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Kanye Self-Destructs on SNL

12/14/2008 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dare we say it? Kanye West could learn a lot from Ashlee Simpson -- such as if you can't sing, lip-synch. Turns out It's less embarrassing.
Kanye West: Click to view!
West stunk up the stage on "SNL" last night -- so maybe it was supposed to be a joke.


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Dr. Adams    

Hey, sound terrible, you are in the same group as the Simpson sister's, Brit Spears, and that Wino chick, oh, and lets not forget Kid who use too Rock......Just retire already, go away, fade into the sunset dip stick, fast!!!

2140 days ago


Kanye is a genius!!! and its sad people are so close minded and want the same ole' same....the man has had a rough year and alll everyone does is critisize!!! These songs are brutally honest...just wish people would actually listen to the words before making such harsh judgements.....Kanye needs a hug not all this negative talk....I love TMZ but this is terrible!! Love u Kanye!!!! and I loved the dancing.....

2140 days ago


Awful. Ashlee Simpson owns his ass.

2140 days ago


Hey Kanye, remember when you use to let Jamie Foxx sing and you rap? I think these songs would be great if you would get over yourself and share the spot-light!

2140 days ago


Kanye's performance gives me hope. Someone like me can make it to the top. I lost my beautiful voice to a thyroid condition. Maybe I can get an agent and get back in the Biz that I love so much!

2140 days ago


kanye's performance wasnt that bad, i dont get why people keep raggin on him, like seriously he's had a bad few years since his mom died and he's going through alot, and not everyone is going to have a good performance, but since he's a celeb, people feel the need to like rag on them every single time they screw up....seriously that's dumb. Like so many tabloids and idiots stay in their life and talk about them in their bad moments, instead of just leaving them alone! So what if you feel he cant sing, he thinks he can so he does, leave the man alone! Im sure plenty of people on here dont make as much as he does in their lifetime so until you can reach stardom then just shut up. Im sure it takes you a year to make what he makes in a day. Seriously just give the man his props for making it in life and shut up! geezus! Even if he is arrogant it's plenty of arrogant people in life. If you dont like him then dont like him but shut up raggin on him all the time! Make money like he does, and live a happy life!

2140 days ago

kanye BIG TIME Fan    

Kayne was great on SNL, as usual; no less is expected from him. The stage was great too, the entire setting, his genuine feeling and honesty comes out while he signs, This is amazing how well he connects with people. I am big fan of him, forever.

2140 days ago

Regina Jones    

I watched it Saturday night and laughed and laughed and laughed. He was the funniest part of the whole damn show.

2139 days ago


He is tone deaf. He is so arrogant that he can't even take criticism. Rappers have GOT to STOP trying to sing!!! Team up if you want actual singing in your songs!!

2139 days ago


" How many artists have you heard that actually sound great singing live? not many"

Oh, dear. You must either be very young, or have very bad taste in music. How many great live performers have I heard? Jeez. I can't even list them all here, but if we just want to talk about vocalists, and limit it to R&B (just to be fair to Kanye), we could list Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, James Brown, Prince, Morris Day, Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, Rick James, Sheila E, Bob Marley (not exactly R&B, but still...), Seal, Terrence Trent D'Arby, Lauren Hill, Beyonce Knowles, The Spinners, The Four Tops, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sly & the Family Stone, The Commodores, and on and on...

And yes, I've seen a number of these people live, and I can vouch for their sounding awesome in person.

You see, kiddo, once upon a time, before MTV ruined music by making the appearance and video presence of an artist more important than their actual musical talent, musicians sang without needing a sound crew to modify and modulate their voice, or enhance it with tone-boxes. They performed on raw talent. A lot of them even composed all their music-- Not just the lyrics, but the actual music. They didn't go to Timbaland or Diddy and ask him to steal- er- SAMPLE someone else's song and turn it into a hit for them; They actually wrote those original musical arrangements (The ones that guys like Timbaland and Diddy shameless rip off) note-by-note, line-by-line. They wrote parts for all their musicians in their band. They knew how to ad-lib a tune on the spot, too.

I bet you ANYTHING that if you asked Aretha Franklin to sing ANY SONG WRITTEN IN THE PAST 50 YEARS, she would be able to sing it better than a no-talent hack like Kanye West or Fergie could, without even needing a damned microphone or sound crew to boost/alter her voice.

I'd say the same goes for a lot of people in that list, and a few of them could actually play instruments to provide their own accompaniment. Could Kanye? Does he play ANYTHING?

He doesn't sing. His lyrics are embarrassingly childish (they sound like the kind of songs you'd sing to your dog). His music is processed junk that just repeats a couple chords over and over (and he doesn't play ONE NOTE of it, either). He relies on a crew of sound engineers to make him sound passable. He's a prime example of what's wrong with music today: Too much image, not enough talent.

His music sucked, but boy, I bet he worked hard on getting someone to make those big screens he gyrated in front of on SNL. I guess the idea was to have a really distracting stage set, so people wouldn't notice that he brings NOTHING ELSE to the musical world.

2139 days ago

You're Kidding!    

Kanye West...Oh, exalted one!..."Voice of this generation", "Champ of all musicians", creator of "great art", our new "Elvis"...Thank you, oh humble one!...So modest, humble, soft spoken, free from vanity and egotism! We praise you for your life giving generosity...the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat...we thank you! We stand in awe of your aura and how your presence has balanced the universe! We bow to you, oh mighty one!...because you are...Kanye West!

2139 days ago

Trish Stewart    

Ya'll are just haters! True, rap is generally not as good live (ANY RAP) but I thought Kanye put out a good effort and the graphics were kewl. His new album is takes a few listens...then suddenly u love it. In my experience all great truly timeless music is like Stuff that sounds great the first time gets old fast and usually sounds dated in a few yrs.

2137 days ago


As a musician I truly had to just shake my head and turn the tv off. This Auto tune crap is out of control. My generation had Marvin Gaye and now we've got this well whatever you wanna call it. Music(if that's what it is ) is so overly produced. But sadly it has to be because there's no one out there that can carry a friggin tune. All these Disney kids and all the rappers truly have no talent whatsoever musically. They've never had to work there asses off unloading sound equiptment, setting up the stage, then playing your heart out for 5 hours a night in a smokey redneck bar. Then collect your little bit of bread and pack it up to do it again in a couple of days. Too bad I didn't have a pretty face to go with my talent. Wait a minute...the rappers are pretty damn ugly too!! WORD!

2136 days ago

the pep    

Uhh want to be Elvis...yeah right...he never sounded this bad!! Get off of ur high horse!! You sound like a drunk singing karaoke!!

2125 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

The only one that liked that garbage was Kaney West and his mother from heaven.Thank God she passed away before she died of shame about this performance.Actually not performance but disaster and I'm sorry for SNL.I always had a high concept of SNL until last night.I think SNL has run its course and should be put to death quietly and without fanfare.

2106 days ago
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