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Bush: Who Throws a Shoe? Honestly!

12/14/2008 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An Iraqi reporter who hates your guts, that's who.
Bush: Click to view!
During a news conference in Baghdad today, an Iraqi reporter launched two Nike missiles at President George Bush -- but he didn't quite have the accuracy to record a strike.


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To Truth

Do you work at being naive and delusional or are they natural skills? You know, we could really cleanse the country by giving it an enema, and the nozzle goes in your mouth.

2072 days ago


Bush is not "leader of the free world." He is president of the United States and has done a good deal of damage to our freedoms here at home, let alone abroad.

He was the biggest mistake this country ever had to endure and I am overjoyed that in less than a month, he will go home and watch cattle from his rocking chair. I hope we never see him again. Unless we're in loafers and can make the appropriate response when we do.

2072 days ago


I guess some of you just lost your new best buddy and hero of the moment now the the shoe thrower has called his own behavior "an ugly act". Now you can get back to mailing marriage proposals to the terrorists at Gitmo.

2072 days ago

Just wondering    

Ok - I have read many of the posts on this story and for the first time actually feel like commenting on an article online. It sickens me that rather than a true debate of the issue at hand it, the comments quickly turn into name calling and bashing the other posters.

Very simple fact - love him, like him, hate him, detest him, the President is the public representative of the United States. The Iraqi reporter who threw the shoes did not only insult President Bush, he insulted the entire United States. The office holder deserves public respect from the citizens of any country he is in, no matter if a person feels private contempt.

Iraq War- The President does not pass laws, only suggests the direction in which he would like to lead the country. George Bush had the consent of Congress before we went into Iraq. There was evidence to WMD that had been confirmed by other governments intelligence as well as by the intelligence agencies in the US. It is only since the war has dragged on that the American public has called for an end to the war.

Economy - One cause of the current economic crisis was the removal of legislation preventing regular everyday banks from being investment banks, a law that had been effect since the Great Depression. It was repealed in 1999 - two years before Bush took office. The mortgage crisis was created by the subprime lending. Easy explaination - Bank A loans a couple with a $75,000 a year income the money to purchase a $300,000. Couple signs the loan and buys the house. Bank A now sells that loan to another mega loan company such as Freddie Mac. Bank A has made there money by granting the loan the couple will never realistically be able to repay. Freddie Mac forecloses upon the home when the couple can't make the payments. Too many people with foreclosures, Freddie Mac goes under and the rest of the market tumbles. Repeat this with the other failed banking institutions.

I am amazed at the sheer number of people whose comments I have read who seem to have no grasp of how the government in the United States works. No one person can be blamed for the situation our nation is in right now. It is a collectively created problem by the lack of oversight in Congress and sheer greed on behalf of the American people. It will take Americans coming together as a nation to fix what we as a nation have brought upon ourselves.

2071 days ago



2071 days ago


"The Iraqi reporter who threw the shoes did not only insult President Bush, he insulted the entire United States."

Gee, and all we did was invade their country, bomb their cities, shoot up their weddings, and take their relatives prisoner and torture them. Golly, those people sure do get upset about the silliest little things.

2071 days ago

Proud Marine Wife    

It saddens me to see all of the ugly comments made about this man. He has sent my wonderful husband to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once in the past 7 years and I have nothing but admiration and respect for this man. No one should ever disrespect the man who has not only kept us as Americans safe but has also helped to make their country a better and safer place to live. No one tells the stories my husband has told me, of the wonderful ways Iraq has changed for the better.

No one tells of the liberation of women in Afghanistan and my husband seeing the first girl school to open back in 2002 and all the girls lined up to go to school. How they had to have shcool outside because there were no rooms suitable for the children.

You are more than welcome to voice your opinions and annoyance in a civilized way toward this man, but not like that.

We live in the most wonderful nation in the world, lets all show some respect. I may not have voted for Obama, but I will not show him the disrespect that many people show President Bush. We should all be above that and just hope that he will do the right thing and we will not get attacked.


2071 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

To Truth :
you are one of those few Americans who knows about Goerge Wc crimes in Iraq but unfurtunatly most of the American nation that we respect they do not know the truth.

2071 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

That's the best dodge Bush has had since he dodged the Vietnam War!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's a wothless chump...

2071 days ago


God bless you, Just wondering (4:10 pm). Couldn't have said it better myself. I hate to say it, but I hope Obama sets all the terrorists free from Gitmo. Just turn them loose and see the death toll they create afterward. Torture, my a$$. With the exception of possibly Abu Gharib (sp?) we haven't tortured anyone. Too bad we can't waterboard our domestic criminals. And the Patriot Act has been invaluable. All these things liberals like to whine about have been instrumental in not reliving another 9/11. I will miss Bush. He is the reason I have been able to sleep at night since 9/11 went down.

2071 days ago


Truth...You have absolutely said it best,I do not get on here much but I am glad to see your post when scrolling through the infamous TMZ lol. Take care all and Happy holidays.

2071 days ago


"Just turn them loose and see the death toll they create afterward."
What a nice thing to wish on your country. Quite the patriot, aren't you?

No one is suggesting prisoners should be released without reason. They should be subject to the rule of law: they should have a trial, they should be able to see the evidence against them, and they should be able to present evidence in their own defense. It's worked for hundreds of years when dealing with possible criminals and there was no reason at all it should have been stopped.

As for torture, it does not get good results. Anyone tells interrogators whatever they want to hear. You would, too, if it was you. And, of course, there's the fact torture is immoral, unethical, illegal, and makes more enemies for us than it catches.

Think. Just a little. It really doesn't hurt much, I promise.

2071 days ago


You must be high on something. Our economy has crashed, our nation is no longer respected in the world, and we are in far more danger than we have been in before because Bush acted like Yosemite Sam when he was given charge of our military. Afghanistan is being taken back over by the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin has not been captured. The Iraqis hate us so much that the shoe-throwing reporter has become a popular hero across the Middle East. (And in quite a bit of the U.S., too.)

Bush will be remembered as the worst president this nation ever had. Ever. He did not do one single thing right -- every move he made caused damage and disaster whether it dealt with the economy, national disaster response, education, foreign policy, or the ecology.

Thankfully, with his approval ratings being lower than any president since they started taking polls, it would seem most Americans are well aware of the mistake that was made when Bush was put into office. We can only hope we never see his like again. Shoes are too good for him.

2071 days ago

Jasim Abbas    

To proud marine wife:
your huzband is one of those crimial cowboys who killing innocent women and children in Iraq and you are hoppy that he is far away from you to have more time to your lovers in the us and to enjoy your self....

2071 days ago



The closest you've ever been to Iraq is when you typed the word. The ruse was slightly amusing at first but it's getting lame and worn out. You should just stick to posting your regular bile and agreeing with and supporting yourself under your other names, your version of stuffing the ballot box.

2071 days ago
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