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Kanye Self-Destructs on SNL

12/14/2008 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dare we say it? Kanye West could learn a lot from Ashlee Simpson -- such as if you can't sing, lip-synch. Turns out It's less embarrassing.
Kanye West: Click to view!
West stunk up the stage on "SNL" last night -- so maybe it was supposed to be a joke.


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This guy has never had a positive message to pass along rapping or otherwise. Like so many other rappers it's mostly trash, with no substance, and zero morality. You take Kanye West and couple his attitude, with his ego and this is the result, really disgusting noise polution! I haven't liked this guy since his "President Bush Hates Black People" remark made a long while back. Ever since then, he whines, moans, and complains about issues that are only important to Kanye himself. He's a racist talentless piece of trash,... the world would be a better place without the likes of him.

2104 days ago



2104 days ago

marky spark    

true talent, or lack thereof, is eventually exposed. Now, if we could only get TMZ to quit advertising for, errrr, doing stories on, brittney spears, we'd be doing OK.

2104 days ago


Dear Kristina:

It is quite obvious that you know even less about the "music biz" than any of the people you are attempting to lecture. The appropriate solution for an artist with throat issues is to postpone the proformance until they are able to give it 100 percent.

Also, you need a refresher on grammar. "Apart" means at a distance regarding to either time or space, "a part of" is what you were trying to say... Way to go!!

Posted at 2:47PM on Dec 14th 2008 by Mackenzie


Dear Mackenzie:

There are those of us who want to keep the commitments we've made no matter what; I am one of those people, so I understand. Ashlee Simpson is just an example I was using, but that is not the only time they use the artist's actual voice when taping something while they lip-synch -- they do that in music videos all the time no matter who the artist is.

Please do not try to teach me a grammar lesson. I don't recall signing up for any classes, and English has always been one of my best subjects. I made a mistake on one word because I was typing fast; it's really not that serious. If I recall correctly, no human being is perfect and I am a human being as are you.

Thank you! Move on.

2104 days ago


19. It didn't even look like him last night!!! I wonder if was even him?? And next, why anyone come on here to correct someone elases grammar?? This is TMZ not a graduate level thesis. So what is someone posts a comment and misspells and incorrectly/mistaknely used a word in it's wrong contexts. As long as his/her points get across that's all that matters. If you are looking for college level comments and text then leave the TMZ website and go the New Yorkers. Honestly, even the most highly educated people makes typos and mistakes.

Posted at 4:38PM on Dec 14th 2008 by CollegeEducated

Thank you! I could sit here all day correcting the spelling and grammar of people (even those who try to correct me), but that isn't what this site is about and I have a life. This was a story about Kanye making an ass of himself on 'SNL' last night, and because I didn't use the space bar when I normally would for one word, it became about that one mistake for someone. I find it really pathetic for someone to even notice something like that. Seriously, 99% of the people who posts comments make spelling and grammar mistakes, but it doesn't really matter. As you said, this is TMZ and not an essay being graded by a professor.

I really don't appreciate someone trying to correct one, tiny mistake I made. I'm usually OCD about the spelling and grammar of others, so don't try to teach me a lesson. If you do, I say that you need a life because the mistakes I make aren't nearly as massive as the mistakes of others.

Anyway, let's get back to talking about Kanye West, because that's who this post is supposed to be about. I'm not a fan of his, so I'll just keep my personal opinions of him to myself. I'm almost afraid to even watch the video.=/ I'd like to keep my hearing.

2104 days ago


Mckenzie wasn't name wasn't College Educated either!

2104 days ago


Mckenzie name wasn't "collegeeducate" either. She didn't fell the need to broadcast that.

2104 days ago

Quit it    

"32. Another talentless wannabe.
Kanye- go back to the hood or wherever the hell it is you CLAIM you came from."

May I ask you why you assume Kanye is from "the hood?" Regardless, your assumption is wrong, closet racism at its finest..

I don't like Kanye's singing, but I admire him for doing what HE wants to do even if it (negatively)affects his record sales.

2104 days ago


When is SNL going to get some artists with actual talent on their show? West sounded horrible. He can not carry a tune in a bucket. His was one of the worst performances I have every witnessed on SNL!

2104 days ago


Mackenzie, you should proofread your original post. you too had a spelling error. Get off your high horse and head back to the farm dear.

2104 days ago

ya know    

Ugh ....I got mad that I clicked the link instead of the comment box first, and gave him another hit on youtube. Ugh, I just cant stand him. As soon as i heard how bad he sucked , i should have changed the damn channel. Shoot.

2104 days ago

Dirty Finger    

Make no mistake about, Kanye West has ALWAYS sucked!

2104 days ago


Lorne Michaels ought to be run out of town and the business for his selection of this has been as the "musical guest"....if he pulled this routine in rehearsal then Michaels should have pulled the plug---if he pulled it LIVE, the plug should have been pulled as well. SNL---your taste in Music has become as bad as your scripts.

That was two bashings of Illinois you did last night...the Blago Governor bit, and Chicagos native son, Kanye....

Guess what West----Obama doesnt care about you, just as Bush didnt care about Black people, and he from Illinois too.

2104 days ago


OMG, I'm so glad it wasn't just me. I watched that last night and thought "Is this for real?" And that was the first song. I chalked it up to maybe just the audio or me not knowing the song. Then the second song came up and it was as bad or worse than the first. Holy cow, why does anyone buy this guy's records? He was HORRIBLE (the one word you didn't have in the poll). Wow. Kanye is so full of himself, he apparently is clueless that he really does just suck...

2104 days ago

Rachel Campos    

I'm not a fan one way or the other of Kanye West. However, there have been considerable hip hop artists (or similar genres) this season on SNL who sounded way better - Lil Wayne was enjoyable, and Ludicris rocked the house when he was one a few weeks ago. Plain and simple, Kanye really sucked last night. He was out of tune and it sounded much better when the full blast of music in the songs drowned him out. As far as the comment that the SNL Studio is not that good acousticly - the history of the studio should refute that comment. Before it became the stage for SNL, the exact layout was used for a radio show for an orchestra. Studio 8H where SNL is filmed is well known in show biz as "acoustically perfect".

2104 days ago
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