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Cops: Mindy Mac in Suicide Attempt

12/18/2008 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nashville cops say Mindy McCready has attempted suicide and is in the hospital following the incident.

According to a police report, McCready's brother discovered the singer had sliced her wrists and taken pills on Wednesday. The brother told cops Mindy was "very intoxicated" after a night out.

We've learned she tore through tendons in her wrist, and that she's had surgery to repair that particular injury. She's in stable condition.
She left jail in October after 30 days for a probation violation, and she's attempted suicide before.


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buck futtah    

Wow jdypat, apparently we are in serious need of prayer and "spiritual guidance". Ha! I was going to write almsot exactly what you did. If someone REALLY wants to end their life, they would. This has-been is obviously an attention whore. How many times has she "attempted" suicide? Seriously. Remember Mindy, it's down the road, not across the street. I bet her wrists are covered in what looks like cat scratches. Better luck next time. And for all you god-fearing individuals ready to "pray" for me, I'm Atheist. Get over yourselves. I don't need your crutch.

2136 days ago


Depression/Mental illness are real, and if she feels like this, she needs to be helped. Sometimes mental illness runs in a family, and unfortunately, it can skip generations, and hit the next pretty badly. I've dealt with horrible anxiety/depression andn attempted to kill myself a few times, i know how she feels. her career is not as she wished it was, and then this Roger Clemens thing. whether or not they did anything when she was younger, is for speculation, but it must have affected her.

for those who say she's just an attention hore, maybe she is, maybe these are calls for help, for someone to help her.

2136 days ago


I think the sad part here is the ones with the most negative things to say don't even put their real names..Especilally jdypat. what difference does it make how many times one makes this attempt ....She needs some help , what ever that may be ..I suppose that the ones with the negative attitude , your life is so perfect and so grand you could never see this happening to you or anyone in your family ..I sure hope your not the one they call when they need help , cause we can see you will be the one to bring the sharper blade ...There is nothing worse than agressive stupidity and sure is clear in here ...

2136 days ago


To #15 who wrote, "I bet her wrists are covered in what looks like cat scratches" Mindy needed surgery to repair a severed tendon. So the cuts were significantly worse than "cat scratches."

I agree if she really wanted to kill herself she would not have called for help. There are also more reliable ways to commit suicide if someone is bound and determined to do it. But to make light of this suicide attempt is wrong; it sounds as if it was quite serious. And suicidal ideation or suicidal comments should always be taken seriously.

You should be wary of judging people if you haven't walked in their shoes. For those lucky enough never to have experienced true depression, the attitude should be, "There but for the grace of God go I." Whether you are religious or an atheist, you should appreciate your good fortune if you have never had to deal with it.

2136 days ago


This girl BELONGS in country music!

2136 days ago


i was right. found out the latest crowd she was scamming caught on and kicked her out. no more record deal no more money. i wish she would just get a real job and stop being obsessed with trying to be a celebrity and famous singer, cause SHE'S NOT!!

2135 days ago


Here's a little tip for Mindy, depression and alcohol don't mix. This time she damaged tendons in her wrists, maybe she would like to end up with no use in her hands. Any moron can see something is terribly wrong with this woman and I think we all know this time of year can make depressed people even worse for some reason. I wish her well. Too bad having musical talent can't make her happy but doesn't she have a small child as well? If only women who suffer from depression would realize that childbirth will only make it worse. I guess if your life is that messed up you are not exactly thinking about birth control. This is a sad story and I don't see a happy ending any time soon. Maybe she should read Carrie Fisher's new autobiography, there has to be something that can help her. Try not to be too nasty people, she is down, there is no sense in kicking her.

2135 days ago


This girl need serious help.I believe this is actually her third attempt..Someone needs to have her put alway before she finally gets it right.She shouldn't ever be given another chance to go back into the singing business.There's so many other deserving people.She has no respect for herself or those she's hurting every time she tries this.

2135 days ago

steve darling    

to answer about the money no shge has none the record company iconic records the deal i put together for her before she stole 25K from me then purged me with false accusations. rehab? what a joke she said when released from jail i want to go out and have a bloody mary...great example. ran into girl here in nashville she said mindy worked her whiles and stole him away and ran his credit card up then he got wise and tossed her aside. the re is no help for this evil women she should be compared to madoff both sociopaths no regard for humans. please stop feeling sorry for her.i guarantee that if she could figure out how to get to all your supporters she would take your soul, money and life. she is a vicious evil piece of dreg. perhaps she should use a gun next time then she won't be able to call and get her name in the main news just the obits. good riddance.

2107 days ago
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