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T-Boz Latest Victim of Dreaded F-Close

12/11/2008 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

T-Boz -- she's the T in TLC -- is about to lose a Georgia house after failing to pony up her mortgage payments.

We've learned a five-bedroom, nearly 10,000-sq. ft. house owned by T-Boz (real name: Tionne Watkins-Rolison) is about to go on the auction block in January 2009. According to public records, she's defaulted on the original principal of her mortgage (around $530K), and so now the state is taking it.

T-Boz wasn't immediately available for comment.


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I've got a new idea for a show. Instead of "MTV CRIBS" there ought to be "MTV FORECLOSURE!"

2109 days ago

Cedric Winston    

It is a shame that you people on this post are demonzing this woman for making some bad financial decisions. I bet all of you felt so sorry for Heath Ledger when he overdosed earlier this year didn't you? Accidents happen and we as people have to endure. Get off your high horse people and come down to earth.

2109 days ago


How stupid and ignorant can you be, she has all this money what 20 years ago now and the house is not paid for? I guess the money went up her nose like so many other people in that biz, I dont have much pity for someone who gets to the top then blows it through their own bad choices and stupidity, did she not have a business manager? You reep what you sow. I guess she will have to get off her lazy ass and get a job. I hear walmart and mcdonalds are hiring.

2109 days ago


These statements are not true. Tionne will be addressing this "rumor" soon. Her house is paid in full. And it has been for the last 8 years. The house is only worth 3 million.

2109 days ago


I think any good financial planner will tell a person never to pay off something like a home, car, etc. immediately, and to instead invest. It is just the smarter thing to do...of course, that same advice has screwed many during these wonderful times we are experiencing right now. It's all a gamble.

I think everyone can be smarter in many different aspects of their lives, and unfortunately some of need to learn the hard way.

2109 days ago


10,000 sq. ft and unemployed. Didn't see this coming?

2109 days ago


I will never forget how nasty T-Boz treated her bandmates in various TV interviews over the years and when TLC was big. She was hateful, mean, judgmental, bitchy, rude, and went out of her way to try to embarrass and humiliate Chili because C was the pretty one and T-Boz knew it. And she didn't stand firm enough behind Lisa....then she wanted to act 'sad' when Lisa died. Puh-lease. Skank, you only cared about your income. She gives Black women a bad name. She's vicious, catty, petty, and just pure ugly on the inside. So ugly in fact, that I didn't feel sorry for her when Mack-10 was kicking her @$$ and tried to take her child from her, and I don't feel sorry for her now. She's a nasty, ugly personality and this is appropriate justice as well. Suck it T-Boz. Suck it. Now YOUR embarrassing, humiliating business is out there for ALL the public to see....HAHAHAHAHA.

2109 days ago


Oh snap, and I bet Crystal (don't remember her last name) who actually ORIGINATED this group then got kicked out of it is laughing her arse off.

2109 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

The $530k refers to the mortgage owed on the property, not the value of the home. This is a great opportunity for someone that wants to snatch that house up for a good price. Go to the auction! She clearly has a hefty downpayment or small amount left owed on that house.

2109 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

You guys come on here and say these things:

"We're supposed to "feel" for them?"
"I don't feel bad for her at all."
"9. I just can't feel sorry for her"
"I have no sympathy"

Look folks, T-Boz didn't ask for TMZ to report this story of her foreclosure. Since it is quite embarrassing, I am sure she would rather they had kept that information to themselves. I am not necessarily a fan of hers, couldn't name a song of hers if my life depended on it, but I am compelled to respond here and say, 'WHO ASKED YOU?"

T-Boz, nor anyone representing her, has come here asking for your pity, your sorrow, your sympathy, your condolences or anything else for her. You say, "We're supposed to "feel" for them?" No, you're not. Who said you were supposed to do anything? Where did you read that? You said, "I don't feel bad for her at all." So? Who asked you to feel bad? Who asked you to feel anything regarding her? This was simply a story telling you about her house. Number 9 said, "I just can't feel sorry for her." Well, bully for you. What line of that story was T-Boz's request for you to feel sorry for her?

The arrogance of you people is not to be believed sometimes. This was just a story about a house. Keep your self-righteousness to yourself. When someone asks for your pity, then you can withhold it.

2109 days ago


Joan Short-
Is this your FIRST time reading comments on TMZ? This is what people DO here. We make fun of these clowns. We scold and we snicker at them. Why the outrage? Go read People magazine. They live in the public light, they chose this life and we have fun watching them F up their lives.

2109 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Don't worry, I will pay your mortgage on January 20th. Mortgage payments for everyone...on me!

2109 days ago


Don't forget where you came from, and live within your means!

Holy Crap!!, who the hell needs a house that big! Greed!!!! now that's Karma!

2109 days ago


#24 - "Look folks, T-Boz didn't ask for TMZ to report this story of her foreclosure. Since it is quite embarrassing, I am sure she would rather they had kept that information to themselves."

If "T-Boz" had never before sought publicity and notoriety, then I *might* accept your argument.

But she's not. She has in the past sought the focus and the attention. When one opens that door, one forfeits the opportunity to *choose* which publicity she receives. She made foolish decisions in life and has found herself on the receiving end of some unflattering publicity.

I don't have sympathy for her. She asked to live in the limelight. This is the "cost" of having made that choice.

2109 days ago


Why is this news again? Many of my friends and relatives are in trouble of foreclosure and it is hardly newsworthy. What TBOZ really needs to do for herself is stop bringing dangerous men into her life........she just went through a divorce in the last few years.........and has had 2 restraining orders (both verified thru public record) on 2 different men recently.

2109 days ago
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