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Elisabeth Hassles Bush into Invite

12/17/2008 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George W. Bush's number one fan Elisabeth Hasselbeck whined yesterday morning about not getting invited to the White House Xmas party. Well, it worked -- she got invited.

The Hass got a call from Bush HQ, and the President's office actually apologized to her, according to a "View" rep. Bush's people "explained that she and her husband were indeed invited to the White House for Christmas and were sorry that it did not arrive."

Nothing like being on the JV list for a party.


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Queen of the Damned    

In exchange for the invitation to the Christmas party, the Bushes should ask her to stay over and help them pack.

2103 days ago


Gee, maybe her big mouth could hand out some advice on how to have the public hate you even more. I can't stand this woman. Why would one want to be anywhere near the Bush family? Is she dulusional?
I guess she is part of the group of people who think Bush is a heck of a guy. I think that number is like 2 percent of the country. Or she needs some attention from folks who 'believe' as she does. They validate her, not too many in that club.

Oh well, birds of a feather......

2103 days ago

truth teller    

Sorry to say, but this is a case of two people deserving each others company, he's "stu" and she's "pid", put them together, you got a whole word!

2103 days ago

truth teller    

Where did this girl come from? And will she please return there? I don't know of any television personality that I detest more. Would love to be a fly on the wall during her conversation with Dubya? But then how many "duhs" can you say in a minute?

2103 days ago

truth teller    

Tell this child to stop "brown nosing" , it doesn't go with her complexion.

2103 days ago


It is pathetic that she went on national TV to beg them to inivte her....can she go any sorry for her...she is very desperate

2103 days ago


I'm still waiting for Whoopi to snap and beat her down. Imagine what that would do for ratings.

2103 days ago


I saw the show yesterday and it made me sick what she was doing. It was so obvious she was forcing the White House to send her an invitation by whining to the public. Give me a give everyone a break who watches the view Elizabitch and leave the show !! Pretty please ?

2103 days ago


I hope one of the shoe-throwing journalist relatives is at the dinner and throws shoes, dinner, table, fork, spoons, cups, saucer, just anything at Mrs. Hassblebitch.

2103 days ago

concerned citizen    

Send her to Alaska to work with Palin! Dumb and Dumber!

2103 days ago


She is sooo lame. I wish she'd go away. She looks so tense on the show and the others look tense to be around her, it just isn't working....

2103 days ago


Hasselbeck didn't go down without a fight: she cursed a Bush voodoo doll on air in order to get her invite.

2103 days ago


Sigh......eight years of crap and with less than 30 days in the white house, we find out that Bush could be swayed by voodoo. Excuse me... I feel a tear coming.

2103 days ago


Elizabeth claimed that she did "much to help the Republician," and therefore shoud be invited to the white for Christmas. Well, she did MUCH to hurt the GOP. It was here unrentless attacks on Senator Obama that turned so many people off and hence, voted for President-elect Obama. The lame duck (Bush) should pardon her for stupidity before leaving office, if anything.

2103 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Oh my goodness, how embarrasing for her, can she get any lower in her desperate attempt for fame??
Will she be seated between Palin and "Joe the Dumbass?"

2103 days ago
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