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Nicole Kidman: Still Sore About Divorce

12/15/2008 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not to be outdone by the third Mrs. Tom Cruise, the second Mrs. Tom Cruise showed off her lip impairment in Stuttgart, Germany this weekend.

Mimi Rogers, you have been warned.


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I get cold sores, and Im niether a skank or an ex of Toms.
Whats your point?

2139 days ago

Silver bells    

I'd rather have a cold sore then an eyesore (Tom)!

2139 days ago


1 in 4 adults are infected with the virus that causes fever blisters/cold sores. This isn't exactly exciting or entertaining news.

2139 days ago


Is Tom the common denominater?
Just saying..........

2139 days ago


looks like tom's wives catch this disease from him!
he's just as bad as paris hilton and her herpes that she just spreads around to all the losers she has relationships with!

2139 days ago


To save all the grief and sorrow peep's, let me break it down for yah. Nic's new flick "Austraila" sux, and she had to pop a cold one to get some lip service about it. Dig?

2139 days ago


Poor Keith hope she does not infect him!!!!!

2139 days ago


and for the record "sky".... the fact that 1 in 4 adults is infected with herpes is disgusting! and it just goes to prove that 1 in 4 adults are trampy skanky slutty whores who sleep around and have no respect for themselves!

only sluts, skanks, tramps, whores and other disgusting trash people catch that STD!

i'm glad that i was raised better than that and know better than to kiss and hook up with random people! i have pride in myself and i have respect for myself! also, i don't sleep around nor do i get sloppy at clubs/bars and then proceed to go home with stupid random losers met at the club! i have more class than that!

2139 days ago


Kudo's for the nice photo enchancing tho'!

2139 days ago

Roger Moore    

Tom Cruise gave me Ass Herpes!

2139 days ago


To Ferrairprynces.. not everyone who sleeps around gets cold sores, Some people are just born with this virus . My 6 year old niece had had 2 cold sores so far in her life, each time after she had the common cold.And I am sure she did not kiss and hook up with some random people. So do not make assumptions that only skanky people can get cold sores.

2139 days ago


So is TMZ keeping a runnig count of celebs w/ the herp.

2139 days ago

crazy people    

ferraripryncess are you serious right now? know what you're talking about before you write on here. a fever blister/cold sore is not an STD. you do not need to be a slut, skank, tramp, or whore to get a cold sore. there are two types of herpes...cold sores are different then what you are thinking.

2139 days ago


COLD SORES ARE HERPES SIMPLEX 1 ( HSV-1) Retard. It is herpes and it IS an STD!! It is nasty... Cold Sore is just a nice way of saying I have face herpes! Sure a lot of people have it, but I don't ... because Im not a slut.. who kisses or shares whatever they feel like with people they know nothing about. Gross....

This doesn't count for children who grow up to have it because one of their parents did, nothing you can do about that.

They are also called : Fever Blisters just in case someone wants to pass that off on you!

2139 days ago


Well it looks more like a split lip than a cold sore. cold sore are on the outside of the lip, not the inside, Seriously, is this the best you can do today?

2139 days ago
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