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Raises Terror Alert

to Red

12/16/2008 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk HoganThere was a security breach at Newark Airport yesterday, after Hulk Hogan flashed his lucky flaming red man-panties.

No one was injured but TSA officials did question Hulk for his curious choice in undergarments.


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darling nikki    

Does anyone besides TMZ honestly care?

2034 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Oh dear God, someone shoot this man and the rest of his family...quickly....really.

2034 days ago


That damn family---- nothing but trash. I would say they should go join the circus but "circus folk" have much more class than all of the hogans combined. The organization that named Terry father of the year should be run out of town. What a disgrace. If you wrote a book about the family no one would believe that idiots would do such things. Hey Terry, don't show us your under-clothes anymore. You have showed the world your ASS of a family enough. And, for christmas, why not buy your skank daughter some clothes that are actually her size to wear. I guess she really has spent a lot of time around you and Linda. Now go oil up old Brookie's ass cheeks "DADDY".

2034 days ago


What did Hulk do? Hes fine. its that stupid bitch Linda and that retard Nick! Hulk wears red underwear cause back in the 70s he wore red underwear on a plane trip and the plane crashed and he wears red underwear now on all his flights for good luck.

2034 days ago


Ewwwwww. Man-ties. Ick. The LAST thing I wanted to see before breakfast was Hulk Hogan AND his panties. Just one without the other is bad enough. I agree with ATL - this family is PURE WHITE TRASH. It is such good news that his "family show" is off the air and that Brooke's is following closely behind. None of them has an ounce of talent. Brooke sings like a cat in heat. Horrible. Give head, sweetie. It may help with those pipes.

2034 days ago

Janice Marie    

HULK RULES FOREVER! All of you jealous biyatches can suck it!

2034 days ago


Janice Marie-----you sound like the perfect girl for Hulkie. A class act that can't spell. A match made in heaven. I bet he'll even let you wear his boa and bright red undies.

2034 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

The Hulkster, ever the superhero, is just wearing the fabric of choice of caped crusaders from back in the day.

2034 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

What's the big deal? This guy has made a fortune in his underwear. How many times have you actually seen this guy wearing clothes? It's not his underwear, it's his costume.

2034 days ago


Hey Dave in Tulsa: What kind of costume do you wear when you fly?

2034 days ago


coastal, i dont know what planet youre from, but people cant fly! EARTH TO MORON!?!?!?!?!

2034 days ago


This guy is the absolute jerk.

2034 days ago


Yo Justin What kind of drugs are you on today? Coastal is right---hulk is a freak and you are too. Sounds like you are a little too eager to defend hulk. Crush? Now, run and ask your mommie how to give a good b-job for your man hulkie. You sound poor. Maybe hulkie can pay you for your sevices.

2034 days ago


Yo Jameson: don't waste your time with Justin. He's very funny. Look at his message. !?!?!?!?---looks like something a small child would do. Justin, hope santa brings you a Hulk poster and a box of crayons and your very own boa for christmas. Now, use your new crayons and draw a life!

2034 days ago


oh, im so hurt by what you said. i really care what you loser say about me. im sure you picked on little kids in school and took their lunch money. wow, you call me names, youre such a big person.

2033 days ago
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