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Kate Walsh -- Privately Practicing Divorce

12/11/2008 7:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Walsh and Alex Young were married for a measly 14 months before separating -- which is probably why they tried to sneak the divorce papers through the court system by listing their names as "A.M. Young" and "K.E. Walsh."
Kate Walsh: Click to view docs!
A.M. filed the papers on Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, and checked the box for "irreconcilable differences."


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I hope Kate is okay and knows that her fans are behind her and support her 100%. This is very shocking and sad news. I hope Kate will be okay and has much love and support from her family and friends through this sad and difficult time, especially in the holiday season.

2140 days ago


that sucks, i like kate walsh

2140 days ago

truth seeker    

Kate has been rumored to be a lesbian for years. I'm not surprised about this news....Kate just got her licker license back.

2140 days ago


I think he has gayface. Maybe she' was his beard.

2140 days ago


Oh poor Kitty Kat! I hope she will be OK. Best of luck to her!

2140 days ago


Geez I'm sick of celebrities who go on every freakin show they can find and rave about how they have this perfect love and then get divorced after an hour and a half. I think they fall in love with how good looking they are together and think that means something.

2140 days ago


Not a Dr. Phil fan, but he once said to a divorcing couple that if they wanted out of their marriage they had to EARN they way out. Good advice. Barring abuse and/or cheating (which gives you a free pass), you need to sit down and figure some things out before throwing in the proverbial 'towel'. When you promised FOR BETTER OR WORSE it was a serious promise, and that needs to be least by trying your damndest to make it work; that includes using doctors, therapists, family and friends and ministers/priests/gurus...whoever and whatever to make a go at working it out. Citing 'differences' makes a mockery of the whole thing. Marriage is no joke, and people are all sick and tired of seeing Hollywood lemmings make so little of what most of us strive to sustain; happy, healthy and functioning marriages that we respect.

2140 days ago


this is so pathetic!!! i'm sooo sick of every single hollywood couple getting DIVORCED!! i agree with "Mia" (most recent comment); marriage is A PROMISE OF FOREVER!!!! YOU DON'T JUST DO IT FOR THE HELL OF IT!! IF YOU SAY THOSE WORDS/VOWS, YOU HAVE TO MEAN IT!!! I DON'T THINK PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHOULD BE GRANTED A DIVORCE!!!!! YOU CHOSE TO GET MARRIED FOR LIFE, YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE IT WORK!! there shouldn't be a free pass every time you don't feel like putting in the effort to make the relationship work!! ughhhhhhh! grosssss

2140 days ago


I am sorry it didn't work out for them... And I don't even watch either "Gray's Anatomy"or "Private Practice." So sad, and right before the holidays, too..

2140 days ago


this seemed to be for show from the first. it was too fast and too perfect. not surprising and not exactly sad......

2140 days ago


Oh boo-hoo--poor her!
The actress is way over-rated anyways! Never cared for her-- What's so special!?
The show will be cancelled soon enough !! hahahaaaaa

2140 days ago


I guess this explains that new short hairdo she has?

2140 days ago


Guess his contract was up.

2139 days ago

Cali Kitty    

Your comment was so well put there's nothing left to say but "Excatly!"

You stated everything I was thinking but couldn't articulate.

2139 days ago


That's horrible poor Kate! I always thought she finally found her happy ending... I hear someone is saying that she admitted to being relived and that she's glad it's over. I'm not sure if their talking about the marriage it self or just the nasty end part where the divorce stuff brings. I hope Kate makes it threw out alright though!!!

874 days ago

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