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Bush: Who Throws a Shoe? Honestly!

12/14/2008 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An Iraqi reporter who hates your guts, that's who.
Bush: Click to view!
During a news conference in Baghdad today, an Iraqi reporter launched two Nike missiles at President George Bush -- but he didn't quite have the accuracy to record a strike.


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A shoe? He should have been bopped with an impeachment along with his cronie, Cheney. Two men whose policies have literally brought down the financial systems of the world. How much was enough? But Cheney insisted on that war to give his base contracts. More people have died and been injuried by the policies of Bush than Saddam ever inflicted on his people. Evil is evil no matter what package it comes in. Killing by no one is acceptable. If those who support the anti-abortion movement had common sense, they would realize that if you back this cause, you should be against murder across the board. Be for life across the board. How many women, children, and innocent civilians have died for money and control of oil. And this Administration is leaving scott free. Amazing. One Congressman told me that he supports a bill to allow Americans to purchase meds from Canada. In disbelief I thought, why not solve it at the root cause and require pharmaceutical companies to lower thier crooked prices. Americans have been raped by taxes, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, utility companies, fuel companies, bankers and Wall Street.. I for one am tired of being raped. And I believe those responsible should be held accountable with no pass for their greed. Bankers and credit card companies are robbers without guns. Absurd how Americans have been treated with the approval of our Leaders. Some leaders! We may be too far gone to regain our status in the world. If Obama can't do it, noone can. God bless him and God guide and help him.

2139 days ago


Bush did a great job dodging the shoes. I was truly proud of him. Now he shoe guy is in military custody facing hard time. If I were Bush, I would sit down, have an interview, and let the guy off the hook. Then let's show what is different in Iraq today. What if he had thrown his shoes at Sadaam? I doubt that he would have been given much leniency.

2139 days ago


U wonderin' why our (german) troops are in the middle east? As I already told, a few countries just love to suck up to US. As soon as US whistles, the rest(some suck-ups in the world) squats! Its been always that way! Thats the impudent american policy you know. And you mustnt forget that all those countries with their troops in Iraq are also in the NATO, which means that all other countries, according to the NATO treaty, MUST support the country(US) which has allegedly had been attacked. So thats the reason why not only America sends their troops to Iraq! Because they're all connected through the NATO!

2139 days ago

Missing the irony    

The BEST part of this whole scenario is this: the symbolism was completely lost on Bush.
Bush later said that it was no big deal that a guy launched his size 10s at him. The facts are these: the significance of throwing shoes at someone in Iraq is a huge sign of contempt; but the significance of throwing shoes at someone in the US is that you are throwing shoes at someone. And being called a dog? No big deal here... in fact, as much as we love and respect our dogs in this country, it may be even a compliment.

This isn't the first time George W. has had shoes thrown at him , anyway... I've done it a million times over the years - usually any time he comes on the tv.

2139 days ago


I think the guy watched a little too much Jerry Springer....

2139 days ago


The secret service should have put 2 in that reporters brain.

2139 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

for all of you idiot Americans:bush and his cowboy army killed 1.5 million innocent Iraqis for no reason and you are talking about your Goerge W shoes as if he is an angel! he is the biggest criminal in this world.who asked him to come to our country?since 2003 we live in a hell that bush brought to us 5millions iraqis ascaped your freedom to outside iraq since 2003 and he divided our country to three parts and he put in the top of the regime your agents who has no dignity and they are stealing our money and the people of Iraq living with out water or electricity since 5 years!you realy are backwards not the people of the third world as one of you said !!most of our people in Iraq are highly educated and every body are talking two or three languages beside Arabic language not like you just eating humberger and have sex and nothing more just like the the end I just want to say one thing dont talk about things that you dont know idiots

2138 days ago


That reporter is nothing but a coward and a puke!! That son of a pig should be thrown in jail for at least five years! And may shoes fall on all of the heads of the morally degenerate pukes who are putting shoes on sticks and waving them about and shouting anti-American rhetoric! Those pukes deserve to be invaded by Iran and if they are I hope Obama acts like Pres Clinton and do basically nothing but a lot of harumphing! LOL! And that daughter of a pig in Lebanon who wants to give that puke a medal may she be forced to eat with the pigs out of a pig trough! She and others like her are nothing but an embarrassment to the human race! But then again what can one expect from a bunch of barbarians! They see nothing wrong with raping women and children. That so-called reporter is no hero he is a zero! It's hardly an act of bravery to throw the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum, which is something any two year old can do. Standing up and speaking his mind is an adult act throwing things is something little children least in this country! And those so-called adults who do are called criminals not heroes! But I guess what can one expect from simple minded fools who obviously have no honor and no least not the kind that would be recognized by any civilized person. And I don't want anyone to think that I am condemning everyone in the Middle-East for these primitive and barbaric attitudes, only the ones supporting that reprobate!

2138 days ago


What's the matter butt-head? Mad because your good buddy Saddam Hussein got hanged? BOO-HOO! Bush didn't divide your country into three you moron! That occurred over 80 years ago! And as for a lack of water and electricity why don't try running your sob story past some groups living in Africa? I'm sure those people who have never had running water or electricity or even a consistent source of food will really feel sorry for you. And no one is stealing money from you, you babbling half-wit! The US gets its oil from Saudi Arabia and from Canada!!! WE get ZERO OIL from Iraq! Here's a tip! About 90% of the posters here and on Perez Hilton and other far left blog sites like the Huffing-ton Post and are a bunch of bold faced lying bunch of pukes who never met a lie they didn't love to spread about the right! Anyone who quotes those whack-jobs will invariably end up sounding like a complete idiot!
As for Americans filling their faces with hamburgers, I seem to recall a certain American winning not one but EIGHT GOLD MEDALS at the Olympics! And as for All Americans having loose moral values well this particular American is 40 yrs old and is still saving herself for marriage! So there!
And as for Americans not being able to speak other languages well all I can say is...Yo estaba obligada a adoptar español en la escuela secundaria. La mayoría de los estadounidenses pueden hablar español a fin de que tal vez debería hacer un poco de investigación antes de hacer estas declaraciones sobre la manta americanos. Estadounidenses provienen de todas partes del mundo! Incluido el Oriente Medio! (FRENCH) Egants voudraient croire.n fait la prise d'une deuxième langue est une exigence terminent afin de les études au Collège. Plus tard j'ai pris le français dans le collège. Je devine nous les américains ne sont pas aussi stupides que quelques pays arro
I'm sure a highly educated person such as yourself will have no trouble translating the Spanish or the French! LOL!!!

2138 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

To the bitch Kelly:
this reporter is a hero and he has the courage which no American has!!we the Iraqis hate you because you took our nation to the dark ages!!before we had a secular state and now Bush gave the power to your agents from those backwards with turbans who they came with Bush invation to our country from Iran and they are not Iraqis and they share the power in Iraq with the Americans and every thing became not allowed for us in the name of Islam as they said!! 5 millions Iraqis since the invation they left Iraq and your freedom!!do you know howmany people were killed in Iraq since 2003?do you know whomany kids in Iraq whithout father or mather because they killed by your barbaric army for no reson?do you know that Iraq was divided to three states?do you know that we are the richest country in the world and since 5 years we are without water suply or electricity because your army destroied every thing in Iraq and your agents who ruling our country like Almaliki and his gangs did nothing to help our nation and they just stealing our money and share it with your government?how we can like the Americans after what they have done for us?every true Iraqi will do the same with the criminal Bush if he could and you a fat bitch like every bitch in America no nothing about what is going on in Iraq the cowboys who were killed in Iraq are more than 40000 and Bush said it is 4000 and every body belives him!!you are idiots because of your unjustified war on our country America is going down ond for ever thanks to our heroic ressistance and this reporter tooks his part in this movement and he insulted all of you by what he has done and you deserve it barbaric cowboys and shepherds nation.

2138 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

Sorry idiot cowboy I dont speak spanish but I speak dutch ,Polish,English beside Arabic by the way you realy improved that you are idiot like each american when you said that Iraq was divided since 80 years ago!!!Iraq since more than 7000 years ago is the first state on earth and we teached the world every thing reading.writing,mathematics etc it is the first civilization on earth.and if you dont know any thing about Iraq shut your talking about Iraq as an african country!!we are the richest country in the world we had the best health care system in the world since 40 years ago we had every thing free education,hospital,electricity,water suply it is all free before you destroied our country for the oil.Saddam was great leader who loved his country and sacrificed his live as a hero and we love him so Americans are the most idiots I have ever seen!!!

2138 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Jasim - sorry for the losses in your country. Please do not think that every American is like Kelly. I cannot stand Bush and think he and Cheney are war criminals. I hope that reporter does not suffer because of his actions. After all, isn't that why Bush went in to Iraq? For freedom and democracy?? If he is harmed, Bush is a tyrant just as Saddam was. Bush will be gone in 6 weeks, please be patient with us, some of the idiots in this country are more fearful than tolerant - they are also ignorant.

2138 days ago


STFU to all you idiots who love appeasing terrorists! Babbling about your f*cking health care system? REALLY?!! You sound like the same butt-heads who are praising that ruthless dictator in Cuba even though those people are anything but free! And their health care system is a joke!! Jasim, you sound just like the cleaver terrorist who love to bash Americans!! And that reporter is no hero!! He is a coward!! And may he have to go live with the pigs and have to eat them!!! And I see many of my ignorant fellow Americans trying so pathetically to show how enlightened they are when in fact they are a terrorist best friend!!!
The terrorist love to use fools like Louie to weaken this country but fortunately even Obama is too smart to let imbeciles like him influence his decision making! and upon reflection I've decided that Obama will not be a weak a President as Clinton!! If any of your fellow pukes attack the United States he probably order a strike so devastating against your fellow terrorist that there will be nothing but a giant hole where your headquarters once stood.
By the way I'm "improving"? Did you mean proving? LOL!! And I did not call your f*cking country an African you moron!! I said GO TO AFRICA AND TELL YOUR STORY TO THEM, OVER THERE IN THEIR COUNTRY!!!! They have had it worse for thousands of years so STFU!!!! You speak English? You could have fooled me. And for the millionth time we do not get oil from your f*cking country! I KNOW YOU TERRORIST AND THE BRAIN DEAD MORONS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE GOING TO KEEP TELLING THIS BOLD FACED LIE OVER AND OVER HOPING IT TO BE TRUE SO THEY HAVE AN EXCUSE TO BASH BUSH AND THIS COUNTRY!!! SOMETHING YOU BABBLING HALF-WITS CAN'T GET THROUGH YOUR THICK-PEA BRAINED SKULLS IS THAT IF WE WERE REALLY TAKING OIL FROM YOUR F**KING COUNTRY DON'T YOU MORONS THINK THAT OBAMA WOULD HAVE BROUGHT IT UP DURING HIS CAMPAIGN? DUUUUHHH!!! HE DIDN'T BECAUSE HE KNOWS ITS NOT TRUE!!!! SO STFU!!!!! And I'm a woman you moron, so I can hardly be a cowboy you demented half-wit!!! I know the bleeding hearts liberals who are considered a major embarrassment to the human race won't be able to contain themselves as they type lie after lie after lie after LIE!!!!! So I am leaving this particular story alone after this!! After all there's no reasoning with fools!! Especially hate-mongering fools who refuse to live in the world of reality!!!!!

2138 days ago


Jasim Abbas - I am curious about your statement that Iraq is the richest country in the world. As a result of Saddam starting the war with Iran (about 1.5 million killed), Iraq was in serious debt and could barely feed it's army when Saddam invaded Kuwait, partly to escape the $14 billion owed to Kuwait. Iraq has been near bankrupt for years.

Clearly you hold Saddam in high esteem, but there are many, many Iraqi people who do not. Maybe you are unaware of the WMD he used on his own people and the Iranians.

As for your reporter hero, and apparent new best buddy for many here, his home was decorated with a posters of Latin American revolutionary leader Che Guevara, so there's some insight. Also, he may have been motivated by what a colleague described as a boastful, showoff personality.

So much for the altruism. I think studying history might be more useful to you than repeating zealot hysteria. I hope your ass isn't too chapped from Louie kissing it.

2138 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

To the bitch kelly:
first of all I am not a terrorist and the real terrorists is Goerge W shoes and his adminstrasion from the new coservatives and I am realy atheist and I have no interesting in religions but you are a jewish bitch who intersted realy in Iraq!!!you talking about Adel Abd Elmahdi and other your cheap agents who they will get their punishment from our people as soon as you escape from our country . you talking about the inspection teams that means you are interested very much in Iraq!!!you said that Saddam killed 13000 people!!I want to ask you howmany people were killed in Iraq by your barbaric army and their Iranians agents since2003?it is more than 1.5 million innocent Iraqis and 5 million escaped your freedom out side Iraq!Saddam killed the trators who has no dignity but he never killed the innocents like your cowboys did!I have never been in his party but no one forced to be or otherwise I will get no job as your democratic government in the green zone do!we dont know before your invation to our contry what sunnah or shiaa means!we had a secular regime!before the women can go to the work and she was free and now your backward agent do not allowed the women to go outside her home with out scarf and they treat her as if she is not a humanbeen!why you divided our country that for sunnah and that for shiaa and that for kurds since1991we lived for hundreds years togother with no problem!do you accept to divide the us that patr for the Spanish and this part for the Irish and so on?you came to our country for the oil and to protect the jewish state but the Iraqi people will never let you do that and sooner or later you will escape Iraq with all the rubbish you brought to us and Iraq will go back to its own people not for your Iranian agent and the criminal Bush and his gangs they will pay for their crimes.America is going down as we see and forever and all that because of your unjustified war aganist the nation which never harm or did any thing rong to you.every body is aganist your view is a terrorist!what a joke are you realy a democratic nation which wants to learn the other nation the democracy?you are a backward people and ruled by a gang of criminals.

2138 days ago
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