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Audrina's Body of Work ... Her Body!!!

12/12/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When Audrina Patridge tried on a two-piece at a Hollywood bikini store yesterday, even a seated Lauren Conrad stared in amazement at her unbelievable hotness.

Thank God pictures don't have sound!


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that looks like an ASHLEY PAIGE suit Audrina is trying on, so they must have been at her store. She is my fav bikini designer! I think Audrina looks great. thin, yet still toned

2088 days ago


THAT'S AN ASHLEY PAIGE BIKINI !!! I walked by her studio and wondered who all the paps were shooting....

2088 days ago

Over It Already    

I'm glad to see that other folks think this broad is anorexic looking.. C'mon TMZ.. you're really saying this is hot? Obviously you haven't seen the likes of Halle Barry or other celeb-women who actually have curvacious, nice bodies. If this is hot, then all the size 4's in the world are in deep *hit man.

2088 days ago


okay, so i really can't stand this girl personality wise, her face is BUSTED, she has bad teeth and she looks perma-stoned... but she doesn't look anorexic to me. think back to nicole richie running on the beach, THAT is scary skinny. this is just skinny. and there's nothing wrong with being skinny. hip bones are not gross! i am by no means as thin as audrina, but i still can see my hip bones. and it's not gross, it's common for anyone who is of normalish size. but besides the hip bones, why is no one focusing on her weird boy arms, plastic basketball b00bs, and and stocky legs? haha

2088 days ago


Give this girl JLHewitts #. Its ok to eat something and still look good......

2088 days ago



2088 days ago

dont know    

Looks come and go, but stupid is FOREVER.

2088 days ago


You know just because someone thinks she's too skinny, doesn't mean that person saying that must be a fat pig. That argument is just used by you so-called "healthy" people because you are not intelligent enough to come up with another argument. There are a LOT of men who wouldn't be with a woman like that, myself included. There's nothing there anymore. She used to be more well-rounded but she obviously went overboard on the diet. Not attractive anymore, sorry.

2088 days ago


Yes she needs to gain some weight, especially in the hips and butt. But let’s be fair about that picture. Her upper torso is twisted and that is making her hip bones look more prominent.
She still has great skin, a nice figure and looks really good without her clothes. The most important thing is she just has that look that exudes sex. She looks like she knows what to do to please a man. Maybe it’s attitude but somehow it just makes her hot.

2087 days ago

Real Stats!!!    

She is too skinny,
I would though do my part and add about 1 pound of MEAT to her....LOL!!!!

2087 days ago

just the facts    

Epic fail.

2087 days ago

I cant wait    

Ok, Yeah Audrinna is skinny, but she is not grose skinny. My hip bones stick out more than hers do. My colar bone also sticks out. Just because she is skinny does not mean she is anorexic or bolemic, it means she is skinny. Her sister is also skinny, maybe it runs in the family. She also takes great care of herself by watching what she eats and exercises. I myself weigh 100lbs and I am 5'6"... No I am not anorexic or bolemic ! I just can not gain weight ! I have had a million tests to make sure that there is nothing wrong with my thyroid or anything, and I am perfectly healthy ! Just because she is skinny does not mean she starves herself. I for one eat whatever I want, whenever I want, I just can't gain weight !!

2086 days ago


EW! that girl is too too thin! stop glorifying bulimia!!!

2086 days ago


Damn that girl needs to eat!! She is wat to skinny. On the hills they show her eating like 80 percent of the time but yet shes this tiny.

2085 days ago


thats gross she looks like she dont eat...hollywood freaks

2085 days ago
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