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Cops: MTV Star Died Street Racing

12/16/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fiery car crash that killed Kandice Hutchison from "A Double Shot at Love" allegedly was caused by street racing -- and Kandice was one of two cars involved in the deadly race.

According to an official accident report, Kandice's Nissan 350Z sport coupe and a Mazda 6 were racing down the Airport Freeway in Euless, Texas when they sped past a Mustang.

The two cars passed the Mustang on either side -- Kandice on the right and the Mazda on the left -- but once they passed it, Kandice lost control, veered into the Mazda and then crashed into a concrete median.

Kandice, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from her car and pronounced dead at the scene.

The DA is now considering filing street racing charges, according to the Star-Telegram.


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ferraripryncess you are one cruel sad person. Did you get a sense of satisfaction writing that, or were you just looking for attention? If there's a hell, your going to it.

2134 days ago


I knew Kandi personally and for or those of you that can’t read very well… the headline states, “allegedly”, which means that it has not been proven. It has been 2 months since she has left us and I am sure that if street racing was in question that the almost 8hr investigation at the accident site would have indicated it…. But guess what IT DID NOT GIVE ANY CLUES TO THAT. Accidents happen people; that’s why they are called ACCIDENTS!

All this article is for is more views to their site and it’s nothing but hear say! So those of you that are casting judgment on someone that you don’t know or even know all the facts of the case in the situation… you just need to keep your comments to yourself and let this beautiful and amazing woman, daughter, sister, and friend rest in peace!

2134 days ago


Sincerest condolences to her family and friends.
God forbid any of the people posting these childish, thoughtless comments ever make a poor decision and pay the ultimate price. So nice to see there are so many perfect people left...Good luck with that.

2134 days ago


Street racing without a seat belt? At about 3 AM? Oh yeah, brilliant choice. I saw about 30 seconds (all I could stand) of the MTV show this girl was on, and she was a total skank. Basically, she was just yet another dumb club whore who did something stupid (probably thinking, as most of them do, "I can get away with anything I want to because I'm hawt.") The only real loss here is 12 lbs. of boobs.

2134 days ago


You dont even know what her car had on it! It wasnt just stocked and if you please read the whole article you would see that its still under investigation. The guy had lost the race and then ran her off the road. He was leaving a party and was heading to a motel with an 18 when he is 29. Just cause she had alcohol in her blood does not automatically make her responsible. Just wait for the investigation to be over before yawl pass judgement. Also they are only giving on side of the story and that is because Kandice isnt here to defend herself. But now with other eye witnesses involved its a complete different story. Which also shows that the police didnt do a full investigation so its being re -opened. Im not asking you to like her or have sympathy for her but really to just put yourself in her families shoes and ask yourself if you would have wanted this to happen to you or your family!

2134 days ago


Sad Story ... So young so Pretty and now she's dead what a shame, what TMZ left out wich is unfortunate as well was that she was not only street racing but she was drunk at the time with a blood alcohol level at .024 which was twice the legal limit i guess this is a prime example of why you shouldnt Drink n Drive ,, My condolences

2134 days ago

~alis volat propriis~ "*she flies with her own wings*"    

i find it amusing that people sit on here all day to write about someone they've never even met.... talk crap back in forth about subjects that don't even matter.... and pass judgement on someone that they read about on a gossip site.

really? that's sad. I look at this stuff and laugh. we don't care what you think about Kandi.

it just doesn't matter what you have to say.

how about ALL of you get a life and stop talking about issues that you know nothing about? you weren't there for her growing up, you didn't go to school with her or hang out with her, you weren't there when she died or at her funeral.

and for the individual talking crap about her mom.... YOU amuse me most. you didn't know Kandice, and you don't know her mother either. pick on people in your own life.... if there's anyone in it. you sit on this site all day and do nothing else. fantastic.

2133 days ago

what the huh?    

Just so I've got this straight, Kandice was a car, right?

2133 days ago


#51, check your math. 0.024 is much less the legal limit of 0.08. It was actually reported to be 0.24.

2133 days ago


its kinda sad when you first hear about it but when you read the whole story she deserves it.and i never really lked her on the show either

2130 days ago


I went to college with this girl and when i knew her, she was a stripper and barely showing up to class. I am sure she meant alot to her friends and family but this life she supposedly had was fake. It is a sad thing to have happend but I don't understand why a girl from a small town dies and it makes TMZ. Who cares! She was racing another car probubly drunk leaving a club and didn't have her seat belt on. When I first heard about the crash first thing I thought was Kandi was probubly drunk hauling ass, and hey guess what I was right.

2111 days ago
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