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MacGyver Pissed Over Alleged Pooch Pounding

12/15/2008 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This weekend in Malibu our photog almost got to see how MacGyver -- aka Richard Dean Anderson -- would take down an alleged animal abuser using only the dog's leash, his own glasses and a Christmas poinsettia.
Richard Dean Anderson: Click to watch


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didn't do anything?! he was standing 10ft away from the guy talking loudly about what he was doing in order to intimidate him and the guy stopped. violence is not always the answer idiots, lets use our big people words.

2082 days ago


I'm crying, why didn't anyone stop that guy? Never hit your pet!!! What is wrong with people? Please find that so called pet owner and remove the dog from him. he has no need for a pet. there are much safer homes for that dog!!

2082 days ago


I think RDA did the right thing here. He called attention to the guy (who stopped beating the dog). What good would it have done to have a brawl in front of his daughter? Love RDA.

2082 days ago

1957 Nomad    

And, umm, how do you know what he said or did BEFORE the TMZ video starts? I love how people "rush to judgment" I commend him for saying anything--especially loud enough for everyone to hear.

2079 days ago


Now i like him more, thnx mc gyver

2068 days ago


definitely did the right thing, now others are aware of this man's actions. By the way who is the chick with him? Anyone know? Just being noisy.

2057 days ago

RDA Fan    

Just leave the guy alone he was out with his daughter and friend, he would of confronted the guy but i don't see him doing it with his 10YR OLD daughter watching, some of you have no brain's he has more common sence then some of you on here.

2052 days ago

RDA-SG1 Fan    

RDA did the right thing... #20. The 'Chick' with RDA is Apryl Prose' his daughter's mum & I think still ? hie Ex-partner... go RDA!

2047 days ago


Way to go RDA.
Thank you TMZ for being more respectful to the man despite you paparazzing. My question is, why is it TMZ can stalk RDA, but don't have the guts to leave the dog abuser's face on the clip. You fuzzed out the guy's face yet film celebrities without their consent. Is there a law I'm not aware of?

2035 days ago


I think he handled it exactly the right way. He didn't initiate violence or confrontation, which likely would not have solved anything. Instead, he used the resources that were available to him (his star power and the resulting paparazzi presence) to get the alleged animal abuser and his dog on camera. In doing so he got the man to cease what he was doing, AND got video evidence of the incident incase **** had gone down and RDA had had to get directly involved. Rick is a dog lover and a wonderful man, and this video just makes me admire him even more.

1121 days ago


I would of beat the ever living crap out of that d bag no matter who was standing around. I have zero tolerance for animal abuse

1121 days ago
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