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Hugh Hefner Hates Criss Angel Too

12/15/2008 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You won't see Hugh Hefner around if his ex Holly marries that magical d-bag Criss Angel, cause outside One Sunset Hef declared he wants nothing to do with those people. Remember, you're never too old to talk smack.
Hugh Hefner: Click to watch
Oh yeah -- that chick next to him, totally wearing a see-thru dress.


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Hef has so much more class than that Criss Angelbanger!

2048 days ago

northern gypsy    

H.H. may be up front with all his gf's...but...he's a perv...the age gap confirms it ...

2048 days ago


DASHA......she is so her

2048 days ago


yep, that's Dasha. wow! i'm a 36 yr old heterosexual woman but i would totally go lesbian for her! she is a true beauty! i've always thought those eastern european women and latina women were gorgeous. or maybe i just think exotic beauties are. HOWEVER, those twins are so trashy! dirty, disease looking dayshift stripper types. they are not indicative of anything i think of Playboy!! when is Hef going to stop slumming and dump their criminal @sses?

2048 days ago


There should NOT be a comma before "too" in the caption. I'm a grammar major. "Too" could be substituted with "also" in that sentence, and no comma is needed there either!

2048 days ago


Don't count on Hugh Heffner dumping any female that will pretend to pay attention to him. He's nothing but a horny old toad who has to pay for female attention. He's the one who is crazy. All those gals know how to use him. I've been reading that the Playboy company is going broke anyway, so dirtbag old Hugh may not have the cash to keep paying for female attention too much longer. He's a pathetic old fool anyway. His daughter is retiring as CEO in upcoming weeks.

2048 days ago


Criss is awesome. The dude is the best thing to happen to Magic in over a decade! And a hell of a nice guy. TMZ, you have great gossip but no soul. Some of the hottest or nicest or most talented people in the world you rag on because they wouldn't pose for you or interview with you. Give them a break already. Add JL Hewit to that list.

2048 days ago


Chris Angel has a very small penis.

2048 days ago


Hey # 21.....Be more original. Quit copying Michael K.

2048 days ago


Chris has a very small penis...he has not satisfied me once.

2048 days ago


lol....i didn't even notice!! ;-) but i AM a huge fan of his so i guess it stands to reason that i would adopt some of his vernacular. love him!! and his witty put downs!! glad to read you're a fan of his as well.

2048 days ago

The Dude    

That's because Chris didn't put out.... Chris is a bitch...not that much of a bitch though!

2048 days ago


looks like Deaf Hugh Hefner, is nearing THE END,, You had a great run now did'nt you Hef..R.I.P.

2048 days ago

My two cents    

I think Hef is so much better off without Holly. I find her to be very rude and nasty. Shall I mention the ego and chip on her shoulder? Look at her Myspace page: "I don't have time for your emails-leave a comment". Well, then get the HELL off Myspace if you are, "too busy" for the LITTLE people. WHAT A SNOB! She was nothing like Kendra or Bridget. Those two had a sweetness about them (a little goofy, but...) and Holly just sat around and gave dirty looks to everyone. She didn't get her way with Hef, so she packed it and moved on with that sleeze bucket Cris Angel. They will use each other until the other does nothing for their careers anymore (a Holly classic move). Holly will be a no body in 5 years....that is just a fact. As for those Twins---yikes! Hef needs to get rid of those two. I don't think the public will ever accept them. Classless little skanks if you ask me. He needs to find three with some class and some humor. He could certainly do better. He really should go back to Kimberly. Now THAT was a woman who really loved him AND had more class in her little finger than anyone else. Either that or go back to Barbie Benton. That was a cool lady. KMA Holly--you little friggen BITCH.

2048 days ago


just because he said, he aint going to walk her down the aisle does'nt mean he hates them i can understand where he's coming from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2048 days ago
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