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Cops: Mindy Mac in Suicide Attempt

12/18/2008 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nashville cops say Mindy McCready has attempted suicide and is in the hospital following the incident.

According to a police report, McCready's brother discovered the singer had sliced her wrists and taken pills on Wednesday. The brother told cops Mindy was "very intoxicated" after a night out.

We've learned she tore through tendons in her wrist, and that she's had surgery to repair that particular injury. She's in stable condition.
She left jail in October after 30 days for a probation violation, and she's attempted suicide before.


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Lenn K.    

My first question is where's Roger Clements? She got alot of information on him. Sad really sad.

2105 days ago


Country music's Amy Winehouse

2105 days ago


if somone wants to die as badly as she evidently does, it should be allowed. And help should be given her in her quest.
I know well how hard it is to live in a round world when you are not round.. square when you arent square. Maybe passing on will find a world more suited for our purposes.
I think I could do it right if I tried twice. Maybe she is not serious. how deep were the slashes to her wrist maybe she needs a sharper blade.
This is Anerica where one can make their dreams come true...and find help doing it. I know her pain. but after one try it gets boring and loses its credibility.

2105 days ago


Hey jdypat I love the compassion you show for your fellow man, particularly during the Christmas holiday. If this were your sister or mother I am sure that you would sharpen the blades in the kitchen drawer or make sure that the lids on the pills are loose. This isn't a question of credability or 'doing something right'; obviously this person needs help with some very serious issues. Just like you do.

2105 days ago


JDYPAT-- find a world more suited for her purpose??? No if she "passed on" she would burn in hell for taking her own life. She needs mental and spiritual help, a.s.a.p!!

2105 days ago


JDYPAT - you need some serious help.

2105 days ago


I really liked Mindy when she was coming out with her first CDs. She seemed like she'd be a good role model for young girls too. Unfortunately, as often happens, things didn't pan out for her. She had a wonderful, sexy voice and looked the part as well. I wish things had taken a different turn for her. Mindy, if you ever happen to check out TMZ, we miss the old you and wish you all the best! I wish I could give you a big hug, because it sounds like you need some support right now.

2105 days ago


someone do her a favor and kill this slut. i have no sympathy for self destructive people, or sluts.

2105 days ago

Texas Mama    

JDYPAT ... I've just said a prayer for you . That you will see the sunshine through the rain . You may have ill feelings and wish them on yourself . But how dare you to wish them on someone else ? I had a daughter who tried to commit suicide . It is the most helpless feeling in the world . To know someone is hurting so bad that they would risk burning in hell , and kill themselves ....
This lady has talent ... that's for sure . And maybe since she is a public figure . She will come through to the other side . And be strong enough to talk to others about her obvious depression .....
Be careful what you wish for you just might get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2105 days ago

Can at least one of these stories make mention of what Mindy is doing for a living or where her money comes from? I mean, I'm sure she made a little bit of cash off those few hits she had, but that's got to be gone. Or if it's not, maybe it's so lucrative in showbusiness that all it takes is a couple of years of fame to be set for life (in which case Heidi and Spender should breath a sign of releif). I'm just wondering. I do hope she finds some peace and gets her life back on track.

2105 days ago


If she is sooooooo determined to die, let the selfish bitch do it. But what I find funny is, she always calls for help after the attempts, like it is a publicity stunt. I feel so bad for her baby!

2105 days ago


Why can't someone get this woman some help?

She is obviously dangerously disturbed, and obviously jail, rehab- whatever hasn't been working for her.

Is she depressed, bi-polar or what? Maybe she needs some serious meds, or shock therapy.

2105 days ago


she's either got a court date coming up, or a new single she's trying to push. that's when she fakes these suicide attempts. it;s like clockwork every 18 months. my guess is the yokels she's been scamming off of for the past few years finally figured her out and kicked off the dole. i wish she would just earn an honest living and leave us all alone. so sick of hearing about her trailer park white trash life

2105 days ago


Why do people suffering from depression intoxicate themselves with liquor, a known depressant? She needs to stay away from that stuff and/or find new friends.

It sickens me that there are young children dying everyday from illnesses that are incurable wanting nothing more than to LIVE, and she takes it all for granted wanting nothing more than to die. What a waste. It's too bad God can't take from one to give to another.

2105 days ago


Clemens wife, why do you stay with such a tragedy of a human being as Roger is? How can his sons even claim the same last name?

He's the one that should be offing himself if he had the guts....actually he's nothing more than a woman raised bully who needed a daddy but didnt have one and got weird because of it.

Remember the MASH song Roger "suicide is painless" putz

You ruined this young lady you fraud of a human

2105 days ago
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