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Bush: Who Throws a Shoe? Honestly!

12/14/2008 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An Iraqi reporter who hates your guts, that's who.
Bush: Click to view!
During a news conference in Baghdad today, an Iraqi reporter launched two Nike missiles at President George Bush -- but he didn't quite have the accuracy to record a strike.


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You flaming liberals are mad because you didn't think of the Iraq War first. Bush kicked ass and took names later. By the way, your democrat senators and congressman helped to fund money to keep the war going. You flaming liberals suddenly get a mental block whenever you're reminded that the democrat politicians are just as much to blame for some of the not so pleasant decisions of our government. Wake up and smell Bill Mahrer's're all a bunch of flaming liberals and a shoe being thrown at Bush will be peanuts compared to when the truth about Obama comes out. Talk about your con artists.......Obama has liar written all over him.......controversy follows him like stink on a skunk......and guess what???? We republicans will be first in line to laugh our heads off when Obama slips up and the truth is revealed about him.............Toot-a-loo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2100 days ago


There are some here who claim, and complain, that this is all about oil. Without debating that and starting from that belief, I assume you are living your convictions and not using plastics, motor vehicles or any other oil dependent or derived product. I would hate to think this belief is oozing with hypocrisy, and that you continue your use of oil.

2100 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

The ass hole Ark:
it is my first time that I discus with such idiots like you the Americans!!!my Polish friend who lives in the us told me that he never have seen such idiot people like the Americans but I didnt believed him untill to day!you idiot ask George w shoes or Chenny why they came to Iraq and then you will see that Iraq is the richest country in the world

2100 days ago


To Jasim Abbas

Ok, it's time to strap a bomb to yourself and detonate it by your computer.

2099 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

To Keel you :Ihave no respect to the terrorists or to any body who harms the others .I am very sensative and belive me I couldnt harm a human or animal but I feel so angry for the thousands of children and women who killed in our country for no reason.and I think every body put himself in our place we the iraqis will be crazy from what he have seen

2099 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Jasim - It is no use to argue with the intolerant or ignorant such as Kelly and ark. Just as in all cultures, there are those who cannot understand or accept a viewpoint that is different in their own narrow little minds. They basically run on fear and paranoia. They think they are experts and they will only tolerate their own viewpoint.
Cheney said tonight on national TV - "We still would have gone into Iraq even if we had known there were no WMD's" - the man should be waterboarded. Also, when asked by a reporter if he was aware that 77% of this country is not in favor of spending almost a trillion dollars and over 4,000 American service persons lives, his reply was "SO WHAT." Could somebody please send him to Gitmo, immediately!!!

2099 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Geez, I don't believe that Kelly is saving herself for marriage,,,it's just that no one would want to be with an arrogant, ignorant, self grandizing, stark raving crazy BITCH!!!

2099 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

PS Hey ark I think Kelly is perfect for you!!

2099 days ago


should of hit him right in his lying pie hole!! What a lying Ass he is. The only thing he cares about is not flying away with those jumbo ears of his. He just about ruined this country.

2099 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

I just want to say sorry to every body in the us for the word( idiots) which I have been used yesterday and I was rong because there is too many people in the us knows very well what is going on in Iraq and what kind of crimes Bush has been commited in Iraq in the name of the American nation.we the Iraqis have no problem with you and you are our brothers in humanity and we wish you the best but our problem with this administration from the new conservatives who destroid our country for no reason and tooks Iraq to the stone age when they bruoght a theocracy not a freedom as they said.I hope that you will accept from me this apology.

2099 days ago


It's the president of the united states for god sake, democrat or republican you don't treat the leader of the free world like that.

2099 days ago


Christ!, when will people finally grasp that there's no sense talking and/or discussing political issues with Americans!
Most of them are and will always be BRAINWASHED!!! It begins very early. As soon as they learn how to speak, as they start going to school in their childhood, they are always being taught and reminded: "Look children, those are OUR soldiers in the Iraq! Protecting and ensureing worlds safety! Those are our heroes! - May god bless America!" Also, their whole media is covered with their lousy and sh**ty ideology! Its a real propaganda machine!
And this is all controlled and managed by their government! Its so sad and dolorous to see how already young generations like innocent children are getting brainwashed.
So eventually, I gotta say that people in the US can't help it! They're manipulated and that makes them somehow innocent for me.
I dont look at them like THEY are the b*stards, the b*stard is their sh**-government and their policy!

2099 days ago


"Jasim Abbas", you, your name and your posts are phony! Just like "Roman".

2099 days ago


I have to rather agree with Thorzzz,.. This doesn't say much for secret service when two shoes can be pelted at the President Of Our NATION!? I can see the comedy in this due to the presidents reaction to it,.. but overall that distraught man is lucky he didn't have a bullet in his head! You just don't do such things to a President! And THIS is the thanks we get for ridding a country of a dictator/murderer? I remember a time when a nation of people were backing our President in this removal of a dictator from power, ..but when the time came to hunker down in the country for longer than "some" felt necessary, all the tables apparently had to turn, then there was the bandwagon of "get outta there"... "bring our troops home"... and people like our president elect NOT backing the men and women we have over there with what they need, ..then making a bogus trip there (for show, camera stills, and publicity) all the while knowing that had we not had the surge (he voted against) his ass couldn't have even been there in the first place??

I for one am somewhat content with the matters of Iraq,.. while some apparently would rather still have a dictator in charge of the country, and would rather still be "wondering" rather or not this crazy had nuclear capabilities??!! At least I now know differently! I can't say as I sleep better at night though since our "historic election"... because our commander in chief elect has done ZERO for his country, ..and has ZERO Military experience!! My personal opinion: too many (especially young people) would rather "make history" than do some research, and compare resumes' and rightfuly give the the job of President to the more qualified, and most deserving candidate. I, for one, at least have never questioned the patriot spirit and dedication to his country (John McCain).. Barack Obama,.. I can't give him that... sorry.

2098 days ago


1) Our president is not "leader of the free world." The free world does not endorse torture. It does not hold prisoners without trial or charge. It does not illegally wiretap its own citizens. Bush has authorized all of those things.

2) It was not the Democratic congress that authorized the deregulation of the banking industry. That was Republicans and the way they let greedy people run amuck is what crashed our economy.

3) The Democrats have not "had control of Congress." The Republicans have filibustered, blocked, and vetoed a lot of attempts at progress. They are closer to having control of Congress now, but they still can't stop a Republican filibuster which is a shame.

4) Good for the reporter for throwing his shoes. Bush and his administration should be tried for crimes against humanity for lying about the need to invade Iraq and for the way they have handled prisoners. Showing contempt by tossing shoes at him is probably as close as we'll get to justice, though.

5) You have to give Georgie credit -- he can still bob and weave. Perhaps after he has gone from the White House, he could work at a circus showing off his amazing ability to duck.

2098 days ago
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