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Birkhead Makes Grave Decision

12/12/2008 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead sent Anna Nicole another present.....
Anna Nicole: Click to launch
Mr. B commissioned a 6x5 foot black granite monument that sits on top of the graves of Anne Nicole Smith and Daniel Smith in the Bahamas. It arrived in the Bahamas in time for what would have been Anna's 41st birthday on Nov 28.

Howard K. Stern and Birkhead stood together at the unveiling ceremony.

P.S. -- did you know a portion of J. Howard Marshall's ashes were buried in the same grave?


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nice memorial; she was one of a kind...

2141 days ago


That's nice... They should show gratitude towards Anna, without her, they would be more "nobody's" than they already are... I hope her little girl is being well taken care of.

2141 days ago

Mama Yanna    

That was a nice gesture. Maybe he is still in mourning and in LOVE.

2141 days ago

northern gypsy    

thank goodness...they finally got it's looks appropriate & glad that her son is included...

2141 days ago


That is absolutely beautiful. Larry loved her and still mourns her, I'm sure. I think he's doing a great job being a dad to Dannielynn.

2141 days ago

that 'razzo is a RAT.    

It's a beautiful monument. Well done, Howard and Larry. I wonder if ET was there capturing the moment for later viewing. I'd like to see Howard...Larry, not so much - probably because he's always around talking about his meal ticket, uh, I mean daughter, and the fact that he's only this "famous" because Anna Nicole is in the grave under which that beautiful monument lies.

Larry's distasteful...and always will be. What he's doing is bad karma. If Larry had any sense, he would realize that and stop pursuing his "ill-gotten fame."

2141 days ago


Is she still warm enough for some "dirty sex"?
Just asking.............

2141 days ago


Both Larry and Howard did a very good thing here. I know they both loved her and respected her. Anna was one of a kind as someone else just stated and should be respectfully remembered.

2141 days ago

Joy Sigle    

AWWWW...That was sweet. Say what you want about him, but he truly loved her. Great way to honor here memory.

2141 days ago


Two parasites decided to get a little more publicity by posing at the gravesites of their victims. I feel like throwing up.

2141 days ago


Anna could not have asked for anything more! What a wonderful thing for Larry to do. I have a feeling there is more compassion and love in this family than anyone knew, and everyone got together for Anna, I'm sure she was a wonderful person and loved by so many.

2141 days ago


I doubt this was a publicity stunt, though, shallow people will assume what they will. It must be a rough life for you, assuming the worst of everybody. Good work Howard & Larry, Anna Nicole would be PROUD!

2141 days ago


For those who thought this was a ploy for more publicity how sad for you not to use your brains. If the two guys in question wanted publicity they would of had a memorial service. Was there one? If there was one no major news organization knew abt it--Nothing on Et or Access Hollywood so much for publicity. The fact is this was a nice gesture to place a nice memorial for Anna and her son (which is very touching in itself since as a mother Anna may of been lacking in alot of areas she did love her child and this momument is a lasting tribute.) People need to stop bashing Annas memory did she make mistakes HELL YES... But bashing a wounded bird for being wounded without looking at how it became wounded is just living in ignorance. Learn from what happened to Anna how childhood ills can cause someone to go down a path of destruction. Not everyone is lucky to have two parents who love them and adore them.. Anna is a perfect example of someone who never had the protection and love from a parent.

2141 days ago


Well stated Zoya....

2141 days ago


I think it is a beautiful memorial to loved ones. Anna Nicole would surely love it. (and the other celeb grave gallery is a surpisingly nice tribute TMZ)

2141 days ago
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