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Brooke Hogan

Goes Commando

12/18/2008 8:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As demonstrated here by Brooke -- those Hogan kids sure are a pair of loose cannons.


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Poor girl needs to realize how very close she is to working a 9-5 job. Her songs, per her latest lable, state her album sales are not very good ( and never have been )...She is so young, and most likely spent her money but hopfully saved for a rainy day. Her type of celeberty have come and gone for years. What does she have to fall back on at this point?? Her father is a mess, her mother is worse and her brother is one little boy, who is the worst of all of them. Pretty sad picture !

2099 days ago

would'nt you like to know    

you know TMZ, you had me excited from the wording, but i thought it was gonna be a paris hilton/britney spear comming out of a car type of photo, sorry im a bit dissapointed lol

2099 days ago

john johnson    

i don't know about her skank ass going commando but her guns sure got me at attention

2099 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

How does one so young look so old already? She looks like she could be her moms sister. I am short 5'3'' and would never trade that to be a beast like her. She is so hard looking without a booty. Has anyone noticed how flat her behind is? I'm happy to be me, happy not to be a hogan........ewwwwwwwwww. It's funny how easily it is for her and her mom to have the skanky red neck look so naturally. I think its something your just born with. The entire family are useless, can we stop having stories on them please?

2099 days ago

Shamrock A Dock    

I don't think she is ugly but I would never consider her pretty. I don't think many girls would be jealous of her or envy her. She just doesn't have style or the it factor. No matter how hard she tries she will always look like she came out of the trailer park after she won the lotto. She is boring, very manly, a funny shape with no booty. The fact who her parents are don't help either. Her 15 minutes was up a long time ago. It's funny when I look at her face I don't see ugly,,I just see an oddness. Nothing pretty, nothing great just odd.

2099 days ago


i can see by the rude comments that the generation thats being rased by you guys is going to be a real waste concedering the gene pool leaving the rude comments on every post grow up get a live and please dont breed

2099 days ago

Keep-it-up-Mr. Cook-id -keep YOU-up    

She's a beautiful woman and is doing her best to live her life

2099 days ago


number 40 is a retard people when u post a coomment make sure its about the subject and not jibberish

2099 days ago

Carrys F.    

Slow celeb news week? We're back to the Hogans? I was just getting happy we only had to hear about Speidi and now she's back. UGH.

2099 days ago


Right. Any one of you on here would take that home in a heart beat. Then again I guess most of you would have a hard time sneaking her into your parents basement.

2098 days ago


thats a horrble pic brook looks extrem depressed in the pic its prob bc her career isnt going well she really needs too get going shes getting a bit old compared too where britney and xtina were at the same age its awesome that she goes commando as long as shes clean ubove the waist or below doesnt say i would tap that hard really hard

2098 days ago

Roger Moore    

Evander Holyfield in a blond wig?

2098 days ago


Jeez, I am obviously about the only one who thinks this, but this is about the best I have ever seen her look.
Minus the nipping out look, she looks pretty good. Mostly covered up, minimal make-up. I wouldn't have known it was her if the caption didn't say so.

2098 days ago

Patrick Joseph    


2098 days ago


She is so fake like her mother. Everything about her is not real .

2098 days ago
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