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Elisabeth Hassles Bush into Invite

12/17/2008 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George W. Bush's number one fan Elisabeth Hasselbeck whined yesterday morning about not getting invited to the White House Xmas party. Well, it worked -- she got invited.

The Hass got a call from Bush HQ, and the President's office actually apologized to her, according to a "View" rep. Bush's people "explained that she and her husband were indeed invited to the White House for Christmas and were sorry that it did not arrive."

Nothing like being on the JV list for a party.


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darling nikki    

This little whore is dumber than a box of nails.

2145 days ago


I can't stand this girl for a second. Shut up already!! Nobody likes you!

2145 days ago


"Matt Hasselbeck should either get a divorce OR a vascectomy to keep her out of the gene pool. "
Typical Liberal does not know their facts. Matt's her brother in law!

2145 days ago


Alright u LIBERAL DUMB F@!#KS!!! Just about had enough of your crap! WHY is it that you feel ENTITLED to criticize people who stand up for the individual's rights? You dumb F@%#s have obviously NEVER traveled farther then the local 7-11 and have NO EDUCATION! U R SO IGNORANT that U DO NOT EVEN COMPREHEND your rights that were laid down by our forefathers to enable EACH ONE OF with the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!! Get an education, read a (non-liberal) paper and get a F@@#$#%ing CLUE!!!!Former Cali-DEM!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

2145 days ago


Waaaaaaaahh, I didn't get invited!! WAHHHH! I did so much for the Republican party!! WAAAAHHHHH! I wanna go to the party! I wanna go! Does this woman ever stop running her mouth? How embarrassing!!

Next time I don't get let into a club I'll just pull a Hasslebeck and see what happens. Ha!

2145 days ago

John Anderson    

She sucks...she has her head up his ass....ABC should get rid of this trailer trash...

2145 days ago


Maybe someone will bean the nazi cow with a shoe.

2144 days ago


Hot but not always too bright and a little too feisty... wish I had a blow-up doll version of her... ;-)

2144 days ago


So Truth what you're saying is...that she wasn't even smart enough to marry the Hasselbeck....WITH MONEY! DUH!!!!!!! Yup that PROVES she's an idiot.

2143 days ago


Cannot stand her. Cannot stand Bush. Will be so nice to see the last of both of them. Maybe they can take up cattle ranching together. They both need jobs where no one smarter than a cow has to hear them speak.

2143 days ago


Enree. I have three copies of the constitution in arms reach right now. Do you? Probably not. If you did you'd know that the constitution initially only gave the right to vote to PROPERTY OWNERS. In other words men who fought in the revoloutionary war who might have been disabled as a result of it...couldn't even vote for the country they helped to create. Then again NEI
THER could women. Funny how a bunch of LIBERALS who wouldn'd shut up spent decades lobbying congress to get the 19th ammendment to the constitution (which I'm sure you've never read) ratified so that big mouthed idiots like Hasselbeck could have the right to vote. Seriously do you know anything about the constitution OTHER than the second ammendment and CAN you name a Supreme Court decision OTHER than Roe v, Wade? I seriously doubt it. Also, I served in the Marine Corps and I'm very aware of my rights and freedoms and would gladly lay down my life for their defense. The G.I. Bill also paid for the History degree which you assumed I need.
I get my news from Associated Press, Reuters and the BBC; whereas, you seem to get yours from Foxnews and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I never implied that idiots like you and Hasselbeck weren't entitled to your opinions. The difference is unlike Hasselbeck, Bush and YOU I'm not going to question anyones patriotism simply BECAUSE they do. You're free to have an opinion that differs from mine and free to voice it and conversely I'm free to OPENLY and HAPPILY disagree! Now then why don't you go wave a flag mindlessly and tell me how you're so much more patriotic than I am. You should be good at it as it requires little grey matter. Now then, adults were talking. You're dismissed.

2143 days ago
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