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Jamie Foxx -- Same Shtick, Different Birthday

12/14/2008 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If this video of Jamie Foxx celebrating his 41st birthday in Las Vegas looks familiar, that's because its the exact same Vegas birthday footage we shot of him last year ... straight down to his "If it's my birthday, then it's your birthday" catch phrase.
Jamie Foxx: Click to view!
Only difference: P. Diddy was at TAO Nightclub to compete against Jamie for the "who can ramble into the microphone more" title, rap to his own songs and to give Jamie some much needed man love.


No Avatar


Actually today is MY birthday!!!! :-D Jamie and I are sagatarius'!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

2140 days ago


BFD. I didn't watch his birthday footage last year and I won't watch it this year.

2140 days ago


I ain't going for no gold digger.

2140 days ago


What a huge waste of money. These people make me sick!
Self indulge much????
Do you think he even thinks about the economy???? I will before buying a ticket to his next movie.

2140 days ago

Triple Play    

Jamie and Puff Dummy are a disgrace to all artists especially black ones. Their antics on stage were a joke, hopefully they got a room after the love in on stage. why do people act like A Holes after they make some money. Don't you think that the money he spent would have been better used for children with Aids in Africa or a scholarship progran for poor black children? Dumb asses

2140 days ago


When you can't learn new tricks, your life becomes a slow treadmill of replicated actions.

2140 days ago


Thank god this culture and generations interest in this type of self centered me first nonsense will soon go the way of the Edsel and Step N Fetch It.

Everyone knows Jamie took last Wednesday off on call in Gay Day.

2140 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

This guy is a one trick pony....I think all of that coke he's know to snort is finally rotting out his brain. Perhaps he needs to take the high road and keep his pecker out of any hole he finds on Hollywood Blvd.

I think he's flaming out quicker than anyone thought he would.

2140 days ago


Wow, two well-known racist is the same place at the same time! Birds of a feather should stick together, never could stand either of these arogant, egotistical, racist bastards! Wouldn't notice if they both fell off the face of the earth, oh and please, please, please take Kanye West with your sorry asses.

2140 days ago


Eric aka Jamie really has an inflated sense of self. His party-hearty mentality is really a turn off. I will think twice before I spend the little dough I have on his flix. Too much serious stuff going on now and too many peeps in real trouble; it's just hard to watch this fool blow his money. But, that said, it is his to do whatever the F he wants to with it. I just am not diggin' him; that's all. My right, too.

2140 days ago


Why do we assume this man doesnt give back to the community because he spent money on his bday party. Why must we get upset over how a person decides to spend their own money and is it that serious?? People are so quick to criticize someone. To assume Jaime Foxx wastes his money on partying hard and not give back is absurd. No one is obligated to provide anyone with a list of how they choose to spend their money and just b/c you see one aspect of how he chooses to spend his money does not mean he doesnt give back. Self Indulge, I'm sure all of you who feel that way buy things you do not necessarily need so give me a break with being someone's moral compass!!!! Geeeeez

2139 days ago


HATERS!!! You people are hating. These guys are talented, hard working and just celebrating for every good reason. DON"T GET MAD GO GET YOUR OWN!!!!

2139 days ago


It was not that bad.. I was there.. they weren't flaunting there money around like that.. They were just two friends that happen to be well know in the industry who where having a good time at the club celebrating Jamie's Birthday. While there he took the time to promote his new album . I don't see why everyone seems to have an opinion about some negative spin that TMZ put on and you didn't even see it for yourself. I can see now.. first hand how the media can spin things and make it something it wasn't.

If I'm wrong.. Prove me wrong, Show me a video of THIS YEAR..

2139 days ago


Omg Who is the guy weating the red jacket?!?! He is so hot!!!

2137 days ago


Tao was amazing that night- Jamie Foxx and P Diddy were full of energy and the crowd was going crazy!! Definitely going back!!

2098 days ago
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