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Paul Anka's Head and Wife -- Busted

12/12/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka's wife got arrested after she allegedly split his head open with a piece of ice.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the alleged incident occurred on Nov 28 at the couple's home in Thousand Oaks, just outside of L.A. We're told that Paul and Anna, who have a kid together but married just last summer, got into an argument that turned physical. Our sources say during the brouhaha, an ice bucket hit the ground and Anna picked up a piece of ice and threw a fast ball, hitting Paul in the noggin.

Paul went to the hospital, got two staples put in his head to close the wound, returned home and called the cops at 3:05 the next morning to report Anna missing. When cops arrived Anna wasn't there but when she returned they arrested and booked her for felony domestic battery.

The Ventura County D.A.'s office rejected the case, though they're not saying why.

BTW, Paul is 67-years-old and stands 5'6" and weighs 140. Anna is 37, towers over him at 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds.

Paul Anka told TMZ, "It was a stupid little event. It was nothing." Anka said he called the cops because she was missing at the time he returned from the hospital, but cops arrested her after seeing his injuries. He says he never pressed charges, and he and his wife are "fine". Paul says Anna has "been having a tough time with her ex over custody issues," which has stressed her out.


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Rose Houser    

He got what he deserves for being so stupid and marrying beneath him, no pun intended.

2086 days ago

Mary Jo Girola    

I think you are all missing the point, Paul SAYS he is 5'6", he is NOT which is why his new wife towers over him. Sarcasm at its best.

I met Paul once (in the 70's) he was surrounded by his entourage. Believe me, I am 5'5' and was shocked at how small is was.

2086 days ago



This is NOT your 'style'. You should recognize 'out of control' when it hits you in the head. All the editing, gifting of 'pedigree', and smoothing will not make this situation of a marriage turn into something that it is NOT. I should have said previously " Gently nudge her to the curb" instead of kick her to the curb...obviously, you are going to get 'kicked back'. Where will this lead...'to your Destiny'.? I certainly hope not, because it doesn't look good. There is no greater success than the Appearance of success (O. Wilde), and this has wisdom, it is what it is. We do not need a 'hollywood-tragedy' here...Don't fall asleep next to her, I don't feel you're safe. What comes around goes around ? Is this Karma ? Is someone on bio-identical hormones and doesn't recognize the danger ? GET OUT, NOW...

2086 days ago


Let this be a warning to rich old men. Love isn't supposed to harm you. Kudos to the tough cop who decided to take this to the level where it belonged. Spousal battery is no laughing matter. Grandpa needs a Grandma not a Bimbo.

Paul, is that you humming D-I-V-O-R-C-E?

2086 days ago


"I'm so young and you're so old"

2086 days ago


tmz, hwy couldn't you guys get a n*p slip photo of her?

i could do wonderful things with her n*ps...sam taught me how !!!

bub bi,

2085 days ago


the late 60's were great, in those days you could throw a coke bottle & hit the hubby sneaking in at 6am & not go to jail. lol
It is not nice to throw things however!

2085 days ago


I rememer Anka when his nose was as long as he is tall

2085 days ago


Towers over him? A slight exaggeration, wouldn't you say?

2085 days ago


Couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy....karma is a B@#CH !!

2085 days ago


She's 30 years his junior, has breast implants and a great pitching arm. At his age, he is going to age at a faster rate than she; in a few years he will look more like her grandfather and less like her father. He's got his trophy wife and a beatin' and it will be all down hill from there. There is no fool like an old fool.

2085 days ago


What a**hole approved of "she towers over him" quote, one inch come on. What a put down! Shame on you so called idiot journalist. Get real...

2085 days ago



Would this have happened on M. Rizzo's watch ? Who is your publicist ? OK, it can be determined that you did the right thing. Or tried to, anyway. Marry 'someone' with whom you have had a child. This is established... Your fans will forgive you to be soooo human, as to have made a mistake. This is a mistake that could escalate to a level where you cannot go and could not be helped. Most do Not want to see this go to another stage where you might ? be memorialized . What is needed here ? An intervention ? Please take someone else's advice 'for once' and GET OUT !! I just have the worst feeling about this entire 'thing' ..and just cannot refer to it as any 'traditional' 'sacred' anything...I only feel 'danger'..dangerous.
please...get out

2085 days ago

Pete Formaini    

She WARNED him that if he played 'Havin' My Baby' ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!

2085 days ago

Roy of the North    

I believe the reader who said Paul Anka was closer to five feet three is correct. Some months ago the Canadian edition of Hello magazine did a big photo spread on the "happy" couple. I hate to admit it but I'm just a little younger than Anka and can remember seeing him on a Canadian television talent show in the 1950s before his recording breakthrough with "Diana".

2085 days ago
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