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Iran Offended By "Wrestler" -- Ayatollah So!

12/14/2008 10:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey RourkeIf rising nuclear threat Iran can take offense to a movie like "The Wrestler" -- we should just leave them out of pop culture for good.

The country's media is up in arms over the flick because one of the guys Mickey Rourke wrestles is called "the Ayatollah" -- who waves an Iranian flag before choking Mickey with it.

This isn't anything new: The Telegraph also says "300" ticked off Iran for showing Persians in a bad light -- and accused Hollywood of "psychological warfare."

At least they don't have to deal with Heidi and Spencer.


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#13 -- you idiot!

Iran is NOT the US --- we do NOT HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS in IRAN --- there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH in Iran.

People are killed, tortured, and hanged for speaking up.

Next time, don't be so quick to judge when you speak of a IRANIANS. Do a little research. You might learn something.

2139 days ago


I think it's a great suggestion from TMZ to send Speidi to Iran. They would learn a lot and I'm sure Iran is in need of some kind of aid the two could provide. I agree with a couple of other posters that the U.S. needs more education about Iran and the Middle East. I learned about it in collegel but much has changed since then. I would also like to see what Iran and the rest of the Middle East is teaching their children about the U. S. and other western cultures.

2139 days ago


"At least they don't have to deal with Heidi and Spencer."
That was TMZ's best line ever.

2139 days ago


To Leo Iranians are not cousins to Arabs but Israelis are they are both semetic people while Iranian people are not, now there are Arabs in the south of Iran but they are Iranian by nationality and not by racial terms read this its for you're education lesson on Iranian people

Arab=Israelis=North Africans= Afro-Asiatic(Semitic people)

Iranian people=Kurds,Persians,Lurs,Mazandarani,Pashtun,Tajik,Baloch...and many more people of Iran and central Asia=Iranic(Aryan people)

Hope I educated you

2139 days ago
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