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Paul Anka's Head and Wife -- Busted

12/12/2008 3:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka's wife got arrested after she allegedly split his head open with a piece of ice.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the alleged incident occurred on Nov 28 at the couple's home in Thousand Oaks, just outside of L.A. We're told that Paul and Anna, who have a kid together but married just last summer, got into an argument that turned physical. Our sources say during the brouhaha, an ice bucket hit the ground and Anna picked up a piece of ice and threw a fast ball, hitting Paul in the noggin.

Paul went to the hospital, got two staples put in his head to close the wound, returned home and called the cops at 3:05 the next morning to report Anna missing. When cops arrived Anna wasn't there but when she returned they arrested and booked her for felony domestic battery.

The Ventura County D.A.'s office rejected the case, though they're not saying why.

BTW, Paul is 67-years-old and stands 5'6" and weighs 140. Anna is 37, towers over him at 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds.

Paul Anka told TMZ, "It was a stupid little event. It was nothing." Anka said he called the cops because she was missing at the time he returned from the hospital, but cops arrested her after seeing his injuries. He says he never pressed charges, and he and his wife are "fine". Paul says Anna has "been having a tough time with her ex over custody issues," which has stressed her out.


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Mz Bonnie    

I'm confused... is this Paul's first wife or what? I thought he was married for years and now this? Help. Clear me up, someone. And, getting anything bounced off your heead may mean a hint thinkgs aren't going well.

2141 days ago


If she split his head with a piece of ice, then he is in an abusive relationship.NOt all abusers are men by the way [remember Phil Hartman?]. I hope Anka has the good sense to get out of this situation as soon as possible. The fact that he is downplaying this after the fact should be of great concern to all who are close to him.

2141 days ago

Mz Bonnie    

Reading the previous posters comments, I see Paul had a previous marriage and lots of kids. Then THIS woman came along. Wait. These guys who get these younger women (Phil Spector, etc.) and then get a problem from them, well, you got what you wished for...youth and vitality. Trouble is, you're older and can't move as fast. Careful what you wish for, you may get it. The real Mrs Anka must be shaking her head to learn of this incident. When it comes to physical violence, and arrests getting made, please get out while you can. That includes older, rich, famous men.

2141 days ago


"The Ventura County D.A.'s office rejected the case, though they're not saying why."

The only way to save Paul from this CRAZY women is to get the DA to follow up on he should.

This is just the "good old boys club" at work.


Gregory D. Totten
District Attorney, Ventura County


Greg Totten was elected district attorney of Ventura County in March 2002, and took office on November 1, 2002. He was re-elected to his second term in June 2006.

After earning his bachelor's degree in economics from San Francisco State University in 1977 and his law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1982, Greg was admitted to the California State Bar and joined the Ventura County District Attorney's Office in 1982.

In January 1999, he became Chief Assistant District Attorney, the number two position in the office.

Among numerous professional activities and awards, he has been named MADD’s California Statewide Law Enforcement Honoree, Ventura County Kiwanis’ Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, and has lectured at state and national prosecutor symposia on topics such as principle-centered leadership, elder abuse issues, homicide prosecution techniques, asset forfeitures, and victim impact evidence in death penalty cases.

Mr. Totten serves on the board of directors for the California District Attorneys Association and the Ventura County Bar Association. He is a member of the Pepperdine University School of Law Board of Visitors. He also serves on the boards of community groups including Crime Victims United, City Impact, Camarillo Health Care District Advisory Panel, Rebuilding Together Ventura County , United Way of Ventura County, Ventura Police Activities League, and is a past president of the Ventura County Council Boy Scouts of America. He also serves as a commissioner on the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice.

2141 days ago


"Paul Anka was born on 30th July in Ottawa, Canada. Paul grew up in a family of Lebanese Christian descent. The family attended the St. Elijah Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church in Ottawa, and this was where Paul was exposed to music and joined the choir. Paul proved to be a child prodigy and under the guidance of Frederick Karam and Winnifred Rees became a precocious talent.

By the age of 14 Paul was writing his own songs and entering amateur singing contests. At this age, he recorded his first single, 'I Confess', which appeared on the Jules and Joe Bihari's Label. Paul usual break came when he went on a trip to New York with some of friends that were on tour singing as the Rover Boys, while in New York with time to kill he went for an audition with the famed ABC producer Don Costa. Anka sang a song that he wrote, named 'Diana, which was penned for a former babysitter. Costa was impressed and recorded the song with Paul. The result was a massive number one hit, that catapulted Paul Anka to stardom. Building on this success he release four more songs the following year,including "You Are My Destiny" and "Crazy Love," each making it into the Top 20, Paul was still aged just 17 and was the biggest teen idol of the time.

As well as a great singer, Paul was also an amazing songwriter and is responsible for writing Buddy Holly's mega-hit 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore'. Paul then decided to have a go at movies, and starred in 'Let's Rock' and 'Girls Town', the latter producing a second massive hot for him, 'Lonely Boy'. 1959 brought more chart success with "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," "It's Time to Cry," and "Puppy Love", the last song being written about an old girlfriend named Annette Funicello. Also of note was his theme song for the hit film 'The Longest Day'.

By the early 1960's the teen idol fad had lost some of it's steam. Even at this point Paul Anka had achieve so much and it left him wealthy and he created his own record label named Spanka. Anka went to do shows in Las Vegas being one of the first stars to show regularly. During this period he also hosted many television variety shows, most notably Hullabaloo, The Midnight Special, and Spotlite. Later, he took his act to a more global market, touring in Europe and Asia. On one of his tours around Europe he met his wife Anne de Zogheb, the daughter of a Lebanese diplomat, in Paris. Paul also continued his songwriting, and wrote the song 'My Way' for Frank Sinatra, and launched Tom Jones into stardom with his hit song 'She's A Lady'. Anka was commissioned more work for theme songs, and the most notable of this period was the theme to 'The Tonight Show'.

Anka's career then stagnated for about a decade and it wasn't until he teamed up with Odia Coates in 1974 to record the song 'Having My Baby' that Paul returned to the number one spot. The collaboration with Coates was fruitful with two more Top 10 singles, "One Man Woman/One Woman Man" and "I Don't Like to Sleep Alone". A year later Anka was commissioned to write a jingle for Kodak, the jingle was entitled 'The Times Of Your Life' and it received so much attention that the jingle was expanded into a full tune and Anka had another hit on his hands and reached Number 7 in the charts. Anka was awarded a membership of the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame in 1980, as well as a star on both the Hollywood and Canadian Walk of Fame.

Anka's focus now turned to the adult contemporary audience, playing a regular spot in Las Vegas and touring internationally, including his parents home country of Lebanon. He didn't produce many albums in the '80's and '90's, only concert recordings from his tours. however, he did return to the studio in 2005 to make the album 'Rock Swings'.

Paul and Anne, had five daughters : Amelia, Anthea, Alicia, Amanda and Alexandra. "

2141 days ago


That woman is NOT 37...maybe 47, but more likely 57.

2141 days ago


tower over him whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt!!! one inch!! jesus joseph and mary the press!!!
she has a temper get anger mgmt!!! keep your dirty stuff inside!!! more important things going on in this world isnt there duh!!! deal with your stressors idiots!! people are loosing their homes jobs cant feed their families and you are stressed honey duh!!! get a life!!!

2141 days ago


From the posts I have read on here what I have learned is that Paul Anka is more important than say for example Britney Spears. It surprised me to read how Paul's loyal fans are in here and not mincing their words in support of the elder husband and against his young abusive wife. No doubt in my mind that it was Paul who asked the Ventura County D.A. to drop further investigation and charges against his abuser. I am wondering if Paul appreciates the significance of his devoted fans?

2140 days ago

another who knows    

Interesting "mini-bio" by shhhh: No mention of this step in his life. CORRECTION: Mis-step, it is certain. And Paul JR. speak out and be heard, you are obviously "in his corner:" This is a 'time in his life', that many hope passes or goes away rather sooner than later. Paul, you are the master at keeping peace and control. Still wondering how this could happen ? You have never 'settled' for anything but the best, 'where is this (?) going'. Anyway, I hope it doesn't take you with it on the road of no return. Clearly, many will not believe that there is 'harmony' at home in this liaison dangereuse. Skip the frosting. She 'looks' abit off , so it won't get you the buy-in that you are expecting. A little guidance needed, actually MORE than a little.....should you be held in our dreams ? or in our prayers ?

2140 days ago

another who knows    

P.S. IT'S T-I-M-E for you TO EXIT THIS STAGE !!! There will be no applause, just many sighs of RELIEF....

2140 days ago

another who knows    

Sooo, you like to listen to country music. A genre which, I,too enjoy for the reason of words and heart felt happenings.....
You're IN !!!
She looked so nice...till she threw that ice

I guess it doesn't matter anymore....there's no relieven, there's no believen, so, I'll just be leaven...

look on the 'brightside'...I'll play the tune, while she howls at the moon...

There's a ruckus in happened around seven...

What did you say was needed for your health ? silence, your Doctor and your woman ?? Put that Dr. on speed-dial.NOW
You need a real,If you could write something for Willie Nelson...something in the middle-common range. FOR SURE idealistic has flown out the window, didn't you see it ? Oh, that's right it hit you in the head !! Well, whatever it takes, that's the breaks. I don't think you're gonna get a break today from your beloveds.

2140 days ago



2139 days ago


Obviously a case of elderly abuse.....but since it was the female that did the abusing, there will be no prosecution...dollar to donuts! Sad, very sad how many must suffer under this double standard.

2139 days ago


Paul is a very gentlmen.....but his wife is a crazy horse !!!

2138 days ago



If you had met this woman right off of the "Dumb and Dumber" set (maybe you did), this would make sense.
But now ? OMG, you could do better (and safer,too) than this. HMMMM, what was that movie again ??? Oh, Yes
DUMB and DUMBER...???? And what is it ?? Andrea Yeager, Anna Yeager, Anne Agreb, Anna Agreb ??
She is no Anne deZogheb, that's for sure.

2134 days ago
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