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Sharon Osbourne's

Alleged Hair-rassment

12/15/2008 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: Sharon Osbourne allegedly causes premature balding in "Charm School" contestants.

Sharon Osbourne
This is the damage done to Megan Hauserman, who claims Sharon Osbourne scratched her and pulled out chunks of her hair during the "Rock of Love: Charm School" reunion on Saturday. The irony of this situation does not escape us.

Megan went to the hospital on Sunday -- hence the photo -- and also filed a report with the LAPD.


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If TMZ had the whole would understand    

Oh man, her hair is so over processed that it probably just fell out!

2104 days ago


It is pretty funny that Sharon was so against violence in Charm School... but then again I personally think someone says something about your family, they should expect something back...

2104 days ago


Don't forget Ozzie biting the heads off bats during his concerts. Total psycho.

2104 days ago


That looks more like root rot from waaaaaaay over processing her hair. Nasty looking head of hair, for sure

2104 days ago


Let the episode be aired and we will really see..............because it was during filming of the Charm School reunion it is all on tape.........hah........and Megan deserves what she gets when she opens her mouth and says what she said..........which was a total slur on Ozzy and Megan needs to quit writing checks with her mouth that her butt can't cash!

2104 days ago


Makes me so mad!!!!!!
Sharon was the most indulgent of mothers on TV with hr own crazy kids.
So why is she beeing mean to other people's kids?????

2104 days ago


Except this is not the irst time Sharon Osbourne has wound up in a slap fest.

Hitting someone is against the law!!

It's called assault and it does not matter if someone "deserves it".

2104 days ago


This is an old bald spot she has from having jacked up hair extensions. If someone pulled out the hair from your scalp IT SHOULD HAVE REDNESS OR SOMETYPE OF BLEEDING!! DUH!!! The only thing she revealed is that she is going bald (with out Sharon's help)...

2104 days ago

Holly G    

Here's my thing, why did she wait a whole day to go to the hospital and file a police report? Besides she's one to file a report on someone. I guess Destiney from the show should file a report on her then? * she was kicked off the show for kicking Destiney* In 24 hours she had more then enough time to take out some of her hair and scratch herself up.

2104 days ago


I am so glad this bitch got what was coming to her. You don't diss someone's family and expect to
get away with it, even if it was in the context of "entertainment". If you've watch MEgan on previous shows, she is an underhanded, backstabbling, lying, cheating, fake ass actress wannabe bitch and I'm surprised she's got this far without getting her ass kicked. And her hair is as cheap as she is. Go buy some more fake hair to go with your fake boobs, fake smile, and fake-ass self!

2104 days ago


Megan can't be any sluttier or crazier than Kelly Osbourne, she was a total psycho on their old MTV show.
Sharon should have a high tolerance for crazyfrom her own family.

What Sharon did is unlawful and there will be repercussions. Get the old hag off the air.

2104 days ago


Eww...her hair looks like a rats nest even before it was pulled out.

Good. I couldn't stand this woman she was putrid and a miserable example of a human being. I'm glad she got a bit of an ass-kicking. Long overdue.

2104 days ago


AWESOME. Maybe now they'll put as much security for Rock of Love shows as they do for Flavor of Love & I Love New York's shows. Hilarious.

2104 days ago


Get Sharon into the LA county jail for a few days and let her cool her heels. Yucky old whore. Who is she to try and reform others.

2104 days ago


Hey Can someone please explain what when on?? Did they already air the reunion?

So reading other people posts megan dissed Ozzy...If that is true i am glad Sharon snatched that

Ozzy is Rock & Roll royalty and helped give birth to a new sound in music. He is a living legend and deserves respect..Esp from a girl who is as clueless as that megan chick.. I remember she said on one episode that she just wants to be a trophy wife and never work in her life..

Hey sharon snatched the other side of her head to make it even!!

2104 days ago
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