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'Full House' Star

in Emergency Custody War

12/17/2008 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1217_jodi_cody_ex-1Jodie Sweetin is locked in a custody battle so ferocious that her estranged husband called for an emergency hearing this morning to get access to their 8-month old daughter ASAP.

TMZ has learned the 26-year-old "Full House" star and her soon-to-be-ex Cody Herpin are currently facing off in an Orange County courtroom.

Jodie, who played Stephanie Tanner on the show, filed for divorce in November -- just 16 months after they tied the knot. Their daughter Zoie was born back in April.

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and this is supposed to be news because? "stars" get divorced all the time....why get married anymore?

2133 days ago


HOW RUDE!!!! LOL. She needs to go back to snorting her royalties.

2133 days ago


Maybe little miss goody two-shoes is back on the meth pipe.

2133 days ago

This is devastating.....    

Seriously is ther e even a star out there that has been married for then a couple of months? And, why do they always have to make these custody battles so huge and drawn out..both take the kids a couple of days & all will be happy.It is not cool to fight over your kids like this & keep going back to court.Both be the adults you are & split the kids evenly between both parents. Both parents want the kids because the other parent is awful..both parents deserve partial custody of the children.Just another excuse to use tax payers money, go to court, get a little attention & get put on magazines (especially when you are a has been).

2133 days ago


I hope that she did not fall back on Meth...she used to be a BIG Meth Addict

2133 days ago

They do NOT do "emergency custody" hearings just because..... They have a normal court date scheduled and this is someone's ploy to try and bring hysterics into play. She's living at home with her parents who are appropriately supervising both of them. Most judges are aware of what this is about. In LA court's this will get a "minor's counsel" assigned and an evaluation of both households. Last I heard she was employed and staying with her family and he was un-employed and his house was being foreclosed. Kinda hard to get custody of a child when you have no means to feed, diaper, clother or house it.
He's a joke and the LA courts find it out VERY QUICKLY. I highly doubt he'll get anything but supervised visitation like Woody Allen

2133 days ago


WOMEN ARE EVIL WHEN IT COMES TO HOLDING A CHILD OVER A MANS HEAD. SPENT 10 YEARS FIGHTING WITH MY EX-WIFE OVER VISITATION. I would go to pick up my daughter at the appropiate time, and she wouldn't be there. I would go to the Walnut Sheriffs station and file a complaint, and my ex would show back up 15 minutes after my legal pick up time. I wouldn't get to see my daughter that weekend. I would go to court, the judge would tell her not to do it again, and two or 3 weeks later same bs again. 10 years of that garbage. Women can no longer be trusted. (Yes i'm very bitter.)

2133 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

TMZ, please run Jodie Sweetin stories as often as possible, but remember to post pictures of those HUGE, BEAUTIFUL breasts of hers!!! This girl has a spectacular rack.

2133 days ago


Let me guess. She is smoking Meth again... and his excuse for being a loser without a job is because he needed to stay home and watch his wife to make sure she didn't smoke meth again. she has no money so let's hope he's not after a big settlement. she spent most of it on drugs.

2133 days ago

Fred A    

Jodie - "drugs are bad, m'kay?" Stay off the drugs, divorce this dude, revive your career, take good care of your kid, use birth control, and get yourself straight. Remember, masterbation is the medication! Wait, maybe don't revive your career. Maybe you should change your name and let go of the celebrity thing. Get yourself a normal job washing dishes or in a factory somewhere or something. Simplify. I don't want to hear all of this bad news about your life anymore. Kick all of the people who are affecting or influencing your life in a negative way out of your life. ALL of them. Best wishes to you.

2133 days ago


As for a comment above, how sad is that when a grandparent has to supervise both the daughter and grandaughter. I bet she is a great mom but I am sure he is just as great as a dad and he is not the one who has/had a drug problem. Also, if she is living in LA and he is over an hour away how can they do split custody, their child has to have a solid foundation expecially when she starts into the school system years from now. I think the problem here is no one is thinking ahead, only for the now.

2133 days ago

Perez Hilton    

poor stephie... she should just turn emo

2133 days ago


Custody fights are just idiocy on both sides the majority of the time.
I see people (and relatives) that've won full or partial custody, only to complain about the kids and ignore them as much as possible. If the other tries for more visitation though, it's war.

What a retarded society.

2133 days ago


Honestly, Hollywood has made Marriage such a joke these days, they make marriage look so ridiculious! Thank God I am not a celebrity because I would either be Divorced or in Rehab! No thanks...

2133 days ago


People go through this everyday... just because she is famous she shouldn't be treated any differently... you guys should not talk bed about her... I bet you there is atleast one person in all of your families that has done that before.... Im not trying to say it was ok.... just that to have some respect..... she has a problem that can be fixed.... its just hard!

2133 days ago
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