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Judge: Sweetin Not Allowed

to Be Alone with Baby

12/17/2008 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1217_jody_sweetin_ex-1Jodie Sweetin is not allowed to see her 8-month-old daughter without supervision.

Moments ago, an Orange County, Ca. judge made the explosive ruling after Sweetin's estranged husband Cody Herpin accused the "Full House" star of being an unfit mother -- citing an alleged incident where Sweetin drove intoxicated with their baby in the car.

The couple faced off in open court today for an emergency custody hearing at Cody's request.

Jodie, an admitted meth addict and alcoholic who lives with her parents, will not be allowed to be with the child unless one of her folks is present.

A doctor also took the stand and claimed that Jodie had recently fallen off the wagon. However, the doc confirmed Jodie has been in touch with her sponsor and is attending AA meetings. The doctor said she does not believe the baby is at risk at the moment.

A judge ordered both Cody and Jodie to submit to drug tests before the next hearing.


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frogs and gravel    

If you look real close and use your imagination, the baby kind of looks
like a very young Corey Feldman. Sorry, but its true.
Hope you kick your addictions Jodie.

2098 days ago

Uncle Don    

Don't they say,any publicity is good publicity? Maybe she'll get a job with,"Moms on Meth".,or maybe......just maybe,..'Better Crackheads and Junkies" Good luck with all that! Uncle Don.

2098 days ago


why are all these GOLD DIGGER guys getting custody of the children they never work and they don't take that good care of kids as a women would

2098 days ago


Is this "little Stephanie" on full house??? I thought she would have done better in her life..Hope she can pick herself up and dust herself off and live life to the fullest W/O drugs and Alcohoc

2098 days ago


omg. i love the show full house and i can't belive that sweet little stephanie actress is like THIS! its carzy!

2098 days ago


All you on here making nasty comments, do you know these people? Better yet, to those that are parents, are you telling me you don't occasionally have a drink or two. Grow up! She didn't loose anything. She is already living at her parents house, so not much of a stretch for one of them to be there when she has the baby. And to haha.... once an addict, and that makes a person bad? People can be an addict and go into recovery and get better, but just like someone on a diet that slips and has a cookie or candy bar one time, the addict may slip too. I know I did a few times, but have now been clean and sober for over 12 years! So don't be so know all and nasty when you obviously know nothing!

2098 days ago


God, please help this woman thru this difficult time. Heal her and make her strong. The child needs a mother also.

2098 days ago


Well, the little girl needs a good home and daddy dont sound 2 straight himself. I pray that he doesnt abuse her with his bad habits.

2098 days ago


Wow that's so sad, I used to love Full House, and she was so sweet.

2098 days ago


I agree with B.

2098 days ago


She should go on the next season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew.

2098 days ago


I hope that people can understand that addiction is a disease and not something you "choose"... some people can experiment with alcohol and never drink again and some experiment with alcohol and it will end up totally consuming their life. So, She has a disease and it needs to be treated. Some people think that alcoholics don't love their children, well, Most of them do, very much, but the problem is that the alcohol or whatever drug it is they are using consumes them so much that they put it first before anything else... Once you take the addiction away, for most alcoholics a lot of healing can happen, and for a lot of people, it's harder to heal than others. So Jodie I doubt you even read these darn comments, but hang in there and get sober for YOU and your kid, He's young now and can forgive you easily... the older he gets though, the harder it will be for him to forgive you if you don't straighten up and you will be spending years of your life in such horrible regret... Trust me I know..... Think about making your son the reason for your "addiction to being sober" I wish many blessiings on you and hope things get better....

2098 days ago


5. How Rude!

Posted at 2:22PM on Dec 17th 2008 by rdgr

Hahahaha!! This was the best comment, rdgr! :)

2098 days ago


meth addict and alcoholic.....ha it figures. another hollywood loser. whats with you people? cant find anything better to spend your money on? thrilled to death they took away your right to be a mother without are not even close to being a real mother.

2098 days ago

Lil Wayne Fan    

Thats just wrong lil girls need a Mother I don't understand why she can't have her since she lives with her parents this guy is just in it for the money cause she is still living off her Full House money cause everytime Full House is showen they still get paid for it and he is another K-fed living off the ex's money.

2098 days ago
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