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Cops Aren't Buying Ruffalo Death Story

12/12/2008 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The shooting death of Mark Ruffalo's brother does not smell like a suicide or accidental death, according to our law enforcement sources.
Shaha & Brian: Click to watch
We're told when cops arrived at the scene they recovered two loaded guns. Law enforcement also tells us the call they got was to respond to an assault, not a suicide or accidental death.

Shaha Mishaal Adham, the woman who was in Scott's apartment at the time of the shooting, told us yesterday Scott was playing Russian Roulette because he was "crazy." But our sources say cops aren't buying the R.R. theory. For starters, who shoots themselves in the back of the head when they're playing Russian Roulette?

Now get this -- law enforcement tells us paramedics didn't even know Scott was shot until he was on his way to the hospital. They say the wound was not apparent.

As for Shaha (who was arrested as a suspect but then released) and her boyfriend, Brian Scofield, they told us yesterday they have been "vilified" and the truth will come out, acknowledging there was a mystery third person in the apartment.


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Yes, she does resemble Amy Fisher. I also agree that something is wrong with her story. Her boyfriend seems a little too nervous to me. Now who was this third person in the room? This woman is so desperate for attention - like a moth to a flame - she is certain to spill the beans accidently.

2112 days ago


LIke always, something is just not right about this story....... If it is true that he was shot in the back of the head, then????? What 3rd person. Why is there a need to be secretive???

2112 days ago


Yes #14, I do too...did she have a plastic surgery in jail??? where´s the flying mole????? and by the way, she forgot the nose job.

2112 days ago


Wow...she's dumber than dirt... first of all....what the hell is Darwins 'law'?...I think she was referring to Murphys Law, which is anything that can go wrong, will. There is Darwins theory which pertains to evolution and I'm not seeing how that is relevant in this case. Aside from her stupidity... I feel really bad for Scotts' family. Losing someone is hard enough without having to go through all this public scrutiny. OH..and the moles...are well hidden but still there, she has more makeup on in the video than she did in the mug shot.

2112 days ago

northern gypsy    

#6 family member
i believe you...thank-you for shareing your perspective on the tragic loss of a close can only hope...justice will be served...

2112 days ago


Russian Roulette alone?
Shooting yourself in the back of the head?
They didn't know he was shot until on the way to the hospital? Was the blood cleaned up or something?
Why would she leave and not call police?
Who is the third person?

2112 days ago


Oh, and how exactly was she "villified" anyway? She's only been released..... for now. The cops will do their investigating, trying to back up what she says, they will never find that 3rd guy, and all signs will point right back to her.

I know why she got off so easily, the LAPD is too busy searching for Bo Duke's lost mutts.

2112 days ago


Her domain name is up foir sale

2112 days ago


To #6 family member.. I was a client of Scotts for many many years and I always thought of him as a kind and decent person who loved life and cherished his family. We have children of similar ages and we would always share stories and have lenghty conversations about our families. I never believed any of these awful stories about Scott and I was grateful to read your truthful comments about him. I know in my heart that Scott would never have taken his life intentionally and I am thankful that the police are continuing to search for the truth. My heart goes out to his family. It is devastating enough to lose a husband, father, brother and son, but even more brutal when you have to read and hear such awful lies. I hope the real truth comes out soon and that his family is comforted through this tragedy,

2112 days ago


Her type always lies and gets away with it.
She'll 'disappear' to Israel not to be found again.

2111 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

She laughs when she said I did 36 hours, like saying that all I for murder. She also laughs when they asked her about playing russian roulette, like saying the dum american believed my B.S. story.

2111 days ago

Bianca is a stupid bitch    

Saudi Arabia should keep their own trash and stop importing their ugly skanks and camel jockeys to the US. Send her ugly hairy ass back to Al Qaida

2111 days ago


Umm, the Darwin Theory? Which Darwin Theory? Is she refering to Darwin's Theory of Evolution?

What dumb lying girl!!! Does she mean Murphy's Law???

2111 days ago


Darwin Theory? Is she reffering to Darwin's Theory of Evolution or is the dumb, lying, persian girl trying to say Murphy's Law?

2111 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

Kat is so right.

2111 days ago
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