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Dallas: We Don't Want Avery's Sloppy Seconds

12/14/2008 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In hockey, you can get a five-minute penalty for fighting, two minutes for high-sticking -- and thrown off your team for making lewd comments about Elisha Cuthbert.
Sean Avery & Elisha Cuthbert
The Dallas Stars say Sean Avery will not be rejoining the team after serving a six-game suspension, saying: "All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery."

Avery was originally suspended for his "sloppy seconds" comment about his ex girlfriend, Elisha, that he made to the media during practice.

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It wasn't because of this incident. It was everything combined. Everyone who watches hockey knows this guy is a tool. He talks crap about everybody, including hockey god and the most powerful man in Canada, Don Cherry. I hope his first game back is against Calgary, so Phanuef can break his knees. This guy is all talk, he's gonna get broken one of these days. This guy can't even come back to his hometown cause he gets booed every where

2036 days ago


Simple fact is that Sean Avery is an employee of the Dallas Stars. The Dallas Stars have just fired an employee. He is not banned from hockey, he is free to find someone else to play for.

His conduct was unacceptable to ownership and management. No different than any other employee. He will be properly compensated for the termination I am sure.

It's like the Bertuzzi/Moore incident became too much of a distraction for the Vancouver Canucks and was detrimental to the teams progress despite Bertuzzi's talent. Avery's presence is too toxic for team cohesion. The task of an "agitator" is to get under the opposing teams skin but when he pisses of his own team well then that's just "target missed" now isn't it.

Merry Christmas Sean.................How does your current girlfriend feel about all this?

2036 days ago


Knew him when he was a kid playing in Owen Sound, Ontario. He was a loud mouth douche then and still is...only he has a bigger audience this time. He thinks this is the best way to become rich and famous and it seems to be working for him. He won't shut up, this will only fuel him on more. Can he even play hockey well anymore?

2036 days ago



2036 days ago


i think referring to this gal as "sloppy seconds" is a c compliment to her. She is ...promiscuous to keep it polite. "What goes around, comes back around" was written about her and we all saw the pics of her w/her lesbian experience w/Paris Hilton in the tabloids. Not a lady, this one! As far as Avery being a tool....than Dallas could have found another reason to let him go. Letting him go over this statement is making too much of EC. All Avery did was call it like he sees it.

2036 days ago

Kathy in Canada    

Sean Avery is a douche. His punishment is not because of Elisha-Gate. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back. He told the owner of the team and the PR guy that he wouldn't be speaking to the media. He then told them to turn their cameras on because he had something to say and let his verbal diarrhea spew.

His on and off ice behaviour is crude. He had a recent altercation with a woman in the stands at a Bruins game. He was let go by the Wings because of his lack of respect. He's alleged to have made racist remarks on the ice. He went on record stereo-typing French-Canadian hockey players. He was suspended by the Ducks. He's also alleged to have gone after Jason Blake's cancer diagnosis on the ice at a Leafs game. He waved his stick around the head of Marty Brodeur during the playoffs. He's a notorious diver and a turtle. He's a disgrace to the game.

His sloppy seconds remark was very hypocritical though considering he's dating Calvin Klein's.

2036 days ago


There is a name for girls who date only hockey players....Hockey Whores.


2036 days ago


Yeah, I was going to say that this was the last straw for the Stars. They've had enough and are well within their rights to terminate his contract. He's not banned from hockey, he just has to find a team that will put up with his insubordinate, attention seeking, obnoxious behavior.

2036 days ago


Hes still an ignorant pig.

2036 days ago

Cold Pizza    

I guess everyone should watch what they say from now on. Including those who think that its right for the Stars to let him go for his comments. You say Karma will find him one day, just wait til your fired because you ask a co worker are you having a blonde moment? No matter what he has done in the past doesnt give the Stars an excuse to get rid of him. The only things they can justify is what he did under their control.

2036 days ago


About frickin time these proffesional teams reined in these Prima Donna's in. These overpaid rectums have got away with this S%^# (excrement) for way to long. Those of you who disagree, would probably be the first ones to beat the hell out of Avery. Amen to the owners.

2036 days ago

Hockey Princess    

Ok I am not a Sean Avery fan just like I am not a Bob Probert fan or Mario LeMuiex (sp?) fan but lets face it they are great hockey players....I do believe in the right of free speech and Sean used his right o free speech..was it in the best taste...NO....but he has a right to voice his opinion....now if he made that comment about No Name Sally this would not be an issue at all.....the Stars as usual made a bad decision in letting him go....Sean might not be liked in the NHL however he has talent and another team will recognize that and sign him....HEY ISLANDERS ARE YOU LISTENING??????? In the mean time, just chalk this up to another stupid move by the Dallas Stars!!!!! Way to go Brett........

2036 days ago

Mike R    

Feminized (man bad, woman good) decision. A man can say worse about another guy, and it would not even get media attention. An woman could kill her ex-boyfriend, and not lose a job or even serve time. America worships women. Dishonors men.

2036 days ago


The incidents with sean avery have been getting progressivly worse as his career has gone on. if sportscenter can do a 20 minute story about how much of a jerk you are then maybe it's time to tone it down a bit. He was warned several times by management about his behavior and it was also making his teammates uncomfortable. Sean Avery is not the only guy on the team, the management needs to consider the kind of work environment they want overall. And if the quickest way to get to this ideal environment is to let one man go then so be it. Maybe on another team things will work out better for him but not Dallas.

2036 days ago


hes STILL an ignorant pig

2036 days ago
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