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Brit's Replacement -- Twice the Size, Half the Crazy

12/17/2008 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed's new girlfriend has pretty big shoes to fill -- but judging by these photos of 5'10" ex-volleyball star Victoria Prince, that shouldn't be a problem.

Victoria Prince: Click to view!

Once again, it seems K-Fed is dating outside of his league -- but actually, it's just the opposite. Victoria is a member of Federleezy's "Party Animals" bowling team, which is currently in second place in a local bowling league.

She doesn't look too bad in a pair of shorty-shorts either.


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Bitch looks like a half man!!! Some advice for you K-Fed UPGRADE!!! DON'T DOWN-GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2135 days ago



There's nothing worse than an unattractive girl who THINKS she's sexy

2135 days ago


UGLY .. she took ugly pills ... HORSE FACE AND DEADBEAT DAD, a new couple. He isn't a good father .. get a brain and realize he's sucking up Britney's millions every year to baby sit. Kevin is the same guy who left the black mother pregnant to their second son to marry Britney and never looked back. He's there now to give her Britney's money and she's there to take it too. All disgutsing and all Britneys dependents. Terrible and I feel sorry for 'Britney. HE'S NOT A GOOD DAD AT ALL WHEN HE LEFT 2 BLACK KIDS TO TAKE CARE OF TWO WHITE KIDS FOR MILLIONS ..

2135 days ago

This is devastating.....    

Seriously this guy goes through girls like water. This girl should run & run FAST!!!! He uses the girls for there money. He makes them think he loves them,they date,get married and all is wonderful then he gets the girl pregnant & then leaves his pregnant wife home while he parties all night in vegas then after the kid(s) are born they divrce & he fights for sole custody of the kids so that he can get the huge pay check for chil dupport.I think that britney really thought kevin loved her & i really don't think she thought he wanted her for the money..she was in love.To bad kevin took advantage of britney.This girl is the next one to be taken advantage of. He is such a sleaze bag. Go home with your kids for a while & stop roaming around bowling alley's,clubs & vegas & stopping hanging around girls for a while.Focus on your kids.

Oh,and i thought i would add come he is NEVER seen with his kids?? when ever they are at his house..are they with him,..NOPE they are with a nanny..he can raise them himself..oh wait i forgot then he would not be able to go out clubbing & sleeping with and impregnating a different women every night.These girls are never going to learn & k-sleazes kids are going to grow up seeing what a disgusting leach he is..what an example he sets. Plus,why is he even still getting attention he is a low-life dancer has been who was nothing til he met britney.

& his people interview was such a friggen joke.Don't you have enough money from britney with out having to come out with a tell all interview for people & a photo-op with your kids.PUH-LEASE!!!!!

Kevin thank britney for your rise to stardom or lack there of.

2135 days ago


CREEPY! She looks just like Britney to me!

2135 days ago


Congrats Kevin!
Heaven knows your the only reason your kids are thriving. It's hard being a single parent.
No help from that narcissistic trainwreck you once married. We know that for sure. It was and is all about britney and what makes britney happy, (drugs and men and alcohol_)
Good luck bud

2135 days ago


I know Victoria and she is a very, sweet girl and a beautiful one might I add in heart as well as physical beauty. She is genuine and if she is dating him it is because she likes him as a person and friend.

2134 days ago


Have you seen the audition footage of Britney as a kid? OMG she was talented even then... You could tell she was going to be a star!!! A friend of mine was telling me about this show she worked on... It sounds like a MUST SEE!!! There is going to be more unreleased Britney footage along with JT, Jessica Simpson, David Arquette, and a bunch of others that I can't remember.
It's called REDISCOVERED and debuts on Tuesday, Dec. 23rd at 9pm on ABC... This show got all this unreleased audition footage of all these stars from almost 20 years ago and went out to find 5 people for each episode that were the last cut and give them a 2nd chance at stardom. All 5 get their dream fulfilled almost 20 years after giving up their dream of a lifetime... Sounds like a HUGE hit!!! I can't wait and am telling everyone about it... I can't get enough of watching stars from today before they were famous and see what has changed and what is the same... Can you tell who they are? Can you tell they are going to be stars?
Great holiday viewing... Tell your friends and families!!!

2133 days ago


She is much much prettier than that FAS eyed ugly mongrel Fatney Spears. And this girl has a body. she is tall slim and in great shape. While Fatney is a short stumpy tree trunk legged slut. Victoria is such an upgrade for K fed.

2132 days ago


This girl is ugly.. end of story. Britney Spears has nothing to do with that.

2132 days ago


Oh Brother! now out of all the folks you should be messing with K-Fed is not one of them, he is a single good father, let him have some fun, every once in a while without attacking him.
K-Fed although i hate calling you K-Fed and will never buy an album, you go be you and any one who falls for you, is a women who may be taking risk, but risk are OK. How else are we to know if it will work or not?

2131 days ago

for now    

If Kevin is so bad and if Britney is so good,
then why did she marry him?
Idiots who are jealous of Kevin,never want to answer that question.
Also Britney's parents say Kevin is a good man.

2131 days ago



2126 days ago


hot weather u gat here

1058 days ago
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