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Brit to Ellen: Rap It Up Already

12/16/2008 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and Ellen recently went Christmas caroling -- but these definitely weren't your grandma's carols.

Britney Spears & Ellen: Click to watch
In an "Ellen" episode airing today, not only does DeGeneres get a lesson in booty shaking from a shockingly sane and funny Spears, the two also do a freestyle "Jingle Bells" rap ... in costume.


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I'm with #6....society is simply idiotic at this point.

2105 days ago


#6 you are really sad. Stop passing judgment on others. Have you talked to God personally to know that is true? Keep your bible nonsense to yourself. Thanks but please don't share your backwards thinking!!! Get a clue. God loves all people including gay, straight and even ignorant like yourself. Go look in the mirror and stop pointing hateful fingers at others. You are so sad!

2105 days ago

Big Bear    

We now know why there is no guy in Britney's life. Britney and Ellen have become special friends if you catch my drift. Britney may find true peace with a special woman friend.

2105 days ago


When I get on here and read some of these comments, I just have to laugh. You have all the gay lovers insisting that you look at life like them, you simply MUST follow their lead and accept gays. You have no right to express an opposing opinion. If you don't agree with them, they call you names. Their need to control others thoughts is a whole other issue that needs to addressed by a psychiatrist. It is apparently over all your heads that God does not like the way the world is going and Armageddon is here. Hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes. Man is selfish, vulgar, uncaring and driven by lustful desires. I'm not a religious person, but anybody with half a brain can see the rest of the world hates us. I don't believe in homosexuality. And I have the right to say so without being told I am an a**hole. Society does not have to conform to your way of thinking just because you say so. You like gays, fine. You don't like gays, that is fine, too. Try to expand your little brains and let other people think for themselves.

2105 days ago


#6 pncmsing go F yourself you ignorant SOB!!! Why don't you go build a concrete house and wait for your Armageddon. Get a life!! FROM a very straight person who is also a recovering Catholic. Go stick your precious bible up your a$$!!!!!!

2105 days ago


That goes for you too #22. From a straight person who is tired of all the judgmental and ignorant bible bangers!! Go throw stones at yourself dumb a$$! Get in your concrete house if you are so concerned about Armageddon. Pathetic!!!!!

2105 days ago


I bet it's GOD's will that you read TMZ and judge everyone in addition to lesbians too, right??

2105 days ago

Tangie are a lovely person. Are all lesbians so angry?

2105 days ago


yep,,,, My girls comming back around to earth. totaly cool, totaly.

2105 days ago


Lol... i gotta say that was pretty funny!!

2105 days ago


I always knew Britney Spears way gay! Sick, sick, sick!!!!

2105 days ago


I watched this segment on Ellen this a.m. It was funny and Britney looked great and sounded good. Most people can't sing acapella, (you know, without music) and nowadays most singers today sound pretty bad without all the electronic background mixing anyway...

2105 days ago


Agree with #6. Everyone saying this is 2008, I don't care if it's 3008, time does not change the living word of God, all this 'time' is showing is that we are living in the last days as more and more minds have become SEDUCED by ideas that are against God's will. And yes, he made man and woman to procreate, it is merely man's OPINION that the world is overpopulated and man's opinions, theories, and statistic are meaningless when we are talking about the living word of God.

2105 days ago

Obama is a Socialist!    

#20 - Chris - "I'm not a religious person, but anybody with half a brain can see the rest of the world hates us."

The world hates us because we have gays? haha

I am NOT gay and I do not have problem with people that are gay but I do have a problem with people that try to shove their views down my throat, regardless if it is gay marriage, illegal immigration, etc.

2105 days ago


#6 I hope you or your wife doesn't sit on your furniture when they're on your period. because we know that's in the same section of the bible as homosexuality. don't pick and choose which scriptures YOU like to follow!!!!!! BTW, THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE! Looks like you're going to hell! I guess I am too because I just judged you! LMAO, Christianty is a joke...and I used to pentecostal!

2105 days ago
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