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If These Walls Could Sulk

12/16/2008 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know the economy sucks when even the stars can't make their house payments! Check out some of the celebrity mansions caught in all of the foreclosure madness!


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Free Credit Report    

Yup. Besides those who really got deceived by the shady mortgage brokers, most people are in trouble because they want to live the "good life" that is above what they could afford. You can always go up even when you can't afford that next level, but you're more likely to get in trouble. People of all income status are subject to this reality. But yeah, why is it that we don't feel bad for those who are richer than us when this happens? lol...we're such haters! haha =P

2057 days ago


Since when is Amber Frey a celebrity?

2136 days ago

Mike W    

These foreclosures have nothing to do with the economy. If you look at each and everyone, these are people who have been struggling long before the sluggish economy. You’re talking about careless spenders who lived the "good life" a little too long. I am so tired of the negative, inaccurate reporting pertaining to the economy. Quit playing off of the fears of Americans.

2136 days ago


About them for them to come down off the high life after we fools support them. I say boycott all sales from movies, concerts, and CD's. They don't pay our bills, and let all of the stars have a stinky farty christmas!

2136 days ago


Very good point Mike W.........and who is Amber Frey??

2136 days ago


We should feel sorry for them because............................?

2136 days ago


I know how they can make some extra money for their house payments.... conduct paid tours of their house, and for a little extra let someone leave with something in the house, like some dirty laundry or something.

Wasn't Amber Frey linked to Scott Peterson? He's that freak who "allegedly" killed his pregnant wife, but who never admitted to it, and is serving time for it anyway.

2136 days ago

John Stone    

They are mostly black, i wonder if that was done on purpose or wether this reflects how the average rich black man manages money. Look at the size of holyfields mansion.. Just like Mike Tyson. Guys had something like 300 million and lost it to nothing but stupidity. These are certainly people who didnt make their money by being intelligent: investing, starting a business, buying stocks, maintaining a high net worth and continuing until they are wealthy.. its just another group of singers, atheletes who live the high life paycheck to paycheck off of whatever rediculous salary their voice or body brought them.

2136 days ago


Are we REALLY supposed to feel sorry for these people losing their mansions????

How about feeling sorry (and bailing out) the normal American workers (who actually WORK for a living) and families who have either lost or will lose their homes?

I don't hear the gov't or anyone else feeling any compassion or empathy for THEM!

No, they keep bailing out Wall St; billionaire CEO'S (think AIG here); and now they want to only bail out a HUGE industry - the Big 3 auto makers who have no one to blame for their mess other than their union!

NO ONE is worrying about or offering "bailouts" to all the other millions of workers laid off and who have NO income period and no homes!

Feel sorry for the rich and famous and their loss of "mansions"????

Forget it. I don't.

2136 days ago


People around me are losing their homes one by one, yet, idiots with all this money are losing their homes too. Guess who I feel sorry for? My God, if you had all that money, wouldn't you pay off your home first?

2136 days ago


Amber Frey came into a little money from writing a book on the Scott Peterson ordeal. Instead of putting it away for children, she blows it on a house and now THAT HOUSE IS IN FORECLOSURE!!!! BAD MOVE AMBER!!!

2135 days ago

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