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Pilot in Barker Crash Wasn't "Negligent" Says Fam

12/13/2008 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The family of one of two Learjet pilots who died in the crash involving Travis Barker and DJ AM is striking back amid lawsuit accusations that he was "negligent" and "poorly trained".

The widow of Barker's assistant, Chris Baker, is suing pilot James Bland's estate. Bland's sister tells People, "We know the investigation will eventually show they weren't negligent. James took piloting very seriously. If he felt the plane wasn't maintained properly, he would've refused to fly that day."

Travis Barker and the mother of his bodyguard also filed a lawsuit in November that features similar wording, but they're not going after Bland's estate.

The NTSB investigation is still ongoing.


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Shame on her for going after these men's estates personally. I am sure they have children and families also. I can understand her looking for someone to blame but to hurt their families just compounds their own grief and worry. Bad karma. Stop being so greedy.

2102 days ago

darling nikki    

Until the investigation shows otherwise, he was a victim of the crash too. So how does this woman feel she can go after the pilot's personal estate? What a selfish b!tch...she is not the only family member in this tragedy that is hurting.

2102 days ago


The first two posters totally hit the nail on the head.

2102 days ago


this was such an awful accident. however, if you ask any pilot about the reported conditions just before take off they would tell you that the pilots of this crash did the wrong thing. should have committed to take off. then dumped their fuel. then land at an airport that is equipped to handle major accidents. should the pilots be sued? no. everyone needs to try to move on without involving our twisted courts.

2102 days ago


That is so special they are suing a dead guys family.....selfish pigs......Travis and the other bozo are just too rotten.

2102 days ago


Wheres the lawsuit against Barker? They the (assistant and body guard) were employed by him and on the job at the time of their death. Funny how they forgot to add that to the lawsuit.

2102 days ago

darling nikki    

This whole thing reeks of tackiness and greed. The last I heard the Pilot is dead. So suing his estate (e.g. his family) is going to solve what exactly? What a pack of selfish losers. Way to go..make the dead man's family suffer for a mishap he only could have prevented (IF he could have prevented it at all).

2102 days ago

Oh Snap!    

I repeat this again...This woman should be looking to Travis Barker for compensation? Is it not his fault that her beloved Chris was put in this situation, being a servant to such an undeserving soul? Barker was given the gift of life, he should be supporting the family of his dear friend, she should not have to look to the pilots families for compensation! Shame on all of you for your arrogant behavior!

2102 days ago


This was a horrible accident....accident being the keyword. I'm sure the pilots did not intend to die that day and for all these lawsuits to be breaking out is just ridiculous. I feel it's so selfish of these people to file lawsuits. I pray that Barker and DJ Am and the families of the victims that died, get some help and closure in this situation, but I don't think sueing everyone is the solution.

2101 days ago


Barker should be happy to still be alive. You always take a chance when you get into such a small plane.

Chris's wife should sue Barker. She lost a husband and needs to be made whole.

2101 days ago


Maybe Barker should sue someone,anyone, for having horrible Shanna on his back?

2101 days ago

Black Teef    

Hopefully the next plane crash will finish the job on these jokers.

2101 days ago


There are a lot of haters on here sayiing these people just want money. How would you feel if this happened to someone in your family? These families are due justice even tho it wont bring their loved ones back. It's not always about money but sometimes money is the only way to make someone pay. ANd someone needs to here. These accidents should not happen period. So much for the "safest form of travel".

2101 days ago


I could understand suing an airline for loss of life, but the pilot? It's not like the pilot intended for people to die and become injured.

2101 days ago


It is the American way to sue. If people didn't sue what would happen to the poor lawyers? It would be un patriotic not to sue. It's what we do. Duh!

2101 days ago
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