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Cruise Apologizes ... Three Years Too Late

12/15/2008 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This morning on "Today," Tom Cruise finally admitted what everyone already knew -- last time he was on the show, he was a bit of an "arrogant" d-bag.
Tom Cruise: Click to watch


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Man. F this jackass he is so washed up. Im tired of listening to him and hearing things about his stupid fake religion

2104 days ago


He's a wacko and no amount of "damage control" is going to change that fact. He's arrogant, egocentric, smug, self-satisfied, controlling and WEIRD. It's difficult to understand why he has any fans whatsoever.

2104 days ago


Say what you want about his religion and marriage's, he's talented and the guy can act.

I wish the public at large would get off of this Scarlet Letter broomstick they hopped on after Cruise's stint on Oprah.

It's 3 years ago, get over it already.

Let the guy live.

How Brittany get's a pass for the crap she does and Cruise does not is beyond me.

2104 days ago


.....only because he's pimping a new movie.

2104 days ago


God for you Tom; humility goes a LONG way. Take it on the chin - keep it up and move on. I think you handled that very well - and your definitely correct not to talk about the 2 in the same interview. Have a few "company lines" in your back pokcet to keep the interviewers on track. . . becuase they'll try to hook you into saying something about your religion that will take off and have legs of it's own.
Merry Christmas to all TMZ land.

2104 days ago


The NBC staff should be more worried that the CO$ had their criminals acting as "security" outside.

2104 days ago


Why is it that the people who really NEED drugs are the ones that won't take them????

2104 days ago


What is it with you people at TMZ?????? No matter what this guy says or does, it's never enough to squash your ugly criticism of one of the most talented people in our lifetime. Either you're making fun of his wife, his child or him. Take a look in the mirror! You've lost your balance on this issue. You give new meaning to the words "mean-spirited".

2104 days ago


Cult damage control This couch jumping dangerous cult promoting moron thinks that even though we've seen his real side that we're just gonna forget and roll over because he has a movie to promotote. Tommygurls carreer is over...pound the last nail in the coffin holding the carcass of his career... boycott Valkyrie and show that scilon idiot we don't want to see his xenu hating face on any screen. No more money for the CULT of scientology

2104 days ago


GEORGE: You're "spot on" with your analysis about not contributing one single cent more to Tommygirl's "cult religion". Let him bang a tambourine on the street corner if he feels he needs to raise money for Scientology. His presence is wearing thin wherever he goes and he gets progressively more obsessive over time. He's phony and obviously trying too hard to be a "normal guy" when everyone realizes he's a wack-job. He needs mental help as much as Britney...

2104 days ago


TMZ - Why is this apology too late??? I'm not a huge fan of TC; however, ANYBODY who admits and apologize on public TV in such a public format deserves and gets my respect. TMZ - maybe you have a LOT to learn from Tom Cruise......

2104 days ago


who among has not said something they regret? A great man once said "he who is w/o sin cast the first stone". Good for him to acknowledge his mstake .

2104 days ago

Margaret hopes to free Katie and Suri    

Amen, #4

He just wants to make his movie a hit.

Don't see his movie. Buy a ticket for ANY OTHER movie and then go see his crap if you think you want to watch it..

2104 days ago

my cookie    

Tom Cruise is a handsome dude, but I believe that he is unhappy about life itself. It shows in his recent movies. What happened to him. He was a superstar! The Matt Lauder and Oprah issue did not cause him to lose some fans. There is a hole in his life that stems from his childhood. This is his third marriage. He will have a 4th. I don't think there's no woman or man that can satisfy him.

2104 days ago


Maybe I missed it in the clip. Although I heard him say his previous comments were "arrogant', I heard no apology.

2104 days ago
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