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Old Bond

Could Beat Up

New Bond

12/16/2008 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, they're good friends and have mutual admiration for each other -- but if Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig fought to the death, only one Bond could emerge.



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Free Credit Report    

New Bond is more physical and kicks more ass...old Bonds are suave talkers and smooth operators....I guess our generation can identify with the new Bond and his ass-kicking ways because we're used to that stuff...thanks to UFC! I also like pierce cuz he seems like a good guy and carried himself well like a true gentlemen! Agree with #8 on the guns girls and gadgets thing...very good formula!

2057 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I had lost interest in Bond until Daniel Craig came along and started taking names.

2137 days ago


Pierce Brosnan would have gotten his ass kicked. Hell Ronald McDonald could kick his skinny ass. Sorry Pierce but you got the roll because of the natural accent and woman like you.

2137 days ago


The new "bond" is just a rehash of "Jason Bourne". The movies have been terrible. The last one had a great opening, until people went and actually saw the movie. Then whoosh, it was gone. Pierce is a thousand times better.

2137 days ago

Junkyard Willie    

Brosnan was soap opera Bond, no wonder Americans liked him. New Bond is way better.

2137 days ago


Brosnan, I agree he was a soap opera Bond - standing around in livingrooms talking with perfume makers, never developing any character, and I always thought Brosnan made a career out of refusing to perform, he's a stone cold waste of space. He's always got that smug, total pretentious, inorganic robot smirk going on. What the hell is that?

The new Bond is far superior, I'd say he and Sean Connery were the only two worthy of the Bond role.

2137 days ago


Pierce Brosnan was an AMAZING James Bond, the best since Connery in my opinion. Daniel Craig just doesn't do it for me, I still think Clive Owen would've been a better choice. Of course, Clive Owen can actually act, which is more than I can say for Daniel Craig.

2137 days ago

Breanna Rogers    

That "smug, total pretentious, inorganic robot smirk" Brosnan always had/has going on, is hot, thats what that is.
He was a fantastic Bond, and is a fantastic actor all around. Now not everyone agrees with that, and thats just fine, its all a matter of opinion. I dont think Craig is half as bad as the fanboys like to say he is, yea the last one was...not good, but give 'em a shot. He's got some big (and oh so sexy) shoes to fill that Pierce left behind for him.
Americans like a Bond that has Guns Girls and Gadgets. Its what we've always had. You take that away from us and we will be sure to tell you. Dont mess with a formula that has proven quite favorable 20 times before. Thats like taking popcorn out of the movies. BAD IDEA!

2075 days ago

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