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Sharon Osbourne's

Alleged Hair-rassment

12/15/2008 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: Sharon Osbourne allegedly causes premature balding in "Charm School" contestants.

Sharon Osbourne
This is the damage done to Megan Hauserman, who claims Sharon Osbourne scratched her and pulled out chunks of her hair during the "Rock of Love: Charm School" reunion on Saturday. The irony of this situation does not escape us.

Megan went to the hospital on Sunday -- hence the photo -- and also filed a report with the LAPD.


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So let me get this straight,Sharon whipped this girls arse because she said something insulting about Ozzy??Sharon says insulting stuff about every other person.Just shows she can dish it out but she cant take it . I hope the girl sues her .I dont care if the girl deserved it or not ,you cant just beat someone up for pissin* you off. People make me mad all the time and I would not get away with assult if I did what she did. She needs to get thicker skin .

2109 days ago


That had to have hurt like hell.

2109 days ago


SHARON is one of the smartest business women in rock & roll. Ozzy is one of the most naturally talented vocalist in rock n roll. (heavy metal) To sit here and down either of them is absurd.
MEGAN has no talent and deserved a royal smack down by Sharon! Sharon should market some new T shirts titled "KNOCK A B**** OUT"!

2109 days ago

The Dude    

Oh.....ew....oh jeeze...huh, for a minute there I was wondering how TMZ got a picture of my dog ass. Whew!

2109 days ago


megan let her alligator mouth overload her humming bird ass. Megan needs her ass kicked more often and her little dog too.

2109 days ago


I love Megan and I cant beleive they had sharon as the headmistress or whatever the hell it was. I bet megans happy about it now!! Stupid sharon... ur gonna have to pay for this i bet.

2109 days ago

Sharon Rules    

It's about time Meagan got what she deserved. You go Sharon.

2109 days ago


That girl seems like such a sad, empty, lifeless soul. It appears that she has nothing to live self-esteem, self-respect, any ounce of kindness or compassion for others. How can one live like that? It seems like there are alot of these types and I have to wonder where their parents were when they were children for them to have turned out so ruined at such a young age. Life would be better for her if she learned to put others first.

2109 days ago


I love Megan. she is a ***** but she does own it and thats why she should get paid. cant handle the ***** attitute you give out then pay up sharon!

2109 days ago


I am glad this bathing suit wearing flat ass slut got what she deserved. Sharon should have busted her scalp open to the white meat. She got lucky.

2109 days ago


I say knock her out Sharon! This has been a long time coming. If someone as souless and nasty as Megan said that about someone I loved I rip that nasty blonde weave out of her head too. What a skank! She is a manipulator and a troublemaker. They always say whatever you do unto others will come back on you three fold. Let something happen to those pretty little looks and she's screwed in life. Karma is a bitch!

2109 days ago

grossed out    

I love Sharon Osbourne. You go girl! VH1 should not move forward with Megan Hauserman show she will cause problems and lie and sue VH1 in the future for no reason. VH1 becareful do not hire this conniving liar on your show!

2109 days ago


I havent even seen the last show or know who won. I am wondering how the heck I missed it and the reunion show? I watch Rock Of Love Charm School every week. Sharon Osbourne is awsome and Megan deserved it I am sure.

2109 days ago


slap that ho, sharon! megans dumb enough to think she's gonna get a rich husband, but one day she's gonna resort to doing gangbangs and bukkake videos. yumyumyum. give megan double anal dirt pipe milkshake!

2109 days ago

i love the 80    

thats what that ole stupid whore gets for talking about a living legend like ozzy!! she should have stabbed her implants!! lol.. you go sharon!

2109 days ago
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