are just nauseating! TMZ, your stories are going to have to start coming with barf bags!

2106 days ago


hey keepitopen: you can talk all day about fur being great, but c'mon. Where does skinning innocent animals alive constitute as resourse efficiant? Fur is murder-pure and simple. In this day and age you can buy synthetic for Ivana and Star? They just proved beauty is only skin deep-UGLY is to the bone!

2106 days ago

Triple Play    

I thought that Lindsay and Sam were Fur Traders

2106 days ago


People that wear fur are absolute pukes!

2106 days ago


They need to be shot and skinned, like the poor animals on their backs!

2106 days ago


I agree with number 6 they are both such SKANKS, Star Jones is such a PIG and Ivana is really looking kind of old these days. No wonder they were dumped by their boy-toys. Star Jones is such a LOSER and I hope she NEVER, EVER gets any kind of celebrity job again. Al Reynolds came to his senses and dumped the Onker,You Go Al.

2106 days ago


Who dat-Star Jones ?? Two has binz...

2106 days ago


Dallas, PETA is a nonprofit, you dork.

2106 days ago


Those aren't fake, moron. It's Chinchilla and Mink. The real thing. Obviously you wouldn't know.

2106 days ago
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