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Bush to Obama -- No Movin' on Up

12/13/2008 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lame duck just got lamer: George Bush isn't letting Barack Obama move into DC ten days early, because his peeps have got to party.

The Obamas had asked the President if they could check in early at Blair House, the official guest residence across from the White House, starting on January 5, because the Obama girls are starting school. But Bush's people rejected the request on the grounds that "receptions and gatherings" are being held there and the house won't be available for them until ten days later.

The official Obama camp have said they're cool with it. Right. Laura Bush's spokeswoman says it's a "non-story."


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William is the only one who has his hea don straight...and for those of you who think Barack Hussein is voted for him...NOW SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS...this ole' boy is going to destroy America one american at a time..Congrats you're all brainless masses following the crowd.

2109 days ago

darling nikki    

the muslin...needs to learn his place.

Posted at 7:28PM on Dec 13th 2008 by Tami

What's a muslin? Good lord, reading your fragmented sentences has left my head spinning.

Funny I have never personally met anyone who had the courage to say those things in a social setting. It's always behind their keyboards and their white hoods.

2109 days ago


You are so misguided "liltinkster" ...sooooo sad...soooo sad.

2109 days ago


F*@? BUSH!....January 20, 2009 the End of an ERROR!
I guess that just shows once again what a DOUCHE BAG HE IS!

2109 days ago

stupid women & the religious right    

Who wants to party with the man that tanked our country, and made us the laughingstock of the world? People like Tami and William and the rest of the Klan, no doubt...

Nothing about this election was ordinary. It's been decades since we've had very young First children in the White House, and the request was not unreasonable.. but how rediculously simple of Dubya to do things by the book when it comes time for his sorry ass to leave. I happen to agree that it's a non-story, but can't help but wonder how some of these posters have any brain cells left after Fox News fried 'em.

2109 days ago


all you haters!!!! its the haters in this world that makes everyones life hell! any president has their hands full because of all of you! not one man can fix this world or mess up this world, so if everyone would give them self, then it would be a better place. all this racial crap has to stop! he hasnt ask for any thing that other presidents hasnt ask for. you just cant except change! it doesnt matter what color they are, it matters who can fix it! maybe he dont have that much experiance, but with the help of his staff they can help guide him. i mean, look at the past, they had experiance, look where it got us!!!

2109 days ago


Obama is not a special person. Shut up. He can wait.

2109 days ago


Nothing like partying up a storm in the midst of a recession brought on by yourself. Yup, that's Bush, still totally out of touch.

2108 days ago


At the moment it seems clear that Barack Obama has had no direct involvement in the growing scandal involving Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but nothing can remove the stench of Chicago politics that engulfs Obama thanks to his appointments of the Chicago Three.

Let it be said at the outset — the only way Barack Obama can separate himself from any hint of the sordid corruption that is the earmark of Chicago’s Daley machine is to send the Chicago Three back to the political sewer from which they have emerged.

Obama has chosen three long-time associates, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett, to fill key posts in his administration. All are products of the scandal-ridden Richard Daley machine that dominates the city’s politics, and by virtue of that fact alone they are unfit to serve in top White House posts.

This is not a matter of guilt by association. If you’re a member of an organized crime family — even if you’ve never killed anybody — you’re still part of an organization that routinely commits murder and you share in the guilt.

2108 days ago


Our President-elect Obama and his family are more important transitional guests in Blair House than the unnecessary and undeserved social activities of the Bush Family and their friends that may be planned and could easily be held in a number of rooms at the White House. The Bushes should have moved out of the White House by now with Obama already having put forth more effort on behalf of the American taxpayers of this country since early November than Bush did in the eight (long and torturous) fearmongering and warmongering years. He still needs to be historically impeached for the economic ruination of our country and the deaths of millions of innocent Iraqis instead of being permitted to rewrite the history of his failed presidency. Remember well what has occurred since 2000 and never vote for another Bush or their associates for any job in Washington, D.C.

Enough is enough....

2108 days ago

allen antrim    

Lord Obama just bought his ol' lady a 30 grand ring, let him rent a motel for a few days. He will make 100 mill after his term like the last guy and his VP so don't feel too sorry for him.

2108 days ago


EFFO Bama! He and that b---- Michelle are really on a major ego trip.

2108 days ago


Nobama probably won't make it until being sworn in anyway. All the corruption in Chicago, etc., etc., etc., ec.,... you know he's invovled. The farther away he is, the better!

2108 days ago


So what? Of course his staff would be having receptions/parties/etc. Big freakin' deal. If you don't like President Bush fine, but don't make up stupid reasons to dawg him out. How stupid.

2108 days ago


Looks like haters have found something to sink their teeth into , Chicago's governor scandal. Who cares really, have you not learned by now that you can't guilt Obama by association. Every time you try to do that it backfires in your face right? That is because the American people are tired of you treating them like idiots and thinking you can point over there at some shady character and go See, he's like him. We just aren't buying the BS any longer. It's about the economy stupid! Nobody cares about black or white, Working class America is about show me the money! Bush failed, plain and simple...get over it and move on. If you don't like it then you better find a better strategy to fight then by simply hanging every shady democratic politician around Obama's neck. If that's all you got then game over, oh yea thats right ,the game is over... Obama won. Stop being sore losers and become part of the solution before we all regret this insanity that is partisan politics.. Obama needs to wait to move in, K. No problem. What the f*** is the big deal? Lets all grow up, please. Pretty please?

2108 days ago
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